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Switch is the fifth episode of NCIS Season 3 as well as the 51st episode of the entire NCIS series.


A Petty Officer is gunned down while talking to his wife on the phone but when Tony and Ziva inform the victim's C.O of the death, they discover that another man is posing as the victim. This leads the NCIS team into a possible case of mistaken identity, only to find that the victim left them a message before he died about who killed him.


The scene opens with Petty Officer Jerry Smith driving down a long stretch of road while talking to his wife with the two engaged in a conversation that quickly turns into an argument and it's all concerning their anniversary. Smith then starts ignoring his wife who's still rambling and raving about her husband, calling him a bastard.

Suddenly, Smith sees something that causes him to attempt to duck for cover but the unknown assassin soon shoots him, causing a splatter of blood to appear on the window.

Smith then collapses over the steering wheel, dead.

As this goes on, his wife still calls her husband, unaware of what's happened.

The car then drives off a cliff and for a second, there's nothing but smoke.

It then cuts to Smith who's now shown to be lying underneath the car, dead, his lifeless eyes still open with a bullet wound in the left side of his neck.

Act One

In the NCIS squadroom, as another work-day begins, NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior waltzes into the bullpen, wondering if his colleague, fellow NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee has finished that database yet.

McGee replies that he finished it yesterday.

As DiNozzo sits down, he tells McGee that it should have been on his desk yesterday.

McGee states that he didn't realize a compilation of nudie bars was that urgent.

DiNozzo states that it is and McGee wants to know why.

DiNozzo states that he doesn't have to explain himself to a Junior agent and as McGee wonders if this is work-related, DiNozzo changes his mind, stating that he will just this once and as he heads over to McGee's desk, DiNozzo tells McGee that it's a mercy mission and that a buddy of DiNozzo's is getting married to a particularly unpleasant beast of a woman.

"So?", McGee wonders.

"So", DiNozzo snaps. "So the memory of his bachelor party will be the only thing that sustains him throughout the rest of his miserable existence".

McGee nods and then states that he'll print out the list as soon as he's finished with this.

DiNozzo then tells McGee on behalf of men everywhere, they thank him before wondering what McGee's working on.

McGee then reveals that he's reviewing his credit card statement and that there appears to be some anomalies. DiNozzo then reads, "Fifty DVD copies of Forrest Hump". McGee then states that he doesn't know what a "Forrest Hump" is with DiNozzo stating that it's like "Forrest Gump", only with naked people in it.

"What?", McGee says.

"It's a porno", DiNozzo explains. "Or so I've been told".

McGee shakes his head, stating that it's obviously an error with the credit card company with DiNozzo suggesting that it might be identity theft. McGee states that it can't be because he used a secure browser and the latest firewall protection.

DiNozzo then brings up the $5000 charge from John Deere and that it must be a down payment on that combine McGee's always dreamed of. Leroy Jethro Gibbs interrupts things by ordering that the farm equipment be hold because a sailor was shot on Route 249. He then tells DiNozzo to grab the gear, Green Acres and throws the keys to McGee, telling McGee to gas the truck.

As this happens, Gibbs wonders where Ziva David is.

DiNozzo starts saying that Ziva is probably... but is saved by the woman herself arriving in and telling them that she's late and that she took the bus this morning while adding that she also had to walk from the 18th Street stop.

"That's a tough part of town", DiNozzo remarks.

"I've been in worse", Ziva replies before she tells Gibbs it won't happen again with Gibbs stating that he knows it won't. As Gibbs leaves, DiNozzo and McGee exchange glances while Ziva sighs heavily.

A while later, the NCIS Major Case Response Team Truck along with an NCIS Dodge Stratus arrive at the crime scene. Lt. Jody Hampton approaches DiNozzo, believing that he's Gibbs but DiNozzo tells him that Gibbs is the older gentleman with the smile on his face.

Gibbs and Ziva then approach the embankment and examine the scene for themselves. Lt. Hampton emerges, informing Gibbs that the car in question is in the crevice at the bottom and that the victim's dead inside along before introducing himself and telling Gibbs that he's with the Virgina State Police.

Hampton then continues with the news that the last few yards are pretty steep and that one of the EMTs managed to make it all the way down before stating that the Fire Department are bringing in special equipment to extricate the body and that it's going to take a while.

At those words, Gibbs orders McGee to sketch the scene and tells McGee to get close enough without breaking his neck. McGee acknowledges that and heads off.

With that done, Gibbs then tells DiNozzo that he is to take photos.

"Is there a problem", Gibbs asks upon seeing DiNozzo still there.

"You didn't say anything about my neck but I'll be careful", DiNozzo vows before he heads off.

Ziva then wonders what she's going to do. Gibbs ignores her and then asks Hampton who called it in with Hampton revealing that it was Petty Officer Smith's wife, Wendy who was also on the phone with him when it happened.

Gibbs then tells Ziva to take Wendy Smith's statement.

"I should warn you I'm not very good with women", Ziva states.

"That'll make two things you're not very good at today", Gibbs replies.

"And the first?", Ziva wonders.

"Being on time", Gibbs calls back.

As Ziva heads off, Gibbs holds up some crime scene tape so that Medical Examiner Donald Mallard and his assistant, James Palmer can get through. Ducky then apologizes to Gibbs for the delay with Palmer stating that the traffic was murder before catching himself and apologizing as well, stating that it's a poor choice of words.

Gibbs brings the two to the scene before telling Ducky to see what he can get given that the victim's trapped in there pretty good. Ducky states that they'll do their best just as Gibbs leaves.

Once Gibbs has left, Ducky tells Palmer that he hopes Palmer brought more appropriate footwear because the journey to the Petty Officer looks rather challenging. Palmer tells Ducky not to worry because he has a merit badge in hiking.

"I have a driver's licence, Mr. Palmer", Ducky explains. "It doesn't mean that I turn up at Indianapolis in my Morgan".

At one of the cars, Ziva is busy interviewing Wendy Smith with Wendy stating that her husband couldn't remember pesto and that it pissed her off before remarking, "How stupid is that?".

Ziva then leans down and asks Wendy if she could tell her how many shots she heard. Wendy then states, "Do you know what the last words I said to him were?" before stating that she called him a bastard and she also states that she can't take it back.

With that, Wendy leans forward, sobbing into Ziva's arms while Ziva, obviously uncomfortable and having no experience gives Wendy a pat on the shoulder.

At the crime scene, DiNozzo is busy taking photographs while McGee sketches, both men obviously standing well away to stop themselves from falling over. DiNozzo then tells McGee that it it's an consolation, DiNozzo had his identity stolen once.

"Really?", McGee says, not convinced.

