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The Tourist is the sixth episode of NCIS: Hawaii Season 1 as well as the 6th episode of the entire NCIS: Hawaii series.


When Tennant and NCIS are tasked with finding a kidnapped globe-trotting social media star, they find that she is not who her husband or her followers think she is while the team is at odds with Whistler who has an agenda of her own.


Series Regulars[]

Name Portrayed by Role
Jane Tennant Vanessa Lachey Special Agent Assigned to NCIS Pearl Team.
Jesse Boone Noah Mills Senior Agent for the NCIS Pearl Team.
Lucy Tara Yasmine Al-Bustami Junior Agent for the NCIS Pearl Team.
Ernie Malik Jason Antoon Computer specialist for the NCIS Pearl Team.
Kate Whistler Tori Anderson Special Agent for the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Alex Tennant Kian Talan Jane's older son.
Kai Holman Alex Tarrant Special Agent for the NCIS Pearl Team.

Recurring Cast[]

Name Portrayed by Role
Julie Tennant Mahina Anne Marie Napoleon

Other Cast[]

Name Portrayed by Role
Maggie Shaw Julie White
Kayla Barlow Chloe Lanier
Adam Barlow Titus Makin Lieutenant.
Euro Tourist Man Efka Kvaraciejus
Euro Tourist Woman Ivana Grahovac
Tour Guide Ashley Doris
John Casings Geronimo Son
VIP Date 1 Darny Chau Uncredited role.
VIP Date 2 Tim Herkenhoff Uncredited role.
HPD CSME Photographer Scott M. Schewe Uncredited role.