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The Voyeur's Web is the sixth episode in NCIS Season 3 as well as the 52nd episode of the entire NCIS series.


While performing a strip-tease to an Internet crowd, a Marine Sergeant's wife is killed but when Gibbs and the team investigate after hearing from Carr's neighbors that no-one's seen her for two weeks, they discover that Carr's body is missing. Things take a turn when it's revealed that Carr's neighbor has also disappeared and it's soon discovered that the two women were members of a live internet sex site they created while their husbands were away serving in Iraq. Roberts's body is later found but Carr is still missing although Abby with the help of her new assistant soon determines that the video of Carr being supposedly murdered is not what it appears to be.


In a bedroom decorated with candles, and with Goldfrapp's "Ooh La La" playing in the background, Jamie Carr aka "Rain" who's wearing panties and a bra that are currently covered with a silk dressing-gown as well as a mask begins doing a little strip-tease for her audience which are watching her from a web-camera attached to Jamie's laptop which is positioned opposite the bed.

It then cuts to an office area when an unnamed man who's wearing glasses is watching Jamie's strip-tease. He types in, "Can't you take it all off" before sending the message to her.

Jamie replies, "Be patient, boys" and sends the message back.

Back in the office, the man grins.

Meanwhile, back in the bedroom, Jamie removes her dressing-grown which she throws down onto the bed and continues performing her seductive dance as the man in the office looks on.

However, it soon shows that there's someone else in the bedroom with Jamie, a shadowy figure of some sort.

The man in the office sends her a message stating "Rain! Look behind you!".

Unfortunately, Jamie or Rain isn't aware of the message, instead preferring to keep on dancing for her audience but she then glances at the screen just another message titled, "Look behind you" pops up on the screen.

Jamie realizes something's not right and turns around, instantly spotting the mysterious figure. She tries to run but the figure grabs her and throws her back onto the bed as the man in the office watches the scene play out live.

In the bedroom, the figure then cuts Jamie's throat using a knife which causes blood to drip onto the floor.

Seconds later, Jamie collapses.

Back in the office, the man who had been talking to Jamie/Rain via IM- (instant messaging) looks on with horror.

The hooded figure then gets off the bed and changes the camera to focus on Jamie who's now lying on the ground, dead, her throat having been savagely cut.

Act One

In the Bullpen, NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior is talking to someone and stating that he needs a table on the terrace for Friday at 9pm just as fellow NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee comes in while from her desk, NCIS/Mossad Liaision Officer Ziva David glances at Tony who tells the guy on the phone that it isn't negotiable and that they should tell Valentino it's Tony DiNozzo and that they're friends.

Tony then says "thank" and "goodbye" in Italian before haging up. McGee then states that it must be a special occasion. DiNozzo announces that he's taking Monica for her birthday with McGee suggesting that he knows a place in Georgetown that's just as romantic and half the price.

DiNozzo then states that it's a good idea but Monica's not the Applebee's type. McGee then tells DiNozzo that he's never seen him like this and that DiNozzo must really like this girl.

As he gets ready to scan some stuff, DiNozzo states that Monica's got the whole package: beauty, class, sophistication and that all that's left is to decide on the perfect gift.

From her desk, Ziva pipes up that she thought that DiNozzo gave all his girls Honey Dust.

DiNozzo then wonders how Ziva knew before telling McGee, "Probie, is there something you want to tell me?".

As he gets up, McGee tells DiNozzo that it isn't his fault.

Ziva tells DiNozzo not to be embarrassed and that she finds the taste of Honey Dust to be extremely erotic. DiNozzo then sarcastically states, "What a coincidence. So do I".

Leroy Jethro Gibbs then arrives, giving DiNozzo and stating, "I don't" before telling the team to gear up as they're heading for Dumfries as a corporal's wife is missing and the local police believe that she may have been abducted.

As they all head for the elevator, DiNozzo grills McGee again with McGee apologizing and stating that Ziva must have tricked him again. DiNozzo then wonders why doesn't McGee tell Ziva how DiNozzo lost his virginity?

Ziva states that she's been meaning to ask DiNozzo about that and wonders how a fifteen year old boy goes about meeting a coquette which has Gibbs staring at her. McGee states that Ziva actually means a "Rockette", causing DiNozzo to give McGee a silent glare.

A while later, with the neighborhood having sealed off, the NCIS team arrive at the scene.

While Gibbs is busy taking notes from a police officer, McGee is busy unloading the gear from the NCIS Major Case Response Team Truck, Ziva wonders why there's so many people.

DiNozzo then arrives, asking her if she saw the signs before announcing that it's yard sale day. Ziva sort of understands before wondering if Marines sell their yards often. McGee tells her that it's actually when people gather stuff they don't want anymore and sell it in their yards.

Ziva wants to know why anyone would want to buy someone else's junk with DiNozzo stating "One man's junk is another man's treasure". Ziva then states that in Israel, they have a saying which she says in Hebrew before stating that it means "crap is crap".

Gibbs then arrives and informs them that the missing woman's name is Jamie Carr and that the police got a call from the neighbour because no-one's seen Carr in two weeks. Ziva wonders what the police are assuming abduction with Gibbs announcing that the back door's been kicked in.

Gibbs then tells McGee to take the perimeter while Ziva will go check with the neighbor who called it in before stating that DiNozzo is going to be with Gibbs. As Gibbs and McGee leave, Ziva wonders why she's always the one taking the statements.

DiNozzo tells her that it's because she's obviously good at getting people to talk while Ziva tells DiNozzo not to blame McGee because she was merely curious. DiNozzo believes it was about his sex life but Ziva states that it's about American customs and that some of the men she's been meeting seem to be a little... uptight.

"Define uptight", DiNozzo replies.

Ziva just smiles at him.

"Today, DiNozzo", Gibbs yells from the porch while DiNozzo tells Gibbs that he's on his six. The two men soon reach the Carr house and head inside with DiNozzo stating that he feels like he just walked into page eight of the IKEA catalog and that he used to shop there while he was in college, really reasonable prices.

Gibbs just tells DiNozzo to get to work and as they examine the room, DiNozzo finds a photo of the married couple, telling Gibbs that he take it that the husband's deployed. Gibbs states that the Marine is in Iraq and that he's currently six months into his second tour.

DiNozzo wonders if they're bringing him home.

"Depends on what we find here", Gibbs states.

Gibbs eventually reaches the bedroom and upon finding a spot that appears to have been cleaned, tells DiNozzo to have McGee break out the luminol.

DiNozzo wonders if they've got blood with Gibbs stating that someone cleaned up a 12-inch spot on the carpet and what does DiNozzo think?

DiNozzo then heads off to do that.

Meanwhile, Ziva is busy glancing at a puzzle when Bart Powell arrives, telling her she needs to relax her eyes, that it's a hidden 3-D picture and that if she looks at it just right, a palm tree appears.

Ziva believes that it's broken while Powell tells two kids, Skateboard Kid 1 and Skateboard Kid 2 that he's watching them. Powell then tells Ziva that they're kids from down the street and that they've got sticky fingers.

Ziva asks about Jamie Carr with Powell stating that Carr pretty much keeps to herself and that she never really clicked with the rest of the wives. Ziva wonders if Powell's in the military with Powell telling her that his wife is and that she's a staff sergeant in the Marine Corps.

"Deployed?", Ziva wonders.

