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Twilight is the twenty-third and final episode of NCIS Season 2 and also the 46th episode of the entire NCIS series.

It is also the last-ever episode to have Sasha Alexander (Caitlin Todd) listed in the opening credits and also as a series regular.


Two sailors are found in a car, both men having been shot dead at close range and as the NCIS team investigate, they discover that a figure from their past is back with a vengeance and the team soon find possible evidence of a possible terrorist plot in Norfolk with the final outcome leaving the NCIS team changed forever when one of their own is brutally murdered.


At a small area, two Navy personnel, Dean Westfall and Curtis Janssen are busy driving down a long, empty road in a rented car as they joyfully announce that they're heading off to Virginia Beach to meet two women there.

It looks like a normal day for the two of them but then out of nowhere, a State Trooper car emerges, its sirens blaring.

Westfall pulls over but as he and Janssen reach for their IDs, a Virginia State Police Officer steps up to the car but it's not an ordinary officer.

It's an impostor.

Wielding a gun equipped with a silencer, the fake officer then proceeds to shoot both men, killing the two passengers immediately.

Once the two men are dead, the impostor smiles and it then cuts to his sunglasses with the sight of the two dead men reflected in his shades.

Act One

In the NCIS squad-room, another work day is just beginning and in the bullpen, NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd is busy sitting at her desk, sketching something with a close-up reveals that it's a picture of Tony on the phone from the episode, Bikini Wax (episode).

While she's working, her colleague, fellow NCIS agent Timothy McGee arrives, asking her if it's Tony.

Kate quickly closes the pad and turns around to see McGee who's still asking her about the drawing. She then asks McGee if there's a reason for him haunting her desk all week.

McGee tries to say something but unsurprisingly, she steamrolls over him, wondering if McGee has decided to take over DiNozzo's job of annoying her while DiNozzo himself is out on sick leave.

While she says this, she gets up from her desk and gets straight into McGee's face, causing McGee to step back and states that he just wanted to know if everything was okay.

Kate demands to know why wouldn't it be?

McGee then states because Kate and Tony are close and he adds, "And you know" before trailing off.

"No, I don't know. What?", Kate demands.

McGee then states that Tony almost died.

Kate tells McGee that they're NCIS agents and there's always a chance one of them might die every time walk they walk through the door.

As she heads back to her desk, dropping her pencil, McGee voices his belief that he was the idiot who handed Tony an envelope full of plague.

Kate tells McGee that it's not his fault.

She then states that if McGee really wants to think about something, then McGee should think about all the times Tony has insulted them, invaded their privacy as well the fact that he almost died owning them all money?

McGee states that it's true and Tony can be pretty obnoxious.

Suddenly, the phone at Tony's desk starts ringing, causing the two Agents to glance at it.

McGee wants to know if Kate misses Tony as much as he does with Kate admitting that she misses him more.

The phone then stops.

Kate comments that it's part of Tony's charm and that he's like an X-rated Peter Pan.

After a while, Kate then informs McGee that Tony told all the girls downstairs that McGee was gay because apparently, it would cut down on the competition.

McGee loses all good feeling towards Tony, regarding him as a bastard.

"Hold on to that feeling and you're gonna be just fine", Kate assures him.

McGee has a revelation for her and as it turns out, Tony claimed that Kate tried to sleep with him while they were in Paraguay.

With that sinking in, Kate too becomes equally pissed off as McGee and then states through gritted teeth that she will kill him.

In the elevator, NCIS Special Agent and the leader of the team, Leroy Jethro Gibbs is welcoming back NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior by stating that the other man looks like crap which isn't surprising given how Tony has been recovering from the plague.

Gibbs tells Tony that he's got another week of sick leave coming and that he should take it.

DiNozzo refuses, stating that he was going crazy at home and that he might not be at 100% but Gibbs needs him.

Gibbs while smiling a little looks at Tony, amused.