DiNozzo then explains that he had a charge on his Visa for a vintage Barbie doll, Career Girl outfit. McGee then wonders if it was the doll with the matching briefcase and pumps. At DiNozzo's glance, McGee hastily explains that he had a girlfriend who collected once and he states that they used to line them up, only to be interrupted by DiNozzo who tells McGee that he lost respect for him at the word, "pumps" before ordering McGee to get back to work.

McGee then states that it's kind of hard to sketch from the distance that they're at with DiNozzo stating not to get any closer because it gets steeper as it gets deeper and that one false move and...

Suddenly, they're interrupted by Palmer who comes tumbling down and then crash-lands with DiNozzo stating, "Good hustle, Palmer".

Up at the crime scene, Ziva remarks that there are no skid marks and that the Petty Officer didn't even attempt to control the car before it went over. She then states that they were having an argument over a six-month anniversary and she states that she doesn't understand the whole thing.

"I don't understand anniversaries, period", Gibbs says.

Ziva then states that Wendy's husband didn't either and that she was screaming at him when she heard a loud gunshot followed by the crash. This gets Gibbs interested and he's up on his feet, asking Ziva what else.

Ziva then tells him that Wendy also heard a low moan for a few minutes after the impact.

Back at the crime scene, Palmer is examining his ankle, remarking that it's sprained. He then asks DiNozzo and McGee if Ducky will be upset with Palmer. McGee states that Palmer shouldn't worry about Ducky but if Gibbs sees that Palmer is wearing loafers at a crime scene...

"He'll pretty much kill you dead", DiNozzo finishes before touching Palmer's right leg which has Palmer wincing in agony and then glaring at DiNozzo.

Meanwhile, after going through some bushes, Ducky eventually reaches the crash sight and tells the body that they were having trouble with the help and that it's nothing for the dead Petty Officer to worry about.

Ducky then states that it's gonna take a lot more than usual but he promises that they're going to get the Petty Officer out of there. With that, Ducky heads into the car and begins examining the scene for himself.

He then yells if anyone is going to join him down here?

Back up on the hill, McGee calls back to Ducky that Gibbs said not to get too close. DiNozzo agrees, telling Ducky that he shouldn't be down there because it's not safe. Ducky then yells back that the exit wound to the petty officer's neck seems to suggest that the bullet went straight through and that there could be a spent round that might be crucial to the investigation.

"Well, as you've pointed out many times, I'm just a junior field agent", McGee states.

"All the more reason you need the experience, Probie", DiNozzo says.

McGee then suggests that DiNozo lead the way with McGee following but DiNozzo then suggests how about McGee kiss his experience buttocks. Ducky then impatiently yells, "Am I gonna have to call Jethro on this one, gentleman?".

"No, we're good", DiNozzo says before grumbling that the chances of them finding this bullet are...

"One in a million", Abigail Sciuto, NCIS's Forensic Scientist announces a while later as she examines the bullet for herself. She then tells Gibbs that he has to see this because the grooves that made this pattern, it's the exact same design as the cover of Classic Death's second CD.

Gibbs studies the bullet and Abby then realizes that she can't believe that Gibbs doesn't know who Classic Death because they're her favorite band. Gibbs then tells Abby, "Not now" with Abby stating that it could be a sign and she then goes on about the tortilla skillet with the image of Jesus in it and that they thought it was a miracle.

"It'll be a miracle if you still have a job if you don't get back on topic", Gibbs warns.

Abby then remarks that she sees the Great One's point and that is her getting back on topic. She then states that it's a nine mil, 120 grain and that the window was rolled up when he was shot.

Gibbs wonders about the glass with Abby stating that there's traces in the rifling. Gibbs also wants to know about the manufacturer but Abby tells him that she can't tell and that she's going to plug this into the FBI's Drugfire Database and see if she gets a match but..

"But it's gonna take a while", Gibbs grumbles.

"See?", Abby says. "Mind reading. There may be something supernatural going on here".

As Abby heads back to her desk, Gibbs tells her to let him when she has something before leaving the lab. As he does that, Abby states that she bets that she could sell this on eBay and does Gibbs know that they got 28 grand for the grilled cheese sandwich with the image of the Virgin Mary on it?

Upon not hearing anything, Abby looks and calls for Gibbs but it's obvious that he's long gone.

Up in the bullpen, McGee is showing DiNozzo and Ziva a CGI image of what happened while stating that the trajectory shows that the bullet passed straight through the driver's side window and as he hits a button, McGee states that he recommends that they search the area along the path in question looking for spent brass.

Ziva states that he won't find it because nine mil rounds are slow and only accurate to about 30 metres. She then states that the shooter was in a moving car that pulled up alongside.

DiNozo then approaches, stating that's one possibility but he then tells her that they're investigators which means that they investigate things and that they don't assume. Gibbs then pops in, stating that Ziva's right because Wendy Smith said that she heard the gunshot over the phone and that the shooter had to be close.

Gibbs then wonders what they know about the victim.

McGee then states that he ran the military ID before revealing that Smith was a clerk at Norfolk who had four months left before his discharge. Gibbs then tells Tony to take Ziva with him and go check with his C.O and that once they're finished, have her sweep the trajectory for brass.

"But why?", Ziva wonders.

"Because DiNozzo's right too", Gibbs says.

As this happens, DiNozzo scoffs at Ziva and as they leave to get ready, Ziva's left alone in the centre of the bullpen while Gibbs answers his phone. A while later, Tony and Ziva arrive at the office with Ziva remarking about the fact that everyone in the office is in the military.

"Yeah", Tony remarks. "The uniforms are kind of a dead giveaway".

Ziva wonders why they aren't armed with Tony stating that it's because they're in America and the machine guns would just get in the way. The two then reach the C.O and are greeted by Commander Robert Morris.

After the introduction, Tony then tells Commander Morris that one of his men was killed this morning. As expected, Morris is devastated before wondering who it could be. Ziva then tells him that it's Petty Officer Jerry Smith.

"Smith?", Morris states, stunned.

Tony then explains that Smith was shot on Route 249 on his way into work. Morris then states that they've got their victim confused with someone else before pointing to someone behind them and it's shown that the Petty Officer Jerry Smith in question is none other than the very same man who brought them to Morris's office seconds ago.

It then cuts to Tony and Ziva who look at each other, stunned.

Act Two

In the hall, Petty Officer Jerry Smith wonders why anyone would want to impersonate him. Ziva then lists the possibilties: blackmail, espionage, terrorism, potential assassination. Smith then states that he's just a clerk and that he doesn't have a security clearance.

Ziva wonders what kind of clerk Smith is with Smith telling her that he's in a supply unit and that he's a SK2. Ziva then states that she's new to NCIS before telling him that he has to be more specific.