"Yeah", Powell replies. "To Wal-Mart. She should be back in an hour or so".

Ziva then asks Powell what he does. Powell explains that the Corps takes up most of his wife's time so he takes care of their kids and their house with Ziva wondering if Powell is a domesticated househusband.

"Well, I never heard it put quite like that", Powell states. "But yeah, I suppose I am".

Ziva wonders if there's crime around here. Powell then tells her if she's kidding because it's a Marine neighborhood and that they have a crime. Ziva disagrees, stating that she wouldn't say that because it looks like Powell's about to get robbed

Ziva then gives Powell a card, telling him to have his wife give her a call. As she leaves, she whispers something to the two youngsters, causing the two kids to flee while Powell looks on.

Back at the house, the bedroom is being processed while DiNozzo removes a cloth covering a photo of the couple on their wedding day, causing him to remark, "So much for gone but not forgotten".

While taking photographs, Gibbs tells DiNozzo that Carr's husband is away at war and that people cope in different ways. DiNozzo then finds a vibrator in the drawer, stating that Jamie Carr has found one way to cope.

Ziva then wanders in, telling DiNozzo to be careful with that as he could poke an eye out with that before telling DiNozzo that he should twist the end. As Gibbs continues taking more photographs, Ziva then sniffs, stating that it's Haviar Christian Number Five and at DiNozzo's glance, she tells him that it's a perfume that's big in France. DiNozzo then wonders if he'll get that for Monica for her birthday.

"It's $2,000 an ounce, Tony", Ziva announces with Gibbs stating that it sounds steep. DiNozzo then states that Monica isn't really a perfume kind of gal with Gibbs stating that he meant for a corporal's wife.

"I knew that", DiNozzo states.

McGee then arrives in, telling them that he found some blood drops out back, hidden underneath some bags of mulch and that it looks consistent with a dragged body. Gibbs then wonders where it is.

"On the concrete patio", McGee explains. "I taped off the area".

Gibbs then removes the camera and gives it to McGee before heading off to investigate. McGee then stops upon sensing something which has Ziva asking McGee if something's wrong.

DiNozzo believes that McGee's just fine and that he's never been in a woman's bedroom.

McGee approaches the bed and suddenly has a flashback of a woman (Jamie Carr) in the very same bedroom, dancing along to some music.

McGee then tells DiNozzo and Ziva that he's seen this room before as another flashback emerges and that it was in a video clip.

"Like a porno?", DiNozzo asks.

McGee states that his girlfriend is always emailing him these Internet videos and that she sent him one of this room last week. DiNozzo crosses his arms, stating why does he find that hard to believe.

"You never get forwarded weird videos to your email?", McGee wonders.

"All the time", DiNozzo replies. "I meant the part about you having a girlfriend".

He then laughs at Ziva who sarcastically laughs back, unimpressed while McGee kneels on the ground, stating that the clip showed a woman being supposedly murdered live on the Internet.

It cuts to a flashback of a woman (Jamie Carr) having her throat cut by a masked figure while back in the present, Ziva wonders why McGee didn't report it. McGee tells her that he assumed that he assumed that it was a hoax, a badly made snuff film.

"You know what happens when you assume, McGee", DiNozzo states.

"Yeah, Gibbs is going to kill me", McGee replies. "Again".

A while later, in the lab, Gibbs and McGee are watching Jamie Carr's death and as the clip ends, Gibbs tells McGee that it doesn't look like a hoax to him.

McGee tries to apologize but Gibbs ignores him, telling Abigail Sciuto to talk to him.

Abby tells Gibbs that she was analyzing the file and that it's a compressed MPEG-4, both fields are rendered using a Kodak that scales down the number of... but Gibbs tells Abby to speak in English which has Abby stating that from what she can tell, the image looks real because there's no signs of layered special effects or tampering before telling McGee that she's sorry.

Gibbs tells McGee that he wants to know where it came from and that he's got an hour but McGee stops Gibbs by telling him that he doesn't need an hour and that he scanned through Jamie's hard drive.

Once that's gotten Gibbs's attention, McGee brings up a website, stating that Carr's webcam ran a direct feed into this website with Abby telling Gibbs that she was running a sex site from her bedroom.

McGee also states that Carr's murder was filmed during a live session and distributed throughout the net with Gibbs wanting to know who.

McGee then states that it was anyone who could have been logged onto the site at the time and that it could be hundreds of people while Abby states that it could be thousands because there's a big market for desperate housewives performing behind closed doors and that some of these ladies got rich doing it.

"Or dead, Abby", Gibbs grimly states.

Gibbs then heads back, asking them who the other girl is.

Abby tells her that the girl's net name is Skyler and that she runs the site while revealing that she traced her webcam feed back to the same neighborhood as Jamie Carr.

McGee states that it's the residence of Sergeant Jake Roberts, also deployed in Iraq and whose wife Leanne lives there alone. Gibbs then tells McGee to get the car which McGee agrees to and as he heads off, Abby tells Gibbs that it isn't McGee's fault and that NCIS investigated every weird video on the Internet but while Gibbs doesn't know but Abby tells him to trust her and that cyberspace is crammed full of all kinds of bizarre things.

"It's a whole new world in there, Gibbs and a lot of it ain't pretty", Abby finishes as she and Gibbs head to the monitor.

"You can say the same thing about this one, Abs", Gibbs replies before heading off.

A while later, Gibbs, DiNozzo and McGee arrive at the Roberts's house with McGee still beating himself over not calling it in.

DiNozzo then makes fun of McGee by telling him about receiving a clip of a dog that a few nights ago DiNozzo saw skateboarding on Letterman, causing McGee to wonder if DiNozzo's enjoying this.

"Probably not as much as you did when you told Ziva my life story", DiNozzo replies.

Once he's finished studying the area with his flashlight, Gibbs confirms that there's no-one home and judging by the full mailbox, there hasn't been for a while.

Suddenly, the sound of glass shattering brings DiNozzo and McGee racing to the front door.

Gibbs then nods and DiNozzo knocks the door down, giving them access to the house which they find has been turned upside down and is a complete mess.

There's even a cat on the couch and once Gibbs flips the light on, the cat flees.

Gibbs, DiNozzo and McGee split up, checking each area of the house for any sign of danger before they announce that it's all clear.

Gibbs then looks down at a table and spots some dried blood along with some shattered glass on the table.

DiNozzo then looks at McGee and remarks that it's going to be a long night.

McGee inside Leanne Roberts's house.

It then cuts to McGee who after holstering his gun stares back at DiNozzo.

Act Two

The next morning, Gibbs announces that they've got two crime scenes, one website and no bodies before stating that he wants some answers.

While McGee talks to someone on the phone, DiNozzo tells Gibbs what he has with Ziva listening in. Jamie Carr and Leanne Roberts started the Naughty Naughty Neighbors website nine months ago and that the site has 2,000 members and records about 50,000 hits a day.

Gibbs wonders if that's a lot with DiNozzo telling Gibbs to let him give him scope some here: 5 million hits a day while the official NCIS website has less than 400 which has Gibbs smiling.

Ziva then pipes up that it proves what she's long suspected and that despite the conservative image, Americans really love their porn.

At Gibbs's glare, Ziva stammers before Gibbs tells DiNozzo to continue.

