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Tom Smith was a man who was also a mysterious serial killer known as "The Phantom".



NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1[]


Physical Appearance[]


  • Unknown dates- Dozens of animals.
  • 2006- Three unnamed victims in Chico, California and two other unidentified cities.
  • 2007- An unnamed victim in an unknown city.
  • May 2007- Shanae Williams- (poisoned with arsenic in Tampa, Florida), Geoffrey Jones- (shot in the head with a MAC 44 in Des Moines, Iowa), Elizabeth Chaing- (bludgeoned with a crowbar in Boise, Idaho), Chandler Keck- (disemboweled with a sword in Stanwood, Washington) and Ben Matthews- (strangled with a wire in Lakeview, Michigan).
  • 2008- Alberto Alvarez- (drowned in a toilet in Chester Montana), Michelle Smith- (decapitated with a door in Liberty, North Carolina), August 2008, Hashim Rashid- (compressed with a '88 Civic in Corning, New York), Katie Williams- (frozen to death in a freezer in Ketchikan, Alaska) and Jenna Brink- (asphyxiated on co2 in Hackensack, Minnesota).
  • 2009- Curtis Johnson- (thrown out a window in Falmouth, Kentucky).
  • May 2009, Lisa Oni- (burned alive along with her house in Oklahoma) and an unnamed victim- (stabbed to death with an icepick)
  • October 14, 2009- José Piñon- (electrocuted in his bathtub in Flagstaff, Arizona)
  • November 2009- Chief Petty Officer Frank McEllon- (throat was slashed with a knife in Los Angeles, California), Mike Smith- (his uncle, apparently stabbed to death with Callen and Sam later finding his body in the basement next door to the law firm in Los Angeles, California) and Abigail Sciuto- (captured, sedated, intended to kill by decapitation with an axe in Los Angeles, California, ultimately failed).