Smith tells her that he's basically a storekeeper and that he filled requests for tp, liquid soap, toilet seat covers and he also states that they call it "Getting a Head Day". Smith then states that the head is another word..

"For the toilet", Ziva says. "Yes, I know" before wondering if it has something to do with his personal life. Smith then states that it probably isn't because he doesn't really have one and that most nights he just goes home and surfs the Internet and even watches reality TV.

Smith also remarks that he's really into Survivor and Average Joe before stating that the Amazing Race is cool and he likes Extreme Makeover but...

Ziva then cuts him off by telling him that she doesn't own a TV which has Smith stunned and stating that he doesn't think he's ever met anyone who didn't..

Ziva then wonders what his wife thinks of all this nightly stimulation. Smith tells her that he doesn't have a wife or a girlfriend and that he just doesn't seem to do very well in that department before remarking that it's just him and Max.

Ziva wonders if Max is Smith's boyfriend but Smith tells her that he's as straight as they come before stating that Max is a marmoset which has Ziva realizing that it's a monkey. Smith assures her that Max is a pet, nothing more.

"That's reassuring, Petty Officer", Ziva states.

Smith then tells her that a buddy of his was shipping out and that he was in a bit of a bind. Smith originally refused but when he got a look at the little guy before stating that the monkey is so damn cute.

Ziva just chuckles.

In the office, Commander Morris tells Tony that Petty Officer Smith was transferred from Pearl about the same that Morris himself was. Tony wonders if Morris served with Smith there but Morris tells Tony that they were in different units and that they never crossed paths until at this command.

Tony wonders what kind of sailor Smith is.

Morris states that officially, Smith has never missed work and that he's always on time. Taking a leaf from Gibbs's book, Tony then tells Morris that he's more interested in unofficially. At his desk, Morris tells Tony that it's not in his nature to be disparaging.

Tony then sits up, stating that he has a body lying on a slab back at NCIS and that Commander Morris should by all means disparage away. Morris then leans in and tells Tony that he could say that Petty Officer Smith is not the brightest sailor that Morris has ever commanded and now that he can say it loud, the thought occurs to Morris that it could be the reason someone found so easy to steal his identity.

As this happens, it then pulls back to watch Tony who's busy seeing Ziva still talking to Petty Officer Smith. Tony turns back and asks Morris if he could think of any reason why someone would want to impersonate Smith but Morris can't think of any reasons whatsoever.

Presumably, the next morning and in the bullpen, McGee slams down his phone before slamming it down three times for good measure, obviously frustrated at something. DiNozzo wonders if it's more porno.

Gibbs then comes in, asking McGee what they've got with McGee stating that he has three more charges since yesterday. Gibbs then gives McGee a glare and McGee then realizes Gibbs is referring to the case.

McGee then states that the cell phone records are downloading right now and that it looks like Petty Officer Smith- the victim was definitely talking to Mrs. Smith, if that's ever her real name.

Gibbs then snaps, "McGee!".

McGee gets back on track by stating that the dead Petty Officer was talking to her at their home from his cell just before she called in the accident and McGee also announces that he has the address: an apartment in Newport News. He then gets up and heads over to Gibbs where he gives Gibbs the address, stating the lease is in the wife's name.

Gibbs takes it before announcing to Ziva that she's with him. Ziva tries to tell Gibbs to hold on but Gibbs abruptly ends the call with Tony and McGee telling her to go with Gibbs, right now and preferably before the elevator doors close.

Thankfully, Ziva manages to catch the elevator before it closes and she heads inside. Once she's inside, she tells Gibbs that he hung up on Director Shepard and that in her country, officers are always treated with...

Gibbs loses patience and states that in his country, on his team, working his cases, his people don't bypass the chain of command.

"Which is?", Ziva wonders.

"Me", Gibbs snaps before stating, "Are we clear on that, Officer David?".

"Crystal, Agent Gibbs", Ziva replies.

Gibbs then switches the elevator back on but Ziva switches it off seconds later, stating that Jenny called her and what would Gibbs have Ziva do? Gibbs tells Ziva to smile, talk about the weather and for Ziva to tell Jenny to call Gibbs.

"And if that doesn't work?", Ziva wonders.

Gibbs tells Ziva that she's a smart girl and to think of something before switching the elevator on but unsurprisingly, Ziva switches it off again, stating that she's merely trying to do her job.

Gibbs states that her job is to follow his instructions. Ziva then admits that she respects that but is it too much to ask for some in return? They then spend the next few minutes glaring at each other before Gibbs states, "No. It's not".

Once the elevator's on, Ziva wonders that if that's it with Gibbs assuring her that it is while Ziva is left wondering if she'll get a slap on the head. Gibbs then warns Ziva not to push it with Ziva agreeing.

Ziva then wonders if there are any more of those rules she should be aware of. Gibbs tells her that there's about 50 of them. Ziva laughs before stating that she doesn't suppose that they're written down anywhere that she could...

"No", Gibbs interrupts.

"Then how am I supposed to--?", Ziva wonders.

"My job is to teach them to you", Gibbs snaps.

Ziva then nods.

At the Smith household, Gibbs is busy examining photos of the happy couple before asking Wendy about the fact that there's no picture of her husband in uniform. Wendy explains that Jerry hated the Navy and that he only joined for the money they would give him for college but he couldn't wait to get out. She then remarks that she was so mean to him on the phone and that it was their half anniversary.

Ziva assures Wendy that they know and that it was a very special occasion with Wendy wondering why men can't understand that. Gibbs sits down beside Wendy and wonders if her husband also talked about his work.

Wendy assures Gibbs that he never did because her husband wouldn't even let her visit him on base or even call him there. Ziva wonders if Wendy ever saw her husband at his work with Wendy shaking her head.

When Gibbs asks if she never dropped him off, Wendy just looks at Gibbs and again states that she told him that her husband hated the Navy. She also tells them that every morning, he'd put on his uniform and go to the office and that as soon as he got home, he couldn't get out of it fast enough.

Ziva then wonders if Wendy didn't know Jerry long before they got married. Wendy reveals that it was three months and she knows that it was crazy but it just felt right and that Jerry was the first truly decent man she had ever met.

Gibbs and Ziva exchange glances, prompting Wendy to wonder what's going on.

Ziva then gives Wendy a photo of Petty Officer Jerry Smith who Ziva tells her has been working at Norfolk for about four months and that his C.O confirmed it. Gibbs wants to know if he looks familiar to Wendy.

Wendy then states that she doesn't know the man in the photo before stating that she doesn't understand.

"Neither do we", Ziva replies.

In the morgue, as Palmer studies his leg, Ducky states that discoloration indicates blunt-force trauma and that the abdominal bruises in the area in question match with the door frame crushing against his body.