Both men then turn back to the monitor with DiNozzo stating that when Naughty Naughty Neighbors debuted, it was a couple of girls in lingerie and that the membership fee was 9 bucks which was average for this sort of content and as the clothes came off, the admission went up, up and up before DiNozzo reveals that today the fee is $23.95 which is kind of high but platinum membership- talking about private chats and shows, they want 45 bucks a month.

"I mean, can anyone say rip-off?", DiNozzo says and says, "What?" once Gibbs and Ziva start looking at him. Ziva states that that's a lot of research with DiNozzo stating that he's been working from home.

Gibbs then announces that he wants detailed profiles of anyone who's ever been a member or is a member of the site.

Unsurprisingly, DiNozzo starts complaining, stating that it's like thousands of people.

"Then you better get started, huh", Gibbs says.

As DiNozzo heads back to his desk, Ziva then asks Gibbs if he really does believe that this is an obsessed voyeur and that the women's identities were protected by masks. Gibbs snaps back that it was actually half a mask.

"The odds of finding him off a list that size...", Ziva begins.

"Are better than the odds of you winning this argument", Gibbs finishes and as Ziva heads off, McGee announces that Naughty Naughty Neighbours has a webmaster. Gibbs wonders what a webmaster is with McGee telling him that a webmaster is someone who is hired to design and update the page. McGee hits a few keys and then brings up a driver's licence for Carter Finch.

DiNozzo wonders if the guy is like a Super Fly cyberpimp?

As McGee takes the sheet from a printer, he states no and that he just got off the phone with Finch's mother. Apparently, Carter Finch lives in his mother's basement, causing DiNozzo to remark that that's kind of depressing.

Gibbs then hands Ziva the sheet while telling DiNozzo to take Ziva with him and as Ziva grabs the sheet, Gibbs orders McGee to pull financial records on both women. McGee states that he's already done it and that both have joint accounts with their husbands and that neither women has any indication of any additional income.

Gibbs wants to know about the profits with McGee stating that they're probably routed through a third party. Gibbs then states pagemaster, leaving McGee confused. Gibbs then points to Finch's picture on the monitor.

"Yeah. No", McGee stammers. "Definitely not".

McGee then recovers, informing Gibbs that Finch has less than 200 dollars in his account and that it's been that way for the last year so the money could be anywhere. Gibbs and McGee glare at each other for a few seconds before Gibbs gets up and gives McGee an angry stare, causing McGee to state that he's going to find the money, causing Gibbs to go "Mmm".

As soon as Gibbs has left the bullpen, McGee remarks that he has no idea how.

In the morgue, Ducky is placing photographs of Jamie Carr's murder onto a table. This draws the interest of Ducky's assistant, James Palmer who wonders what Ducky is doing.

Ducky tells Jimmy that he's performing an autopsy with Jimmy remarking that shouldn't they have a body?

"Usually", Ducky replies. "Sometimes, however, one is forced to play the cards one is dealt" before telling Jimmy that often people's greatest accomplishments can come from their most trying moments.

Jimmy then brings up the 1997 NBA finals where Michael Jordan had food poisoning and despite that, Jordan still hit the Jazz up for 40.

Ducky tells Jimmy that he was thinking of something with a little more historical significance and mentions the landings at Normandy.

"D-Day", Jimmy states.

Ducky nods, stating that the fighting went far beyond the beaches and lasted for weeks and that his uncle was there, Major Monty Mallard.

Apparently, Monty who was fatigued and injured turned to his troops and said...

"The French wine in this particular region is terribly overrated", Gibbs says, arriving in while causing Ducky to say, "Anyone would think you'd heard that story before".

Gibbs wants Ducky's opinion on the video.

Ducky then tells Gibbs that they're dealing with an amateur and that anyone with any kind of training would have used far more pressure, making sure the trachea was severed.

As they all examine the photos, Gibbs wonders if Jamie Carr survived that long.

Ducky grimly states that a cut that shallow, the victim would go in and out of consciousness for several minutes before concluding that Jamie died a slow and excruciating death.

"Yeah", Gibbs replies.

In the basement, Carter Finch tells Tony and Ziva that this is the first he's heard about any snuff video and that he knew that Jamie was missing.

Tony then remarks that it's not Jamie who's just missing but Leanne too.

As Finch covers up some panties, he wonders if it has anything to do with the site with Tony stating, "That would make sense now, wouldn't it?".

Ziva wonders how Finch did not see the video before asking Finch, "Don't you run the site?". Finch states that he maintains it but he's far too busy to watch all the content.

Tony, on the other hand is busy exploring Finch's possessions while also remarking that he bets that Finch wasn't busy to see the new Star Wars movie six times before grabbing a Wookie.

Finch tells Tony to be careful with that Wookie because it's a prototype from 1978. Tony wonders if Finch isn't too old for toys but Finch states that these aren't toys; they're investments while stating that there are only three '78 Wookies equipped with an ammo belt and that Finch has one of them before remarking that Tony doesn't want to know how much it's worth.

"You're right. I don't", Tony replies, playing with some cards instead.

Finch then tells Ziva that it's six hundred bucks but that he'll sell the Wookie for twice that much online via Ultra Collectibles and

Ziva remarks that he's saving money on rent. Finch insists that he can afford his own place and that he only lives here for his mom because she feels much safer having him close by.

"I'm sure you provide a high degree of protection", Tony says.

Ziva wants to know about Jamie and Leanne with Finch telling her that they're business associates and that he manages their website and in exchange, he gets paid 100 dollars a week.

"A hundred bucks?", Tony says. "The site has over 2,000 members. At 24 bucks a pop, that's...".

"Forty-eight thousand a month", Ziva finishes.

Tony remarks that's good before telling Finch that it sounds like Jamie and Leanne are ripping him off. Finch remarks that it's only one of several websites he's designed and that he also does Dungeons and Demons, Buxom Bimbos and

"You designed Buxom Bimbos?", Tony asks.

Ziva is focused, asking Finch how the three of them met. Finch explains that Leanne always flirted with him when he delivered her paper and that one day, Finch told her about his website and she asked about how..

Tony, unsurprisingly interrupts, telling Finch to back up a step and wonders at the fact that Finch was a paperboy. Finch prefers the term "news distributor" because paperboy is such an archaic term before Finch removes the open pack of biscuits out of Tony's reach.

"Nine year olds don't mind", Tony remarks.

Ziva wants to know how Leanne got involved with Finch telling her that he believes that Leanne wanted to make some extra money before stating that's one reason he's never going to get married.

"I can think of a couple of others", Tony mutters.

Ziva wonders how long it's been since the women contacted Finch with Finch stating that it's been like a month and that with a design like his, the site pretty much runs itself.

Suddenly, a woman, presumably Finch's mother is heard yelling something, causing both Ziva and Tony to laugh. Tony then asks Finch if Finch's mother is wondering why they're here.

Finch then mumbles that he kind of told her that this was for a job interview which has Tony hysterical before he tells Ziva that he'll be in the car.

In the lab, Gibbs wanders in, carrying a Caf-Pow before asking Abby what she has.

Abby states that she's got a PHD in porn before explaining that she's spent the last six hours searching through webcam files, trying to find some kind of lead and that she's also consumed more porn that Tony has in his lifetime before stating that she might have not but she has watched a lot of smut.

Gibbs wonders if Abby learnt anything with Abby stating that she's not nearly as flexible as she should be. Gibbs wants to know about the case with Abby saying that she was getting to that. She then reveals that she filtered through all of Jamie's files and she found the original feed of Jamie Carr's murder.