Tony then wonders about Kate and McGee as he voices his belief that they're practically lost without him.

However, Gibbs soon dispels that rumor by stating that Kate and McGee have gotten more work done in the last two weeks than in the whole year.

As they exit the lift and head into the bullpen, Tony wonders if they've missed him.

Gibbs states that it's something like that.

Tony gleefully remarks that he can't wait to see their faces.

As they enter the bullpen, Kate is on the phone, talking to someone about something just as Tony leaps up, greeting her.

Kate simply ignores Tony and turns around, still focused on the Captain on the other end of the line who's giving her details about a potential crime scene for the team to investigate.

Tony's a little bit stung by that but brushes it off, stating that it must be important.

McGee then comes in and like Kate, gives Tony the cold-shoulder, causing Tony to wonder what McGee's problem is.

Kate then hangs up and informs Gibbs that Virginia Police just got a 911 call concerning two dead sailors who are in a car off Route 17 near Fredericksburg.

Gibbs then announces, "Let's roll" before ordering the truck be gassed. He throws the keys which Tony believes are for him but McGee catches them instead much to Tony's shock.

Still stunned by his colleagues giving him the cold shoulder, Tony wonders if he did die after all.

Gibbs then puts things into clear motion by giving Tony a headslap much to the younger man's shock.

Gibbs then states that Tony felt that and that he's still alive before leaving the bullpen while welcoming Tony back.

A while later, the team are at the crime scene.

As McGee and Tony interview two Virginia State Officers, presumably the ones who found the bodies of the two Lieutenants, Gibbs and Kate are processing the scene with Kate remarking that the shooter knew what he was doing.

She even comments that the shots are tight-groupings with three rounds each and Gibbs grimly realizes that each shot was a killshot.

Gibbs then identifies the passenger as Curtis Janssen who's from Pensacola, Florida but there's no military ID and his credit cards and money are intact.

Kate then wonders if it's a robbery but Gibbs tells her it depends on what else is missing.

Kate then sees a towel there and states it looks like that the killer tried to clean up.

"Not exactly", Gibbs grimly states and pulls the towel off, revealing that Dean Westfall's hands have been taken.

Kate is disgusted and horrified by the scene while Gibbs then remarks at least now they know that the killer took two things with him when he left.

While Kate bags the bloodied towel, Gibbs studies the towel just as Tony comes down the hill, announcing that the state police ran the Mustang's plates and as it turns out, it's a rental car out of Dulles Airport.

As he heads down the hill, Tony's legs suddenly give away and he begins spinning down the hill, crashing into the crime scene kit much to Kate's surprise.

"Are you okay?", Gibbs asks.

"I'm just trying to catch my breath", DiNozzo replies.

As this goes on, Kate chuckles, amused by the scene.

Gibbs then tells Tony he should have taken that extra week off before heading back up the hill. He then tells Kate to help Tony up while Gibbs goes to see what's keeping Ducky.

As Gibbs jogs back up the hill, Kate asks Tony if that hurt.

When he replies that it did, she takes of a photo of Tony on the ground and states, "Good" before heading back to the car.

Back up at the main area, Gibbs asks McGee who's at the van where they are. McGee believes that Palmer must have taken a wrong turn again.

It then cuts to show that someone is busy observing Gibbs through a binoculars but the moment is interrupted when the NCIS Medical Examiner's van finally arrives at the scene with NCIS Medical Examiner Donald Mallard and Ducky's assistant James Palmer arguing very loudly about who's to blame for arriving at the crime scene late.

As they head to the van to get their stuff, the argument continues while Gibbs and McGee prepare to head back to the car.

At the car, Tony is studying the scene for himself and believes it's a professional hit with the killers probably taking the hands to confirm the kill.

Kate, on the other hand finally tells Tony that she knows what McGee said about her but as it turns out, Tony's rumor was actually about Kate having breast implants.

Kate is pissed off about that, stating that she can't believe she was even worried about Tony in the first place because he's nothing but a snake.