Palmer then asks Ducky if he thinks if Epsom salt reduces swelling faster but Ducky tells him that he's sure that their mystery guest would appreciate it if Palmer could concentrate all his efforts into helping Ducky discover the cause of the victim's demise, rather than Palmer obsessing over how he will look in shorts this weekend.

Palmer apologizes with Ducky stating that it looks like the ladies tend to be sympathetic towards visible injury. Ducky then states that in his first year in college, he suffered an unfortunate injury to his testicles and that the excruciating pain was offset by a impressive swelling which Ramona Kincaid found extremely fascinating.

As this goes on, Ducky is busy slicing the ribcage open and once he's finished, he gives the cutters back to Palmer before Ducky removes a small piece of the ribcage. With the chest now open, both Ducky and Palmer get a good look at the victim's inside with Ducky stating that the bullet wound to the victim's nec evaded the anterior triangle, missing both the cartoid artery and jugular vein.

Palmer remarks that most of the damage was muscular with Ducky stating that it also grazed the oesophagus and thyroid before stating that there's severe damage to the liver, pancreas, spleen and that there's a nasty tear to the left ventricle caused by a bruised rib.

Palmer then realizes that the cause of death was from the trauma of the crash with Ducky remarking that Palmer just earned himself another merit badge. As they examine the body, Ducky remarks that the victim was alive for several minutes after he was shot.

"Sorry to have to say it, my poor fellow", Ducky says. "But you'd have been better off if your assassin had been a more precise marksman".

In the lab, Abby's busy working and as she takes a sip of Caf-Pow, her computer beeps. Abandoning her Caf-Pow, Abby heads over and hits on some keys before her eyes widen with interest.

In the car, as they head back to NCIS, Ziva remarks that the case reminds her of something that her father told her as a child and in a Gibbs voice, she wonders what it is. She then states that her father told her that no-one could ever truly know another person or their secrets.

Ziva then remarks that she refused to believe him before she states in a Gibbs tone, "And now, Ziva?", Ziva then remarks that as an adult, she believes that her father was never more honest with her.

She then asks Gibbs what he believes with Gibbs telling her that he thinks he's got to get the radio in this car fixed. They're interrupted by Gibbs's cell-phone ringing and he wonders what Abby has.

Abby tells him that she's got a match on the dead guy's prints and that it came from the AFIS database which has Gibbs stunned, remarking "He's in the military?". Abby remarks, "Anchors aweigh, Gibbs-0".

Gibbs wonders who it could be.

Abby tells him that he's not gonna believe it with Gibbs stating, "Try me" although Abby tells him he won't. Losing patience, Gibbs wonders who the guy is. Abby then announces that it's Petty Officer Jerry Smith and it's the real Petty Officer Smith and that Smith is stationed at the Regional Supply Office in Norfolk.

It then cuts to Gibbs who snaps his cell phone shut while Ziva looks on.

Act Three

In the bullpen, McGee states that the dead guy downstairs they thought was impersonating Petty Officer Smith is actually the real Petty Officer Smith and that the Jerry Smith DiNozzo and Ziva spoke to Norfolk is a fake before stating that it's all confusing.

"Like the pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle", DiNozzo says. "The chalice from the palace has the brew that is true". At everyone's confused glances, he states Court Jester, Danny Kaye before stating it's a classic.

Of course, Gibbs responds by giving Tony a Headslap which DiNozzo thanks him for. Gibbs then asks McGee who the fake Jerry Smith is. McGee reveals that the imposter is John Kirby and that they lifted his prints from his desk at Norfolk.

"His empty desk", DiNozzo corrects. "He didn't report for duty today".

McGee then explains that both Kirby and Smith had overlapping tours at Jacksonville in 2002 and that Kirby was discharged in 2003 with DiNozzo remarking that it was honorably. McGee then realizes that the two men had this planned from the very first day of Smith's new assignment.

"Think so, McGee?", Gibbs snaps before asking for Kirby's address. McGee reveals that Kirby lives on West Little Creek and that he's been there for about a year before giving Gibbs the information along with the warrant.

Gibbs then tells DiNozzo and Ziva to take a ride before giving them the information. He then tells McGee to get a BOLO on Kirby with the FBI, local and state.

McGee states that it's already done.

Ziva's confused about the term, "BOLO".

As DiNozzograbs his gun, he tells Ziva that it means, "Be on the lookout". Gibbs then tells McGee good job before telling McGee to go on and catch up to them. As they reach the lift, McGee recalls the words.

"Is he always this juvenile?", Ziva wonders.

"Only on days of the week ending the word "day"", McGee states as they head into the elevator.

In the NCIS Car Park, Ziva tells DiNozzo that she'll drive but DiNozzo states that he won't make that mistake again. Ziva then wonders if DiNozzo thinks that her driving was that terrible, aside from the high speed and near misses.

DiNozzo then states that it's an acquired taste, like regurgitated lunch.

McGee remarks that it's disgusting.

"Tell me about it, Probie", DiNozzo remarks. "That chilli cheese dog was hard to chew the second time around".

"Maybe we should give her another chance", McGee wonders. "It's not like she killed or maimed anyone".

DiNozzo on the other hand is more interested on focusing on why John Kirby switched places with Seaman Smith at Norfolk and leave death wish for another day. Ziva suggests that Kirby could be an asassin.

DiNozzo is in disbelief, stating that Kirby works in a Supply Office and who is Kirby going to assassinate: Mr. Clean? Ziva then remarks that it's all the better for Kirby not to draw attention to himself.

McGee then states that Ziva's right because Norfolk is a big Base and that there could be a lot of targets. Unsurprisingly, DiNozzo is still in disbelief because in his mind, Kirby is such a..

"Pimp", Ziva says.

"Wimp", DiNozzo and McGee correct.

As they head for the car, Ziva then suggests that Kirby could be much very in line with other assassins. McGee agrees, making references to Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan. As they get in, DiNozzo in the driver's seat, Ziva in the passenger seat and McGee in the back, DiNozzo tells McGee that his theory is original and is there any part of McGee's brain that's his own?

"At least I have one, Tony", McGee snaps.

DiNozzo wonders what's that supposed to be meaning with McGee stating that it's nothing. DiNozzo then states that they're not going anywhere. McGee just sighs and wonders if it's until he apologizes.

"No, not until you apologize", DiNozzo states before getting and stating that they're in the wrong damn car.

It cuts to show an overhead view of many NCIS Dodge Intrepid and NCIS Dodge Stratus.