Gibbs wants to know if it helps with Abby assuring him that it does. She then states by co-coordinating the original stream with the data, she obtained the date and time that the file was written before revealing that she knows when Jamie Carr was murdered.

Abby and Gibbs both head over to the printer with Abby giving Gibbs the sheet and revealing that Carr was killed eight days ago at 9pm or at 2100.

Gibbs tells her that's good work before giving her a kiss on the cheek and as he heads off, Abby smiles, remarking, "I do what I can" before stating that as a reward, Abby's going to treat herself to more girl on girl action.

She looks at the second for a few seconds before someone calls her name, startling her. Abby then remarks that the person in question, a tall, skinny man in his thirties was much quieter than Gibbs with the man explaining that was his high-tech Model Fives and that they're designed to damp ambient sound.

Abby remarks that the shoes before wondering who the man is. The man tells her that he's Charles Sterling which gets Abby a blank look.

Sterling then tells Abby that he's her new assistant with Abby insisting that she did not order a new assistant. Sterling remarks that's strange because Human Resources told him to report tonight.

"That's great", Abby grumbles. "I tell them I do the work of ten people and I need a raise and I get this".

Sterling tells her that he doesn't know about her raise but he admits that he's a huge fan of her work. Abby just looks at him with Sterling revealing that one of Abby's works is in the "Journal of Forensic Science" and is titled "Deducting drop size and velocity from circular blood stains".

Abby remarks that she did not know that anyone actually read that.

"Oh, yeah", Sterling remarks before stating that any time he undertakes a mission, he recons the situation so that he can adapt himself to the surroundings.

Abby then tells Chip to do her a favor with Sterling insisting that he be called "Charles". Abby then tries to get into the habit of saying "Charles" and tells Charles not to call her ma'am and that she goes by Abby before asking Charles if he can just hang tight for a second.

Sterling nods.

"I have to go make a short mustache", Abby replies before correcting herself and telling Sterling that she needs to make a quick phone call and that she'll be right back.

With that, Abby then heads into her office, grabs a phone and dials a number before talking to Gibbs where she tells him she has a problem down here.

Up on the balcony, Director Jennifer Shepard sees Gibbs approaching and asks Gibbs that he wanted to see her with Gibbs asking about Abby's new assistant.

Jenny states that Abby's overworked and that she needed help down there. Gibbs then tells Jenny that she hasn't been here long enough to know what Abby wants.

Jenny tells Gibbs that Abby practically mainlines caffeine and that the guys in the mailroom call her "Energizer Abby". Gibbs remarks that Abby works well alone and that Abby is a lot like Jenny, ie, both women are very hands-on.

Jenny looks at Gibbs before urging Gibbs to give it a month and then they'll talk. She also remarks that if Abby is still unhappy, then they'll talk.

"You can give me a month, can you?", Jenny wonders.

"It's not me you have to worry about", Gibbs states before stating that Abby works alone for a reason. Jenny wonders what the reason is but Gibbs tells her that's something Jenny should ask Abby herself.

"I will", Jenny says.

With that, Gibbs prepares to leave with Jenny telling him that she's briefing SECNAV in half an hour before wondering if there's any news on the two missing Marine wives.

"Not yet", Gibbs replies.

Jenny tells him that she needs more than that. As he descends the stairs, Gibbs stops and tells Jenny that she can tell the SECNAV that the two wives were running an Internet sex site while their husbands were deployed and that as a result of that, they may have been murdered.

Jenny pauses for a second before stating that she guesses she can hold off on briefing SECNAV for a little while. Suddenly, Gibbs's cell phone rings and just he answers it, he remarks, "Good call, Madam Director" before answering his cell phone as he heads downstairs.

In the bullpen, Tony and Ziva are eating some Chinese food while McGee works at his desk. Tony tells McGee that the chow's getting cold but McGee states there's no time and that he's gotta find where this Naughty Naughty Neighbors website money went because if McGee doesn't, then Gibbs might decide to kill McGee this time.

Tony looks at Ziva and remarks that McGee has an excellent point. McGee then states that this doesn't make sense and that they made almost $500,000 and that it can't just disappear.

Ziva gets up from the desk and heads over, placing a carton of food on McGee's desk, telling McGee that money changes hands and rarely does money disappear.

"Money maybe", McGee states. "But there are two people who had access to this cash and both of them have vanished".

Gibbs then arrives in, stating "Not anymore" before informing his team that the Dumfries Police Department found Leanne Roberts.

In a junk yard full of old, abandoned cars, three people are there next to an open car.

One is a policeman interviewing a possible security guard while the other, the first policeman's partner keeps watch.

The camera then pans inside a car with the boot open and reveals that the badly decayed remains are those of the second missing Marine wife, Leanne Roberts.

Act Three

The junk yard has now become a crime scene and as Palmer photographs the wound on Leanne Roberts's neck, Ducky apologizes to Gibbs, stating that there are too many parameters, fully clothed, sealed in the back of a car and it's also been a pretty cool and dry week.

Ducky then states he couldn't give Gibbs an educated guess as to when Leanne Roberts died.

Gibbs notes that the wound is deep with Ducky agreeing and telling Gibbs that the wound is consistent with a combat or hunting knife.

"Like the one on that Internet video", Gibbs remarks.

It then flashes back to the masked individual throwing Jamie Carr down onto the bed and then slitting her throat with the knife.

Back in the present, Gibbs looks away, pre-occupied.

"Yeah, it could be", Ducky states.

Meanwhile, Tony, McGee and Ziva have arrived at the scene with a MP's dog barking, causing Tony to tell the dog's handler to sweep the yard and see if the dog reacts to any other human remain with the dog handler saying, "Yes, sir".

McGee tries to pet the dog, only for the dog to viciously bark at him and as McGee staggers back, he remarks that the dog who is female doesn't like people.

Ziva temporarily puts her case down and begins rubbing the dog. As Ziva grabs her stuff again, McGee remarks that maybe it's just him.

As they get ready, Ziva wonders how long Gibbs is planning on keeping them here with Tony stating that they're here for as long as it takes to find the other missing Marine wife.

"Assuming she's even here, Tony", Ziva replies. "It could take days to search this place".

Tony then wonders why doesn't Ziva tell Gibbs that because Gibbs "loves" their input. The female dog then wanders up and begin sniffing McGee from behind before it begins growling angrily at him.

Ziva wonders if they're sure that these are corpse-sniffing dogs.

"Of course. That's why they're alerting to McGee", Tony replies. "He's been a dead man since yesterday".

"Very funny stuff there, Tony", McGee states.

"Still working on it", Tony says.

As they begin searching the various abandoned cars, Ziva then asks McGee how he ended up here.

McGee explains that he rode in the back of the van and that Ziva may have heard him screaming as Tony ran that light.

As it turns out, Ziva doesn't want to know about McGee getting to the crime scene. She wants to know how McGee ended up at NCIS before revealing that she knows Tony's story and now she wants to know McGee's.

McGee asks Ziva if she wants the long version or the short version with Tony interjecting that there's only vision and that McGee showed up on their doorstep like a little lost poodle.

McGee states to Ziva that's not true.

Tony agrees before stating that McGee was more like a Saint Bernard.

Gibbs then walks up, telling Tony and Ziva that they're out of here with Tony thanking God. McGee wants to know about him with Gibbs telling McGee that McGee is head the search which to find Jamie Carr's body.