Tony then points out that there's a snake crawling around Kate's left foot which has her horrified.

Kate hopes it's not poisonous but Tony tells her that he thinks it is which sends Kate into panic mode.

Kate wants to know what it's doing and Tony reveals that the snake is wrapping itself around her leg.

Tony tells her that he'll try and grab it but she is not to make any sudden moves. Kate wonders what's going to happen if he misses but Tony assures her that they do this on the Discovery Channel all the time.

Kate's patience runs out and she produces her gun, stating that she's going to shoot it.

Tony urges her to put the gun away because she's going to blow her foot off and tells her to let him handle it instead.

Kate then remarks about her life in Tony's hands and that she knew it was going to end this way.

Tony then heroically removes the snake and Kate tells him that he has his moments.

Tony just wants to know if they're friends but the moment's interrupted by McGee revealing that it's a corn-snake and wondering if he could hold it.

Kate tries to get him off the idea by stating that it's poisonous.

McGee then blows Tony's hero saving moment out of the water by revealing that Tony once caught a corn-snake in Shenandoah National Park and that he had it around his neck for an hour.

Kate just looks at Tony who tells her that the near-fatal illness might have clouded his memory.

Kate's response is to give Tony a kick, sending him to the ground and she mutters that he's such a loser. She then tells them to get back to work and orders McGee to check the trunk.

She gives him the keys and states that no-one is to touch the bodies until Ducky gives the all-clear.

Tony then spots a bomb underneath the car and springs to his feet, ordering McGee to stop as Tony tells them it's wired to explode when the trunk's opened.

Tony wonders how far McGee turned the key. McGee states that he turned it nearly almost all the way.

Tony urges McGee not to let the key snap back to it's original position before he reaches it and grabs it, letting McGee slide away.

Tony takes a deep breath and then orders Kate and McGee to run.

Kate's against that idea but Tony tells them that he's faster than both of them, that he'll be right behind them and that this is not a debate.

With that, McGee and Kate run back up the hill.

Tony then tells himself that he should take extra week.

Up on the hill, Gibbs is still on his phone just as McGee and Kate run up, yelling about the bomb.

As they do that, the bomb then goes off, sending everyone in sight to the ground.

As Gibbs, Kate and McGee duck for cover, a lone tyre from the car engulfed in flames along with Gibbs's cap join them.

Gibbs pushes the tyre away.

Kate then yells for Tony while Ducky and Palmer head to the scene.

Gibbs looks at the ruined scene while it then shows Tony emerging from the crime scene, a bit off a mess but otherwise alive and breathing. He then tells Gibbs if he remembers when he said that he'd never felt better?

DiNozzo then states that he lied before collapsing over the crime scene tape.

It then cuts to DiNozzo who's now lying over the tape, exhausted or drained with the explosion having also taken a lot out of him as well.

Act Two

In the NCIS morgue, while Ducky checks his blood pressure, Tony protests, insisting that he's fine.

Ducky tells Tony that he is not fine given that his blood pressure is high.

Tony then remarks that almost getting blown up tends to do that to him as well as hanging around Kate when she's in one of her moods.

Kate tells Tony that it isn't funny.

Tony then remarks that if he hadn't come to work today, then both Kate and McGee would be lying on one of those tables over there.

As he says that, it shows that the victims have been reduced to nothing but skeletons as a result of the explosion and Palmer is busy working on them.

Ducky states that Tony's temperate is normal and Tony believes that he's strong enough to work again but his plans hit a snag as Ducky realizes Tony has muscle soreness which Tony describes as happening only when he moves or breathes.

Ducky then tells Tony that it's clear that he hasn't recovered from his bout with the Y. pestis and insists yet again that Tony needs to rest.

Tony disagrees, stating that he needs to get back to work.

"Dammit, Tony", Kate says. "I should take you home and get you in bed".

This has both Ducky and Tony looking at her and as Kate tries to defend herself, Gibbs comes in.