In the Evidence Garage, Gibbs is talking to Abby, wondering what she's found in regards to the car. Abby tells him that after the car crashed, it went end over end for about a hundred feet before slamming to a stop up against a boulder which crushed the driver's side door into Petty Officer Smith's body, which led to a lot of blood. Abby states that she found these in the trunk: three identical sets of Hawaiian shirts and khaki pants.

Gibbs then wonders if she found anything useful.

Abby then states, "Maybe. But it's probably nothing".

Gibbs then tells Abby not to make him say a magic word. Abby states, "Of course not. But it is a cool idea". She then heads to the car, stating that it's in the blood patterns and as she takes photos, she tells Gibbs that the residual splatter from where the blood struck is there and that the exit-wound splatter is there, dropping slightly from the angle of the impact.

Gibbs remarks that it's normal when they pass through flesh.

Abby then tells Gibbs that it's very good before stating that it would be the case of a senior lead special agent who's worked hundreds of crime scene investigations throughout his storied career.

Gibbs is not impressed, stating that he'd hate to start smacking Abby like he does DiNozzo.

"You wouldn't!", Abby says.

At Gibbs's stony glare, Abby then states, "You would?" with Gibbs stating that it won't be on the head. Abby then grabs two photographs of Gibbs: one of his face and the second of his eyes.

Abby then explains that the blood here is darker and that the pattern is random. Gibbs then tells her to skip to the "probably nothing" part. Abby then states that the trail of splattering is wider than someone would expect and she points to somewhere in the windshield, stating that the blood is smeared somewhat here like something brushed up against it.

Gibbs wonders what it is with Abby stating that she has no idea and that would be the "probably nothing" part before stating that she hasn't analysed it in her computer yet. Gibbs tells her to do it before heading to the elevator and just as the doors close, Abby gives Gibbs a thumbs-up.

Meanwhile, DiNozzo, McGee and Ziva have arrived at Kirby's house and are busy searching through it. DiNozzo takes the wardrobe and finds a collection of Hawaiian shirts inside while stating that he loves Hawaiian shirts.

As she walks past, Ziva states that she isn't surprised. DiNozzo tells her that it's a cultural experience she couldn't appreciate before asking McGee, "Is that right, Probie?".

McGee who's busy examining Kirby's computer tells DiNozzo that he wouldn't be caught dead in one.

DiNozzo eventually finds another shirt in the wardrobe and as he brings it, he asks Ziva does she realize what they've got there? Ziva believes that it's another ugly shirt which catches DiNozzo off guard but DiNozzo recovers and explains that it's an authentic Magnum P.I, Jungle Bird design, hundred percent cotton, bamboo buttons and that it has a "Made in Hawaii" label.

At Ziva's look, DiNozzo tells her that this is the Holy Grail of Aloha garments. McGee sarcastically remarks that it's great. DiNozzo then states that for eight seasons, Magnum wore the shirt, putting up with Higgins and those stupid dogs, Zeus and Apollo whose names Tony yells.

Ziva just looks at DiNozzo while McGee is too focused on Kirby's laptop to do anything. DiNozzo then explains that Magnum P.I was a TV show and that it was big in the 1980s. Ziva tells DiNozzo that she knows who Tom Selleck is and that Selleck is the hot, sexy American man of adventure.

Left stunned, DiNozzo stammers that Selleck was good but if they take away the shirt, moustache, Detroit Tigers hat, Ferrari, the Audi, wine cellar, Robin Masters's estate, Rick, TC and the helicopter... before trailing off.

McGee then announces that it looks Kirby hasn't checked his emails or even turned on his computer since yesterday. As that happens, DiNozzo puts back the Magnum P.I shirt with Ziva remarking that once Kirby saw them at Norfolk, he must have taken a kite.

"Hike", DiNozzo corrects. "The expression is taking a hike".

"She may have had it confused with go fly a kite", McGee states.

As she digs through the drawer, Ziva remarks that she speaks five languages and that she should be forgiven for getting confused sometimes. She then finds a small book and upon glancing at it, gets up and heads over to DiNozzo, remarking that she found his bankbook with DiNozzo stating that it's a chequebook.

"Whatever you call it", Ziva states. "His deposits seem high".

"Where you come from, they may seem high", DiNozzo replies, glancing at the book. "But here in the good old U.S. of A, these are really, really high". Suddenly, the sound of something rustling prompts all three to stand up while drawing their guns.

DiNozzo takes the lead with Ziva trying to tell him that she think it's the... but DiNozzo shushes her. At DiNozzo's nod, McGee emerges first, followed by DiNozzo and then Ziva as they head for the kitchen.

Instantly, a shelf opens with everyone turning their guns on the shelf and as the door swings open, it's revealed that the supposed impostor is actually Kirby's pet monkey, Max who begins throwing things at DiNozzo who is stunned.

Ziva remarks that it's a marmoset but McGee states that it's actually a capuchin. As McGee puts away his gun, Ziva states that she doesn't advise shooting him because Americans shooting their pets, it would be a public relations nightmare.

"You knew all about this", DiNozzo states, his gun still trained on the monkey.

Ziva tells him that she tried to tell him but DiNozzo shushed her. As Max the monkey continues throwing things, DiNozzo, lowering his gun advises Ziva to try harder next time. Ziva also reveals that the monkey's name is Max.

As DiNozzo lowers his gun and while Ziva puts hers away while smiling, McGee remarks that he read a Snapple cap that said that the most popular name for a pet in the United States was "Max".

"That's funny", DiNozzo states. "I thought it was Tim".

It then cut to Max who's still screeching loudly.

Back at the Smith house, as Wendy holds a photograph of John Kirby, Gibbs tells her that they know that her husband, Petty Officer Smith and Kirby served together and that NCIS also knows that they switched places.

Gibbs then states that it's a federal crime to impersonate military personnel before informing Wendy that it also means that any information she withholds is a chargeable offence. As he sits down on the table opposite Wendy, he then asks her what she does know.

Wendy then states that she lied before while laughing nervously. She then reveals that she saw Kirby once. Gibbs asks her when. Wendy then remembers that it was right after they moved to Norfolk from Hawaii and she remembers how she came home early from yoga because she wasn't feeling well and that Kirby was with Jerry in the den. She also recalls that Jerry, her husband was upset because it was clear that Wendy had interrupted them.

When Kirby left, Jerry told Wendy that she should forget that she ever saw Kirby and never tell anyone. Wendy then begins crying, wondering if Kirby is the one who murdered her husband.

Gibbs just glances at Wendy before looking away.

A while later, in the lab, as Abby scans the computer, McGee reveals to DiNozzo that Kirby was getting emails from an anonymous Internet account several times a week and that each email was just a time and location.

As Ziva turns away, Abby reveals that the times were random, all throughout the day and that the locations were business and residential addresses all throughout Norfolk. DiNozzo wonders how long they've been coming in.