"Why me?!", McGee snaps.

This causes everyone to glance back at him and still standing his ground, McGee states that he isn't the newbie anymore and doesn't Gibbs believe that this may be a job for Ziva?

Gibbs then states that he needs a trained investigator running this site and does it look like Ziva fits the bill?

With that, Gibbs then turns on his heel and walks off.

"I guess not, boss", McGee replies.

As everyone else gets ready to go, Tony tells McGee to quit feeling sorry for himself and do what he does best. McGee wonders if Tony means screwing up.

Tony states that isn't the case and that it's finding the answers where no-one else can.

With that, McGee then turns around, glancing at the junk yard, knowing that he has a big task ahead of him.

As they walk off, Ziva remarks that that was nice of Tony to do that with Tony stating that a probie should never be kicked when he's down.

"I thought the expression was dog?", Ziva says.

"Same difference", Tony replies.

Some later and in the morgue, Ducky is measuring the depth of Leanne Roberts's wound while remarking that she's been through the wars considering that Leanne was murdered in her own home and then discarded like yesterday's rubbish.

As he says that, Gibbs arrives in, asking what the time of death is.

Ducky states that based on decomposition and bloating, ten, twelve days ago with Gibbs realizing that Leanne Roberts was murdered prior to Jamie Carr.

Palmer arrives on with some X-rays for Ducky with Ducky thanking him.

As Ducky heads to examine the X-rays, Palmer asks about the translucent gel leaking under the table. Ducky states that it's silicone and that it looks like Roberts's left implant ruptured.

As Ducky examines the X-rays, remarking that it's just as he thought- Leanne Roberts died from a compound fracture of the skull, it cuts back to Palmer who is staring at something.

Palmer then remarks that his guess would have been on the eight inch gash across Leanne Roberts's throat. Returning to the table, Ducky states that Palmer would have been wrong and that such a gush should have resulted in a huge loss of blood that would have covered Roberts's entire torso.

"Should have, Duck?", Gibbs pipes in.

Ducky nods, stating that there was little to no external blood and that Roberts died of blunt force trauma. Once her brain function ceased, Roberts's cardiovascular system shut down.

"Explaining the lack of blood loss", Gibbs states.

"Indeed, Jethro", Ducky replies. "Leanne Roberts died and then the knife was taken to her neck".

Up in the squad-room, Tony's busy throwing paper balls into a bin near McGee's desk. Ziva then arrives, armed with a drink while stating that Tony never ceases to amaze her.

Tony remarks that he probably would have gone pro, if he hadn't blown out his knee his senior year. But Ziva's actually referring to the numerous ways Tony entertains himself.

"Like what?", Tony wonders.

"Computer solitaire, paper airplanes, last week's rubberband war", Ziva explains.

As he throws another paper ball into the bin, Tony remarks that all in fairness that was McGee's fault. Ziva wonders how with Tony stating that McGee was the one who brought the rubber bands down from the supply room and that McGee should have known better.

As she gets up from her desk, Ziva remarks that she believes that McGee learnt his lesson as she never knew rubber bands could leave such a welt.

Tony throws another paper ball with Ziva catching it this time. After she's put the file away, Ziva then leans against the presses while remarking that it's astounding that Tony actually finds the time to do his job.

Tony assures her that it's the creativity process with Ziva wondering what that is. Tony then states that while she was getting her little Banana-Ramay thingy, he was finding them a lead.

"Berry Mango Madness", Ziva corrects before she throws the paper ball at Tony which has him startled. She then heads over to his desk and tells him that she's listening.

Tony explains that the guy he found had platinum membership to the website and that he had a restraining order filled against him last year and the man in question lives in the Drumfries area.

Ziva asks for the name with Tony revealing that the guy is Robert T. Sullivan. As Ziva explains that she's checked him out, Tony sits up, startled. Ziva also reveals that Sullivan has been also been in South Beach, Florida for the past six weeks. Tony remarks that South Beach is an exotic place because it has beaches, babes and bingo.

Ziva then explains that Sullivan is in a spiritual retreat and that Sullivan is a Jehovah's Witness. As she heads back to her desk, Tony remarks that that would explain the restraining order before remarking that there's only 4,338 to go before successfully throwing another paper ball into the bin.

With that, Tony sits down, grabs a pen and opens a file.

In the lab, as Jamie Carr's video feed plays, Abby is still glued to the plasma while remarking that this has been the longest two days of her life. She offers popcorn to Chip but he's distracted.

Abby then asks Chip if he's with them with Chip snapping back to reality and assuring her that he is. Chip takes the popcorn and states that he zoned out for a moment.

"It's Abby and it was like an hour", Abby replies as Chip places the popcorn bowl on the table.

Chip states that he'd feel more comfortable about being assigned to another project. Abby wonders if it's because she doesn't like watching porn with him before stating she's sorry she's not one of the guys but she's doing the best she can.

Chip then says that he doesn't really watch explicit material with his peers before correcting himself while also revealing that he doesn't watch porn at all.

"Not buying it, Chip", Abby says.

Chip wonders why is it.

Abby tells him that there are two reasons: one, Chip is male and two, Chip is breathing. Chip tells Abby that he finds that to be an unfair generalization and that not all men engage themselves in those kinds of immortal activities.

"That's not what Tony says", Abby replies.

"Yeah, well", Chip says before stating that he likes to spend his time more constructively and that he has a detailed routine designed to strengthen his mind and body. He then reveals that he does calisthenics in the mornings and brain teasers at night.

Abby states that Chip is home-schooled with Chip wondering how she knew. Abby states that it was a wild guess while on the plasma, static arrives, revealing that the footage has ended.

"Oh, look at that, Chip", Abby replies.

Chip is overjoyed, stating that the video's done and that they're both done. Abby tells him "nope" before revealing that was Jamie Carr's feed.

While sitting in her chair, she then hauls herself over to the monitor and remarks that it's time for Leanne Roberts's feed.

"Fantastic", Chip mutters.

Up in the bull-pen, Ziva's computer is acting up and she responds by shaking the monitor furiously much to Tony's own amusement.

Tony heads over and wonder if she's having problems. Ziva replies that at Mossad, they used Mac and she's not yet accustomed to this operating system.

She shakes her monitor again just as McGee arrives in from the junkyard, telling her that it's like he's told Gibbs that approach never works. Ziva states that her approach makes her feel better.

Tony wants to know if they found Jamie Carr's body.

As McGee puts his gun away, he remarks that they didn't and that the search dogs and MPs are continuing the search tomorrow while Tony remarks that they haven't had much luck either before stating that most of the subscribers for Naughty Naughty Neighbors are out of state.

McGee states that he didn't say he had no luck because about an hour ago, he found his ticket back to the land of the living before showing them the knife used to slit Jamie Carr's throat while also stating that it was found buried under scrap metal about 50 feet from where Leanne Roberts's body was found.

McGee then wonders where Gibbs is.

In MTAC, Jenny is talking to Arthur Caldwell who tells her that he just wants her to understand that Sergeant Roberts is a good man.

Jenny says that she understands but that her people need to talk to Sergeant Roberts about his wife. Caldwell remarks that he'd like them to do more than talk and that they have to stop him.

"From doing what, Captain?", Gibbs asks, arriving in.

