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The Chosen One is the 13th episode of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 as well as the 85th episode of the entire NCIS: Los Angeles series.


Callen goes undercover to infiltrate a Chechen terrorist cell operating in downtown Los Angeles but soon discovers that he is the Chosen One, resulting in Callen being wired with many bombs and also forcing Sam, Kensi and Deeks into a desperate race against time to find and save Callen before it's too late.


Hetty after realizing that Callen is going to be used as a suicide bomber.


Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Role
G. Callen Chris O'Donnell NCIS Special Agent and the leader of the Office of Special Projects field team.
Sam Hanna LL Cool J A former Navy SEAL-turned-NCIS Special Agent with the Office of Special Projects.
Henrietta Lange Linda Hunt Operations Manager with the Office of Special Projects.
Marty Deeks Eric Christian Olsen A Detective with the Los Angeles Police Department and also the LAPD/NCIS liaison.
Kensi Blye Daniela Ruah NCIS Special Agent with the Office of Special Projects.
Eric Beale Barrett Foa Tech Operator with the Office of Special Projects.
Nell Jones Renée Felice Smith Tech Analyst for the Office of Special Projects.

Other Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Booth Justin Alston Nicknamed "Masud".
Jamal Avlurov Adam Croasdell
Anwar Amurov Corin Nemec
Gloria Seggara Luciana Carro
Rick Gibson Stoney Westmoreland Sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Department.
Chovka Zelimov Christian Svensson
Karim Moussa Konstantin Melikhov
Car Rental Agent Ben Begley
LAPD Captain Monty Jordan
Pedestrian Akeem Mair Uncredited role.
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