Abby tells him that it's been about four months.

"Same time Kirby's been posing as Smith", DiNozzo remarks.

"You think Kirby was doing Smith's job while Smith was doing Kirby's?", McGee wonders but they stop upon seeing Gibbs head in.

As Gibbs heads over to the monitor, Ziva remarks that she's seen communications like this before.

"So have I", Gibbs replies.

Ziva then remarks that many intelligence agencies use this technique for arranging a drop-off before stating that she believes that they refer to them as goblins. DiNozzo corrects her by stating the right term is "spooks".

Abby then tells Gibbs that according to this, that there's a drop scheduled for this afternoon. Gibbs wants to know when and where with Abby stating that it's at Granby and Harbor, South East Corner, 1400 or 2pm.

Turning back, Gibbs then tells DiNozzo and McGee that one of them is going to have to pose as Kirby. It then cuts to McGee and DiNozzo who are looking at each other while Abby looks on.

Up in the bullpen, Ziva attaches a mike to McGee's back while DiNozzo remarks that McGee wearing a Hawaiian shirt doesn't really work. McGee states that for once he has to agree with DiNozzo and that he doesn't think he's a Hawaiian-shirt type.

Gibbs simply states that McGee is the closet NCIS has in terms to age and looks to Smith and Kirby. Ziva then adds that it won't matter if whoever he's meeting knows their faces. Gibbs agrees her but if it doesn't, then they might just get something which is more than what they've got at the moment.

Glancing at the monitor, Gibbs tells DiNozzo that he and Ziva will be here mobile on Granby as far as they can while maintaining visual contact before Gibbs explains that he'll be over on Harbor.

Gibbs then tells McGee that they don't know what they have here so McGee should go with the flow and that if the situation gets hinky, call it. As Gibbs leaves, Ziva wonders what "kinky" means.

"You know, like when your gut is telling you something?", DiNozzo states.

As she examines McGee one final time, Ziva tells DiNozzo that she gets it and that in Israel, her people refer to that as gas before giving McGee a little pat on the cheek as she and DiNozzo head off to get ready.

It then cuts to McGee who's now alone.

A while later, Gibbs asks DiNozzo if he's got a visual. DiNozzo tells Gibbs that it's affirmative before telling McGee to suck that gut in. McGee then sighs, rolling his eyes. As the traffic passes by, McGee then realizes that someone's standing beside him, holding a briefcase.

"I got him, McGee", Gibbs replies.

Ziva states that the logistics for the drop may only start here and that he should look for any sign. McGee wonders what signs. Ziva states that it's a hand gesture or the angle he holds his briefcase.

The man eventually drops his briefcase and walks off with McGee remarking that it was nothing. Eventually, a truck pulls in front, causing DiNozzo to state he's lost the visual, ie, McGee.

Gibbs states that he has before stating that everyone should move up the block.

With that, DiNozzo moves his car up a block while Gibbs soon follows.

On the street, McGee spots a Young Woman and as they approach each other, the woman tells McGee that there's a park bench across the street from the Baltimore Museum of Art and that McGee should leave it underneath.

As DiNozzo looks on, Ziva tells Gibbs that it's the girl with the pack.

In his car, Gibbs tells McGee to wait for the girl to make the move. Meanwhile, the girl gives McGee the briefcase while telling him not to be late. McGee agrees. However, things are interrupted when Kirby arrives on scene, causing the girl to freak and as she and McGee begin struggling, DiNozzo remarks that Kirby's on his 9 o'clock.

Gibbs tells DiNozzo and Ziva that he's got Kirby and that they should get the girl. Upon seeing Kirby fleeing, Gibbs yells at DiNozzo and Ziva to go which they do, hopping out of the car straightaway.

Gibbs heads down a street after Kirby and uses his own door to send Kirby flying to the ground. Meanwhile, the girl and McGee are still struggling but it ends when the girl tasers McGee with a stun gun, sending McGee to the ground while the girl flees.

Almost instantly, Ziva and Tony are running after the girl.

Meanwhile, Gibbs cuffs Kirby and places him in the back of his car before heading off to join Tony and Ziva. In an alleyway, Tony's out of breath just as Gibbs arrives in time for all three to see the young woman fleeing on a moped.

"We lost her", DiNozzo remarks.

"More like she lost us", Ziva replies.

Ziva, Gibbs and Tony after a female suspect has gotten away from them.

It then cuts to show DiNozzo glaring at Ziva while Gibbs and Ziva look on.

Act Four

In the lab, while studying the case, Abby tells Gibbs that there are three wheels, numbered zero through nine each and that there's a thousand possibilities.

While writing it up, Gibbs remarks to Abby that her fingers better get busy.

Abby tells him to wait because she has more before revealing that the seams are filled with something that looks like an expoy material and that it might be for waterproofing.

Gibbs believes that it might be to hold explosive components in place until they're exploded.

"Bada-boom", Abby says.

Gibbs then asks about the X-Rays with Abby stating that they didn't penetrate and that the metal's high-density steel, probably with a thin layer of lead sheeting. She then remarks that the nitrate sniffer came up negative.

Gibbs believes that it's because of the epoxy while Abby tells Gibbs that it might not be rigged with a bomb before she goes on to say how much she loves saying "per se" because no-one knows what it means but people say it anyway because...

At Gibbs's glare, Abby wonders if she's off topic again.

"Big time", Gibbs remarks.

Abby then gets back on topic and states that it could be armed with something like formic acid in a glass liner which has Gibbs realizing that the acid would destroy the contents if the case was opened incorrectly.

Abby also suggests that it could be nothing and it's just a bluff to scare anyone from taking a peek inside. Gibbs wonders if there's a bottom line here. Abby states that there is before asking Gibbs if he'd like to hear it.

"Yes!", Gibbs snaps.

Abby tells Gibbs that the bomb squad is going to pick the suitcase and that they'll do their thing and that Abby will get to the bottom of this but...

"It's going to take time", Gibbs finishes.

"See?", Abby replies. "We are having a melding of the minds".

Up in the bullpen, as DiNozo plays Mindsweeper, he tells McGee about the Transporter with McGee remarking that he didn't see it. DiNozzo then remarks that the Transporter was about a cool British guy who delivers illegal stuff for a price and that it was obviously what Smith was doing, then what Kirby was doing and what McGee was doing, only badly.

At the filing cabinet, McGee then states that he got the case.

DiNozzo then remarks that McGee's missing the point with McGee wondering how there could be possibility be a point.

At her desk, Ziva tells McGee what DiNozzo means is that the Transporter would have gotten the case, gotten the girl and still have held on to his cappuccino.