Caldwell states that it's to stop Roberts from ruining his life before stating that his own sergeant major told Caldwell to contact Gibbs before Caldwell reveals that Roberts requested emergency leave two days ago.

Gibbs is stunned, stating that they just found Leanne Roberts's body before wondering how is that possible?

Caldwell then remarks that Sergeant Roberts doesn't know that his wife is dead and that Sergeant Roberts requested leave for another reason.

"Which was?", Jenny asks.

Caldwell states that it was a personal matter. Gibbs remarks that they know about the sex site with Caldwell telling them that they should know that Sergeant Roberts blames one of his neighbors for it and according to his squad, he's planning on killing the man.

Jenny's stunned at the fact that Caldwell sent Roberts home to do it. Caldwell states that he was unaware of Roberts's true intentions until this morning before stating that he just needs their help and that the neighbor's name is Bart Powell.

Gibbs wants to know when the sergeant is scheduled to land with Caldwell stating tomorrow while Jenny orders that the flight manifest be checked.

As Jenny's secretary, Cynthia Summer does so, Caldwell states that Roberts needs a cool-down period because he's a good man and an even better Marine.

Gibbs assures Caldwell that they're on it and that they'll pick him up at the airport. Caldwell thanks Gibbs, stating that Caldwell's own sergeant major said that they could count on Gibbs.

"He get that bottle I sent him?", Gibbs wonders.

"He did", Caldwell replies. "He told me to tell you to keep 'em coming".

And with that, Caldwell signs off while Jenny remarks that alcohol is contraband in Iraq. Gibbs simply remarks that he thought it'd take longer.

"For what?", Jenny asks.

"For me to see you as a director and not a field agent", Gibbs replies before he heads back up the ramp. As he does that, Cynthia arrives, informing Jenny that Sergeant Roberts changed his itinerary and that he left West Germany last night.

"When he's due in?", Jenny asks.

"He arrived two hours ago at Dulles", Cynthia replies.

Jenny looks back at Gibbs and with that revelation, Gibbs is out the door like a shot.

A while later, an NCIS Dodge Stratus arrives back in the neighborhood with Gibbs, DiNozzo and Ziva emerging. As they head up to the house, Gibbs tells Ziva that they're here to stop Sergeant Roberts, not kill him.

"But what if..?", Ziva begins with Gibbs stating, "I said stop, Officer David". Ziva assures him that she's gotten before the sound of yelling emerges.

As Tony and Ziva draw their guns, Gibbs tells them to take the right which they do. As Tony and Ziva head around the right side of the house, Gibbs takes the left.

In the back yard, Sergeant Roberts is busy beating up his neighbor, Bart Powell (the man Ziva was seen talking to earlier) with Roberts angrily demanding where his wife is.

As Roberts punches Powell again, Roberts stand up before producing a knife. Roberts asks Powell where his wife is with Powell stating that he doesn't know.

Roberts then remarks that his wife told him that Powell made her do before Roberts reveals that he's going to gut Powell like the pig he is.

As Roberts prepares to kill Powell, Gibbs bursts in, ordering Roberts to drop the knife before announcing himself as NCIS while assuring someone that they'll take it from here.

Tony and Ziva appear, both wielding their guns.

Roberts asks Gibbs if he knows what Powell did to his wife. Gibbs assures Roberts that he does and that they're here to take Powell into custody but Roberts disagrees, stating Powell deserves to die.

As Tony and Ziva keep their guns trained on Roberts, Gibbs tries to talk to Roberts, stating that he can't let the Sergeant do that and for the next few seconds, Roberts struggles with the option of surrendering or killing Powell.

"Sergeant!", Gibbs snaps.

As Tony and Ziva lower their guns, Roberts remarks that he saw his house and that there was police tape as well as blood inside before asking if Leanne (Roberts's own wife) is dead.

"I'm sorry, Marine", Gibbs says.

Still standing over Powell, the knife resting in his hand, Roberts struggles for a few seconds while stating to Powell that he killed her. He then throws the knife, causing Tony and Ziva to bring up their guns again.

However, it's soon revealed that the knife is impaled on the grass and in between Powell's legs. As Tony and Ziva lower their guns, Powell faints.

Roberts, on the other hand, looks lost while asking Gibbs, "What now?" before wondering what he's supposed to do now.

Gibbs just looks away, unable to give a response.

A while later, Powell, now fully conscious is in Interrogation with Gibbs looking on as Powell insists that he didn't kill Leanne Roberts and that this is insane before Powell also insists that he barely knew her.

As this happens, Gibbs gestures and in Observation, as Jenny looks on, McGee heads over to Abby, telling her that Gibbs wants her to run the tape.

Abby begins hitting some keys and remarking that it was worth it.

"Worth what?", McGee asks, confused.

"Watching over twenty hours of porn with Chip", Abby replies as McGee wonders who the Hell is Chip. Jenny tells McGee that Chip is Abby's new assistant.

"That I didn't ask for, Madam Director", Abby states with Jenny stating that it's Director or Ma'am, not Madam before Jenny also wonders how Mr. Sterling's working out.

Abby then states that all she can tell Jenny right now before adding a "Ma'am" in is that Chip is easily excitable. She hits a mouse and the footage pops up.

In Interrogation, Gibbs and Powell are staring at the TV.

"Barely knew her?", Gibbs says.

Powell states that all he sees is some shadow climbing through her window.

In Observation, Abby works some more on the footage while stating, "What do you see now?".

It then shows that the person entering her window is none other than Powell himself.

In Interrogation, Powell, realizing he's been caught looks distraught but quickly recovers, stating that they had an affair which isn't a crime.

"But you know what is?", Gibbs replies. "Blackmail".

He then tells Powell that Sergeant Roberts got a letter in Iraq last week from his wife explaining everything. Powell wonders what.

Gibbs plows on, stating that Powell found about the website Roberts was a part of and that Powell threatened to kill her unless Leanne Roberts slept with him.

Powell is horrified, muttering, "Oh, God. No. No" before telling Gibbs that he wouldn't have; he was just fooling around. Gibbs increases the pressure by stating that Powell killed Leanne Roberts and also her partner, Jamie Carr.

Powell insists that he didn't kill anyone.

"You're a liar and a predator", Gibbs snarls, leaning into Powell's personal space. "Do you think anyone is gonna believe what you have to say now?".

Gibbs leans in closer and Powell looks extremely uncomfortable.

In Observation, Jenny silently watches.

A while later, as Jenny emerges from Observation, she tells Gibbs that it's been a while since she saw Gibbs in Interrogation before remarking that he hasn't lost his touch.

Gibbs, on the other hand believes that he should've let Sergeant Roberts kill Powell.

As they round a corner, Tony emerges, greeting them and stating that he's got bad news: Powell's alibi checks out before explaining that the week Leanne Roberts was murdered, Powell was at Disney World.

Gibbs wonders if Tony's told Sergeant Roberts yet.

Tony remarks that he thought it would best if it came from a fellow Marine before wondering if Powell didn't do it, then who did?

"That's what we're going to find out, Agent DiNozzo", Jenny remarks.

It then cuts to Tony who looks at Jenny, stunned.

Act Four

The next morning, Tony arrives into the Squadroom, carrying a bag of some sort.

As he heads for his desk, Ziva comments on the fact that he's running a little late this morning. Tony reveals that he stopped at the mall to pick up Monica's gift and that the mall was completely packed.

