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Simon Cade was an NCIS Special Agent who was assigned to Erica Jane Barrett's team alongside her & NCIS Special Agent Gayne Levin.



Originally from Bremerton, Washington, Cade graduated high school & later attended Yale University where he played football.

NCIS Season 8[]

In the episode Swan Song (episode), Cade, EJ & Levin are sent to arrest former lieutenant Jonas Cobb. Once entering a tall building, they investigate each floor, but find nothing until reaching the 11th floor. They decide to split with Cade going with Levin & EJ going alone. While searching the empty hallways, Levin & Cade come into a room filled with pictures of the three of them, scattered throughout the entire room. After Levin comes out of the room (with Cade still inside), remarking that that was pretty disturbing, he is immediately shot in the neck by Cobb. Cade quickly steps out into the hallway with his gun drawn, but is shot as well by Cobb. As he falls though, he tries shooting back at Cobb, but misses.

After NCIS Special Agents Leroy Jethro Gibbs & Tony DiNozzo find both Levin & Cade down. Gibbs puts pressure on Cade's gunshot wound as DiNozzo checks on Agent Levin, indicating that Cade is still alive. He asks if Levin is okay, but DiNozzo shakes his head "no", indicating that Levin was killed. After he recovers from his wound, Cade resigns from NCIS & reassigned to "Stateside" as in Bremerton, Washington. At the end of the episode Pyramid (episode), Special Agent DiNozzo is given access to sensitive compartmented information commensurate with the Black Program. It is discovered that Cade has been selling top-secret information & he needs to be dealt with appropriately.

NCIS Season 9[]

After getting shot, Cade hasn't been the same (he can't work) & after he is found out to be the agent who was secretly selling top-secret info, he receives a message from EJ to come back to D.C. & then he is being chased, but claims that he has no idea why. He meets up with both EJ & DiNozzo in a dark alley claiming that EJ sent him a message to meet her there, but she says she didn't, claiming that DiNozzo sent the text to her, but he says that he also got the same message. Upon realizing that they've been set up, Cade is immediately shot (once again) in the chest, but this time, he is killed instantly. His body is later found along the Potomac by Metro. Former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier Jonathan Cole attempts to frame DiNozzo for Cade's murder.


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