DiNozzo states, "Exactly" before saying, "Speaking of movies, you know, what I was thinking about, Probie".

"Really not interested, Tony", McGee states.

DiNozzo then states that he's talking about Mr and Mrs. Smith, identity mystery and then there's their Smith, Petty Officer, another identity mystery. While still playing, DiNozzo remarks that it turns out the guy charging porn and tractors on McGee's credit card is a Smith, then that's identity mystery.

McGee instantly spots something or someone approaching and says, "Uh, Tony?" before wisely heading back to his desk. DiNozzo, still relaxed and completely unaware of what's going on, tells McGee not now and that DiNozzo's almost done with this level.

As DiNozzo sips his drink, Gibbs waltzes in, snapping DiNozzo's cell phone shut before grabbing it, opening it again and dialling a few numbers while DiNozzo wonders if Gibbs has found out what was in the case.

Gibbs then throws the cellphone into the cup, sending two ice cubes flying out while causing DiNozzo to wince as he realizes that his cell phone has been ruined. As Gibbs heads to his desk, Ziva hops up from hers, wondering if Gibbs is going to be interrogating Kirby.

When Gibbs tells he won't, Ziva states that that's a mistake and that the longer they wait, the more time Kirby has to... But Gibbs stops her by telling that he'll be interrogating Kirby and that she and DiNozzo will be observing.

As Gibbs heads off, Ziva then heads over to DiNozzo and states that it takes a while for Gibbs to warm up to people, doesn't it? Glancing down at his cup, DiNozzo asks Ziva if she wants to know the secret to getting on Gibbs's good side.

"Of course", Ziva replies.

"Me too", DiNozzo states while fishing his now-ruined cell phone out of the cup before he too heads off with Ziva staring after him, puzzled. In Interrogation, Kirby states that he didn't kill Jerry.

Gibbs then looks up, stating he knows and that they checked. While this goes on, it cuts to show Ziva and DiNozzo who are watching the interrogation from Observation. Back in the room, Gibbs states that Kirby was on Base when it happened. Kirby wants to go if he can go now but Gibbs mentions the crimes: impersonating a petty officer- felony, lying during a federal investigation- felony and resisting arrest which is a misdemeanor.

Gibbs then bluffs about the case but Kirby, unaware that Gibbs is lying, is stunned that they looked in the case. Kirby then states that he was only trying to help and that it wasn't even his idea.

In Observation, Ziva expresses her doubts to DiNozzo that this has anything to do with espionage whatsoever because Kirby's far too stupid for this line of work. Back in Interrogation, Gibbs wants to know why Kirby and Smith switched places.

Kirby then admits that it happened because Petty Officer Smith couldn't keep it in his damn pants. Gibbs then blinks, obviously stunned. Back in Observation, Ziva's confused which has Tony stunned and doing some gestures fails to give Ziva any hints with Ziva suggesting that it's dancing.

DiNozzo then plays along, agreeing with the statement.

In Interrogation, Gibbs wonders what happened. Kirby tells Gibbs that Smith had been fooling around this officer's wife over at Pearl and that one night, the officer came home early and caught him in the act but while the officer got a good look at Smith's face, he didn't recognize him.

In Observation, Ziva looks on while Kirby laughs nervously, remembering that Smith wasn't worried and that he knew he was shipping out the next week and that the two had never met before.

Gibbs nods.

Kirby then announces that that was the good news with Gibbs stating that it was until Smith got the bad news. Kirby then reveals that the husband was going to be Smith's new C.O in Norfolk.

Gibbs then realizes that the husband and C.O in question was Commander Morris.

Back in Observation, as Tony and Ziva look on, Kirby tells Gibbs that Smith only had four months left until his honorable discharge and that Morris would have made sure that didn't happen.

Gibbs wonders who else knew about it.

Kirby states that no-one did and that's why Smith begged Kirby to switch places with him, except for the fact that Kirby couldn't leave his job.

Gibbs then realizes that the job in question was Kirby delivering illegal goods.

Kirby then protests, stating that he didn't even know what was in the cases and that he was strictly transportation. Gibbs then tells Kirby that the group involved wasn't exactly using FedEx.

"It was stupid. I know", Kirby admits.

"Yeah", Gibbs agrees, laughing.

Back in Observation, Ziva and DiNozzo look on as Kirby then admits that the money was really good. In Interrogation, Kirby admits that life since the Navy has been kind of hard on him.

Gibbs wonders if Kirby ever looked inside with Kirby stating that he didn't because the group have two rules: be on time and don't look in the cases. At Gibbs's expression, Kirby states that Smith must have looked.

"Then they killed him for it", Gibbs states. Kirby then states that he thinks he wants to get a lawyer now with Gibbs stating, "Oh, yeah. You're gonna need one".

In the lab, Abby is showing Gibbs the smeared area of blood that she thought was probably nothing and it turns out, it probably might not be probably nothing. Gibbs then tells Abby that he isn't saying a magic word.

Abby then brings up a photo, stating that this is the windshield of the vehicle and does Gibbs see the smeared marks because there's four of them. As this happen, Abby heads over to join Gibbs at the monitor.

She also states that they connect together before she tells Gibbs to step back and squint.

"At what?", Gibbs wonders.

"Just do it", Abby insists. "Like when you're trying to figure out the hidden message in the bad 3-D art at the fair". At Gibbs's eyeroll, Abby grabs Gibbs, telling him that it's important and that he should try to see the bigger picture for once.

Eventually, Gibbs relents and squints his eyes, stating that it looks like an "M".

Abby then states that those smears were smeared on purpose and as she heads back to her computer, she shows Gibbs the photographs of Petty Officer Smith's body before Ducky and Jimmy cleaned it.

She then brings up a photo where it's shown that Smith has some blood on his right index finger and that there were no lacerations on that hand. Gibbs then realizes that Smith used his own finger to write a message in his own blood.

Abby then remarks that sometimes people in the throes of death try to communicate before stating that one example was a man in the L.A Metro Rail crash who wrote "I love you" to his wife in his blood.

Gibbs then points out that the man lived.

Abby admits that he did before stating that Petty Officer Smith is trying to tell NCIS who killed him before asking what "M" means. It then cuts to Gibbs who looks at the screen, having figured something out.

A while later, at Norfolk, DiNozzo and Ziva are back talking to Commander Morris who wonders how NCIS could think that Morris himself had anything to with Smith's murder. DiNozzo then states that it's because Morris found out that Smith was the sailor sleeping with Morris's own wife.

"At Pearl?!", Morris says, stunned.

"Yes, Commander", Ziva confirms. "At Pearl Harbor".

Morris is again stunned that Smith was the man who slept with his wife before stating that if he'd known who he was, Morris would have killed Smith himself but Morris didn't because he was here that morning and that there's a dozen witnesses who will vouch for that.