As Tony draws his gun and prepares to lock it away in his locker, he also reveals that Scott Baio is cutting the ribbon on a new Pottery Barn.

"Who's Scott Baio?", Ziva asks.

"Exactly", Tony replies.

He then greets McGee who's at his desk. McGee looks up for a second, glancing at Tony before resuming his work.

Tony wants to know what's with McGee.

Ziva states that she believes McGee has been that way all morning and she also believes that McGee didn't go home last night.

As she heads over to the lockers, Tony asks about Gibbs.

"He left for coffee", Ziva replies.

Tony then produces a small purple dress or lingerie suit from the bag, asking Ziva what she thinks.

Ziva just stares at him, amused.

"It's not your color, DiNozzo", Gibbs announces, sweeping into the Bullpen.

As Ziva heads back to her desk, Tony states that he was just showing Ziva but Gibbs tells Tony that he's late. Tony then tells Gibbs that he had to run an errand and that it was important..

One glance from Gibbs has Tony stating that it won't happen again.

McGee then announces that he's located the money and as he heads to Gibbs's desk, McGee announces that they had a Cayman account set up to put into a U.S. account on the 15th of each month,

"Whose account?", Ziva asks.

McGee then announces that the woman's name is Hazel Davenport with Ziva wondering if they've got an address. McGee tells them that it's the Royal Manor Retirement Home and that Davenport is eighty-six years old and also the maternal grandmother of Carter Finch.

"See what happens when you show up to work on time?", Gibbs asks DiNozzo.

"Yeah", DiNozzo remarks.

McGee then announces that Finch emptied the account last night and walked out with close to half a million dollars in cash. He then stands there, smiling.

Gibbs unsurprisingly ruins the moment by asking McGee what he's waiting for and that they should bring him Finch. Gibbs then gets up and gives McGee a pat on the shoulder as thanks before slamming his hand onto DiNozzo's desk and yelling, "Now!".

"Right", DiNozzo states.

As DiNozzo grabs his gun, he grills McGee who just pulled an all-nighter.

McGee states that Sergeant Roberts deserves answers.

"You should've told me", DiNozzo replies. "I would've stayed".

McGee knows that DiNozzo would have before asking DiNozzo why he was late.

As they head for the elevator, DiNozzo tells McGee that he stopped by the mall to pick up Monica's birthday gift with McGee then asking DiNozzo if he saw Scott Baio.

In the lab, Abby looks at the knife and tells Chip that it's not the knife in the video.

Chip wants to know how Abby knows with Abby stating that it's obvious. She then grabs the knife and heads over to her monitor before bringing up a photo which has the masked man with the knife pressed against Carr's throat.

Abby then wonders if Chip sees the butt of the knife and that it isn't the same. She reveals that this is a Marine Ka-Bar and asks Chip if he sees the blade.

"Not the same", Chip replies.

"Not the same", Abby agrees before stating that there are no serrations. She also points out that a different knife killed Leanne Roberts than killed Jamie Carr.

"That doesn't make any sense", Chip states.

Abby agrees and states that it's good.

Chip unsurprisingly tells her that he hates being called "Chip".

Abby then remarks that she really hates that Ozzie got fat and stupid before telling Chip to live with it. She then dumps the knife back on the table and heads back to her monitor, telling Chip here's what doesn't make any sense.

She then brings pictures of hunting knives, kitchen knives, military knives, ceremonial knives before revealing that there are four-hundred and twenty kinds of knives and none of them match this one.

"That's strange", Chip says.

"Wrong response, Chip", Abby replies.

Chip then realizes that nothing matches yet.

"Now you're making sense", Abby replies.

As she heads back to work, Chip smiles.

Meanwhile, DiNozzo and McGee have arrived in the basement where Carter Finch lived and are busy examining it with DiNozzo revealing that the laptop's gone.

Via his cell-phone, McGee reports to Gibbs that Finch left in a hurry.

Gibbs wonders if they spoke to Finch's mother.

McGee states that Mrs. Finch said that she hasn't seen her son since NCIS talked to him, causing Gibbs to realize that Tony and Ziva spooked him.

McGee wonders if Gibbs wants to set up surveillance in case Carter Finch returns.

Tony glances at an empty case and states that Finch isn't coming back.

A while later and back at NCIS, Ziva reveals that she checked Finch's phone records and that Finch hasn't made or received a phone call since Wednesday of last week.

She then places the sheet on Tony's desk with Tony stating that he can't imagine that Finch has many friends.

"He doesn't need them, considering he has half a million dollars in cash", McGee replies.

"That he picked up over 18 hours ago", Ziva remarks before saying that she could be in Rio de Janeiro right now.

"Good thing he's not you", Tony replies.

A few minutes of silence passes before Tony states that Finch isn't smart enough to cover his tracks.

"He's done pretty well so far", McGee pipes up.

Tony then remembers that Finch does online auctions from his laptop before stating that the website is Super Collectibles. Ziva states that it's actually before wondering if they can trace him.

"If we can pinpoint some of his items", McGee replies before wondering what Finch is selling.

"Star Wars stuff", Tony replies.

McGee states that narrows it down to like fifty-million people.

Tony then states that it's some kind of figurine and that there were only three of them,

"Yoda?", McGee asks. "C-3P0? Stormtrooper?".

Ziva states that it's a Wookiee and that there's a special edition prototype from 1978 before stating that it comes equipped with an ammo belt and that there are only three in the system.

"You're a Star Wars junkie?", McGee says.

"Not especially", Ziva replies.

Tony tells McGee that Ziva has a photographic memory, not a social disorder.

McGee then reveals that there was one '78 Wookiee posted and that it's the only one with an ammo belt before stating that the bid was over S1,200.

"Was?", Tony wonders.

McGee announces that it looks like Finch shut down the auction this morning and that he probably no longer needed the cash.

"Can you find him?", Tony asks.

McGee then tells them that he's tracing the host-computer's IP address now and as the result pops up, McGee reveals that it looks like Finch last logged on six hours ago and that it's a broadband connection from the Freemont Inn in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Tony realizes that the place is twenty minutes before announcing that Ziva is with him while McGee is to call Gibbs.

McGee then grabs the phone and begins dialing.

A while later, outside the hotel, Tony tells Ziva that if things get hairy, then she should follow his lead. Tony then smiles at some cheerleaders who pass by with Ziva stating that she doesn't need a babysitter and that she's been in hundreds of these situations.

"Never with me", Tony replies. "As far as I'm concerned, you're a probie".

Ziva then remarks that she's never had sex with Tony so does that mean that she's a virgin.

"Trust is a virtue that's earned, not given", Tony replies.

"Profound", Ziva says sarcastically.

"I try", Tony replies.

They then see a red-haired woman with some luaggage pass them, causing Tony to whistle and Ziva remark, "Nice ass, yes?".

"Something like that", Tony replies.

A few minutes later, they arrive in the hotel room with Tony announcing their presence and as they scour the room, their guns drawn, they find the hotel room has been trashed.

"Looks like we missed quite a party", Tony mutters.

As Ziva stands in the room, Tony examines the rest of the area.

Once Tony nods, Ziva heads for the bathroom and tells Tony that he might want to take a look at this.

Tony then joins her and sees that a pair of legs sticking out from the bathtub.

Tony then advances and pushes the door open before making his way into the bathroom. He then pulls back to the curtain that it's Carter Finch who's lying in the tub, wearing one of the hotel's dressing gown.

