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Ties That Bind is the thirteenth episode of NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 and also the 84th episode of the entire NCIS: New Orleans series.


The team investigate when a Navy Petty Officer is murdered at a local night-club/bar that he and his mother played at weekly with Gregorio suspecting that the killing might be drug-related while LaSalle receives devastating news.



Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Role
Dwayne Cassius Pride Scott Bakula NCIS Special Agent and the leader of the NCIS: New Orleans team.
Christopher LaSalle Lucas Black NCIS Special Agent.
Tammy Gregorio Vanessa Ferlito NCIS Special Agent.
Sebastian Lund Rob Kerkovich NCIS Forensic Special Agent
Patton Plame Daryl "Chill" Mitchell NCIS Computer Specialist.
Sonja Percy Shalita Grant NCIS Special Agent.
Loretta Wade C. C. H. Pounder Jefferson Parish Coroner.

Other Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Felix Hill Tim Russ
Josie Hill Samantha Marie Ware
Rose LaSalle Rebecca Luker NCIS Special Agent Christopher LaSalle's stepmother.
Rachel Modine Tess Soltau
Neil Clydell Robert Beitzel
Sam (Ties That Bind) Matthew Underwood
Theo Rollins Askia Bennett Master at Arms in the United States Navy.
Sketchy Customer Brent Phillip Henry
Waitress (Ties That Bind) Krystal Tomlin
Bar Patron (Ties That Bind) Christian Mann
Treasurer Alexis Holloway
Motorist (Ties That Bind) Escalante Lundy
Bar Girl Louisa Riofrio
Nurse (Ties That Bind) Jeffrey Patrick Uncredited role.
Concert Goer (Ties That Bind) Bruce Vincent Logan
John Vidacovich Himself
Johnny Sansone Himself
Roland Guerin Himself
June Yamagishi Himself