DiNozzo and Ziva glance at each other.

Back in the bullpen, Ziva and Gibbs are glancing at the symbol on the window with Ziva stating that surveillance camera at the main gate has Commander Morris coming on base an hour before Smith's time of death.

Gibbs wants to know the leeway on time of death with DiNozzo stating that it might be 15, 20 minutes. Gibbs then asks about the drive time to the crime scene with DiNozzo stating that it's thirty minutes, fifteen if Gibbs is driving.

Ziva then states that seven sailors in Morris's office all verify that Morris was in the supply unit until DiNozzo and Ziva arrived. Gibbs wants to know where the unit is. Ziva states that it's in his private office, behind closed doors.

Gibbs then wonders if there was another exit and could Morris have left unseen through a window? DiNozzo remarks that the windows don't open because they're solid plate glass. As Gibbs walks away, McGee then states Morris couldn't have been at the crime scene.

"I know that, McGee", Gibbs snaps.

"He knows that, McGee", DiNozzo repeats.

Ziva then states that Smith's death has to be related to the delivery service but DiNozzo remarks that they don't know anything about that. McGee states that Kirby is claiming that he doesn't know who he was working for.

Gibbs then wonders if Petty Officer Smith was wearing his seat belt when he crashed and when no-one responds, Gibbs repeats the question albeit slower and much louder. This has McGee, DiNozzo and Ziva scrambling for their desks and they tell Gibbs that Smith wasn't and that it was a crash-test dummy.

Gibbs realizes that Smith was in an unnaturally contorted position. McGee brings up the photo while remarking that it was very, very unusual. Upon seeing Gibbs titling his head to get a better view of the image, McGee tells Gibbs that he can flip the image but only if Gibbs wants.

Gibbs then stands up straight and gives a pose as if to say, "Please do!".

McGee hurriedly types a few keys and the "M" changes to a "W" with DiNozo wondering what the wife's name was again.

"It's Wendy", Ziva replies.

A while later, Ziva and Gibbs are back at the Smith household with Gibbs wondering if Wendy discovered that her husband was cheating on her. Wendy tries to brush it off, stating that she has no idea what they're talking about.

Ziva then states that it must have been a real shock because Wendy was so in love with her husband.

"The one decent man you've ever met wasn't really decent at all, was he?", Gibbs states. Wendy states that it wasn't true.

Gibbs tells her that Smith called her on the way to work but Wendy wasn't home.

Wendy states that she was and that her husband called her at home but Ziva blows that out of the water by stating that the phone records show that Wendy forwarded her home phone to her cell.

Gibbs states that Smith had no idea that Wendy was following him with Ziva stating that Smith only worked a couple of days a week before stating, "I wonder what he did with all the rest of that free time?".

Wendy then glances at photos of her and Smith together before focusing on the main one of the couple which shows them smiling on their wedding day.

Glancing back at Gibbs, she asks him if he knows that Smith cheated on her on their wedding day.

Instantly, she remembers what happened and in a flashback, it shows Smith telling his wife that it's their anniversary.

It then reveals that Wendy was the one in the car driving alongside her husband and upon Smith seeing her, he freaked out, giving Wendy just enough time to pull out a gun and shoot her husband in the neck.

As the flashback ends, Wendy then looks at Gibbs who stares back at her.

In the squadroom, McGee hangs up, pleased and tells DiNozzo that takes care of them all: Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Diners and that his old cards have been cancelled with new ones being reissued despite the fact that it took McGee only 200 phone calls.

As they enter the bullpen, DiNozzo tells McGee, "You know what I find interesting".

"What?", McGee wonders.

"That you actually have Diners", DiNozzo states.

McGee wants to know what's wrong with that with DiNozzo remarking that he's never met anyone who used Diners Club who wasn't wearing Depends.

McGee then states that it's a very hip piece of plastic.

As Gibbs and Ziva come back, DiNozzo remarks, "Yes, in the year 1927" before heading to his desk while McGee walks off.

As Gibbs arrives in, Abby tells him that she's got good news and bad news, the good news is that she's still cute but the bad news is the bomb squad got a little trigger happy.

She then produces a plastic bag which now has the contents of the damaged suitcase, causing Gibbs to realize that they blew up the box.

Abby then wonders if Gibbs has any idea what's beyond smithereens.

"Not a clue", Gibbs replies.

"Me neither", Abby agrees before stating that's what they've got and that there isn't much she can do.

Gibbs agrees before announcing, "Except put it back together".

Abby then tells Gibbs that the suitcase is in a jillion pieces and that it would take months.

Ziva states that the suitcase is the only link NCIS has to that delivery service. Abby then snaps that Ziva isn't the one who has to put it back together before she grabs the container and leaves the bullpen.

Ziva instantly gets up, stating to Gibbs, "She really doesn't like me that much, does she?".

As that happens, Gibbs goes, "Nah" while DiNozzo sitting at his desk simply smiles.

In the Stairwells, Abby still carrying the box heads for the elevator.

Once the elevator arrives, Abby hops in with the doors closing, only for Ziva to emerge and force the doors open and as that happens, Ziva walks in to stand beside Abby in the elevator.

Abby asks Ziva if she's going home.

"Not yet", Ziva replies. "I thought I might be able to help you with that".

"Do you have a degree in forensic science?", Abby wonders.

"No", Ziva admits, causing Abby to scoff. "But I'm very good at jigsaw puzzles".

"We'll see", Abby states.

It then cuts to show Abby and Ziva standing alongside each other, smiling.


  • In the evidence garage, while she's saying "Very good, Gibbs", Abby's spider web tattoo is seen on the wrong side of her neck before swapping back to its normal side in the next shot.


Series Regulars

Season Three Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perrette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Jennifer Shepard Lauren Holly The Director of NCIS who was also Gibbs's former girlfriend and partner. Despite being credited, Holly does not appear in this episode.
Ziva David Cote de Pablo The Mossad Liaison Officer to NCIS.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Ducky's Assistant Medical Examiner.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Wendy Smith Merritt Wever Navy Petty Officer Jerry Smith's wife and also his murderer.
Robert Morris (Switch) Geoffrey Lower Commander in the United States Navy and the victim's C.O.
John Kirby Wilson Bethel Petty Officer in the United States Navy posing as the murder victim.
Jody Hampton Richard Whiten A police officer and a member of the Virigina State Police.
Jerry Smith Andrew Caple-Shaw The main murder victim and a Petty Officer in the United States Navy.
Young Woman Maria Bertrand A member of the unknown group who delivered random suitcases across D.C.
Nervous Man Vern Urich A man who gives McGee a briefcase.
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