Worse still, Finch is dead, a knife buried deep in his chest.

Tony recognizes the knife as being a Ka-Bar, a Marine fighting knife. Ziva remarks that she told Gibbs not to let Sergeant Roberts go home last night.

Tony glances around the room and finds something in the sink before asking Ziva what she thinks of it and if it's blood.

As Ziva looks for herself, she wonders if Tony smells that.

"Haiver Christian Number Five", Tony replies.

Ziva looks at him.

"You think you're the only one with a memory", Tony states.

Ziva remarks that it isn't blood: that it's actually hair dye which she guesses by glancing down at the bin and seeing a small packet of hair dye in the bin.

Suddenly, Tony gets a glimpse and remembers seeing a red-haired woman leaving the hotel just as he and Ziva were coming in.

Tony then rushes off.

Back at NCIS and in the lab, Abby's on the phone when McGee rushes in, asking her if she's seen Gibbs. Abby tells the answering machine that it's Abby and that she needs to speak to him, pronto.

As she hangs up, she tells McGee that he may speak.

McGee asks her again if she knows where Gibbs is.

Abby tells her that the last time she saw him, Gibbs was with the Director.

As they head back into the main area, McGee states that he needs to talk to Gibbs with Abby stating, "Not as much as I do".

Pissed, McGee states that Gibbs better have a good reason for not answering his...

"How's briefing the Secretary of the Navy?", Gibbs asks, wandering in. "Does that one work for you?", he then snaps, glaring at McGee.

McGee apologizes, stating that they've found Carter Finch and that Tony and Ziva are probably there now.

Gibbs wants to know where they are with McGee saying that they're at the Freemount Inn.

As this goes on, Abby attempts to interrupt with little success.

Gibbs then tells McGee to get DiNozzo on the phone while Abby, frustrated heads over to her desk and grabs a knife, stating that she can't work like this anymore.

As Gibbs and McGee look on, Abby cuts her own throat with blood emerging before revealing that the knife is a fake. She then states that it's two hundred and forty-three dollars from the local magic shop.

As Gibbs examines the knife, Abby reveals that Jamie Carr faked her own death.

At the hotel, Carr has just about finished loading her luggage into the back of her car and is attempting to leave when she's stopped by Tony who states that he liked her better as a blonde.

Carr tries to flee but is stopped by Ziva who has her own gun drawn and tells Carr that's probably not a good idea.

Tony then removes the bag from Carr and begins handcuffing Carr as well, stating that she's probably familiar with those.

"You wish", Carr says.

As Ziva takes care of a handcuffed Carr, Tony opens the bag and discovers the missing money inside which has him whistling. He then grabs his cell phone and answers the call.

It's Gibbs who tells him that the knife is a fake with Tony stating that Jamie Carr is alive and that they're looking at her right now.

Gibbs asks about Carter Finch with Tony stating that Finch is dead and that Carr offed him in the hotel room and took all the money for herself before Tony remarks that Carr is a bad little kitty cat while asking Gibbs if there's anything else.

Gibbs then ends the call and Abby remarks that Gibbs now knows how she feels.

A while later, as Carr sits in Interrogation, Gibbs is in Observation with Roberts, telling Roberts that Carr is claiming it was an accident and that they fought when Leanne Roberts wanted out and to tell her husband about the Internet site.

Sergeant Roberts remarks that it's his fault and that he was away for too long.

"Trust me", Gibbs states. "Marine, this is none of your fault".

Sergeant Roberts glances at Carr and reveals that his wife wanted to start a family but Sergeant Roberts told her that they couldn't afford it and then maybe it could happen when he made Staff Sergeant.

Gibbs silently nods in understanding.

Sergeant Roberts then states that he never thought that she'd... before trailing off.

"I know exactly how you feel", Gibbs replies.

Sergeant Roberts wants to know how Gibbs lives with it.

"You ask yourself that question everyday until you find the answer", Gibbs states.

"And what did you find, Sir?", Sergeant Roberts asks.

Gibbs doesn't respond, instead choosing to pat Sergeant Roberts on the shoulder.

A while later, Gibbs is at his desk, filling out the paperwork when Jenny arrives in. She wants to know how Sergeant Roberts took it.

Gibbs tells her that Sergeant Roberts is on his way back to Iraq.

Jenny wonders that if that's wise, sending a Marine who'd just lost his wife back into combat.

"Wise?", Gibbs says. "No but it's what I'd do".

Jenny then asks Gibbs if he's heading out with Gibbs telling her that he is.

"Good", Jenny replies. "I'll walk you to your car".

As they head off, Ziva states that it's nearly 9pm and isn't today your big birthday dinner?

Tony just looks at her and it's shown that he's busy drawing with his sketch composed of a dinosaur being that has an x for its eye.

He then reveals that they broke up.

"Why?", Ziva asks.

Tony then reveals that apparently, Monica's husband didn't think it was a good idea.

"She's married?", Ziva says.

Tony remarks that she was too good to be true.

Ziva gets ready and she then approaches Tony's desk, wondering if Tony still has those dinner reservations before stating that it's her treat.

Tony gets to his feet, stating he guesses he could drown his sorrow in surf and turf.

"That's a good attitude", Ziva replies.

Tony states that he'll catch up and attempts to grab the bag containing the dress.

"You will not be needing that", Ziva calls.

Tony then drops the bag.

It then cuts to Ziva who's smiling as she heads for the elevator.


  • Abby's new assistant, Charles Sterling, is played by Michael Bellisario who is Donald Bellisario's son and also Sean Murray's stepbrother.
  • From this episode onwards, Sean Murray (Timothy McGee) has a buzz-cut hairstyle that would last up until the Season 3 finale episode, Hiatus Part 2 (episode).
  • The song playing at the beginning of the episode and which is regularly throughout this episode is "Ooh La La" by British group Goldfrapp.
  • In one scene, Jamie Carr supposedly removes her dressing-gown as she continues performing for her online audience yet in the next scene with the hooded figure standing behind her, she's seen wearing the gown again.


Series Regulars

Season Three Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Jennifer Shepard Lauren Holly The Director of NCIS who was also Gibbs's former girlfriend and partner.
Ziva David Cote de Pablo The Mossad Liaison Officer to NCIS.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Palmer Brian Dietzen The Assistant Medical Examiner.
Cynthia Summer Stephanie Mello MTAC transmission co-ordinator and also Jenny's secretary.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Bart Powell Bradley White A civilian who had an affair with Leanne Roberts.
Charles Sterling Michael Bellisario Abby's new assistant.
Carter Finch Nat Faxon A webmaster for Naughty, Naughty Neighbors who is later found dead in a hotel room.
Arthur Caldwell John Eric Bentley Captain in the United States Marine Corps and Marine Sergeant Jake Roberts's C.O.
Jake Roberts Marty Papazian Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and Leanne Roberts's husband.
Jamie Carr Brittney Powell A member of a sex-site who is later believed to have been killed by a masked stranger but it's soon discovered that she actually faked her death. She tries to escape but is later arrested by Tony and Ziva.
Leanne Roberts Mikki Padilla A member of a sex-site whose body is later found in a junkyard.
Skateboard Kid 1 Colby Paul A kid seen at the junkyard sale Bart Powell is having.
Skateboard Kid 2 Malik Kirkwood Skateboard Kid 1's friend and who also attends the junkyard sale Bart Powell is having in his yard.
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