Ducky then tells Gibbs that Kate was just expressing their concern for Tony.

Gibbs wants to know how Tony is.

Ducky tells Gibbs that Tony is being stubborn, pig-headed and unaware of his own limitations.

"Sounds about right", Gibbs states.

As Ducky heads off to join Gibbs, he tells Tony that he hasn't finished with him yet while Tony is looking at Kate, smiling.

Gibbs wants to know if they've gotten a positive ID on the two victims while Tony wonders if Kate should get him dinner first or should they go back to her place?

Kate responds by giving him an elbow in the side which shuts Tony up.

Ducky then states that despite the force of the explosion, the skulls remained intact but Palmer states that the problem is sorting which parts belong with whom.

Gibbs sarcastically comments that he can see that.

Ducky reveals that the dental records were conclusive and that the victims are Navy Lieutenants Dean Westfall and Curtis Janssen.

Tony then agrees, stating that according to the car rental company, Westfall rented the Mustang two months ago.

Gibbs orders Kate to pull up their service records and for McGee to find out who made that 911 call while he tells Tony to go lie down before he passes out.

As Ducky shuts down the X-ray machine, Tony states that he's not going to pass out. He'll cry and maybe feel a little sorry for himself but insists that DiNozzos do not pass out before leaving the morgue as he joins Gibbs in the lift.

Kate asks Ducky if he can do something for Tony.

Ducky assures that he is and when Kate ponders further, Ducky tells her that he's praying.

Up in the squad-room, Tony is lying down on the floor behind his desk while McGee sits on the table, talking to him.

Kate then comes in, telling McGee that Gibbs wants him to find out who made the 911 call that led to the discovery of the crime scene which McGee agrees to.

He then tells Kate that Tony's lying somewhere and while they're talking, silently gestures that Tony's behind his desk.

Kate and McGee then spend the next few minutes discussing the possibility of Tony and Kate being in a relationship which has Tony interested but Kate ends that by pouring some water onto Tony's face which startles him while she and McGee chuckle at that.

Gibbs then comes in, forcing Kate and McGee to head for their desks. Gibbs then asks Tony that he thought he told him to lie down.

Tony tries to explain that Kate and McGee pulled a prank on him but soon relents and decides to lie back down but Gibbs doesn't want him lying down on the floor.

Tony then grabs his jacket and leaves the bullpen with Kate mockingly waving him goodbye.

Tony does the same and hisses at her.

In the lab, NCIS Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto is busy taking a sample from the burnt remains of the car keys to the Mustang and then places the capsule containing the sample into her Mass Spec which begins working straightaway.

When Tony announces his presence by doing an Elvis impression, Abby's overjoyed to see him and immediately gives him a hug, causing Tony to wince.

Tony then tells Abby that he wants to lie down next to her refrigerator.

Abby agrees and suggests that he use Burt as a pillow.

Tony then lies down but gets a shock upon realizing that Burt actually farts.

Abby tells him that Burt is supposed to do that and while she believes it's cool, Tony thinks it's disturbing before asking Abby what he's missed.

Abby tells him that Gibbs has been really cranky since he's been gone and she believes his knee is bothering him again while Kate broke up with some lawyer which Abby believes is really good because the guy wasn't big on personal hygiene.

Tony wants to know about the case and tells her that he got a glimpse of the bomb while voicing his belief that it's a pro job.

Abby lies down beside him, stating that he's correct and that she's run ten samples. She tells him that the main electric charge is C4 and that it's been primed with det cord and blasting caps.

Tony believes that they should be able to trace it back to the manufacturer but Abby tells him that they can't.

Tony's in disbelief, telling Abby that every military explosive over the last twenty years has had taggants mixed in for identification purposes but Abby tells him that the explosives they've got don't have any traces.

Tony wonders if the guy made them from scratch but Abby disagrees, stating that it's off the shelf.

Tony and Abby believe that it shouldn't be possible but Gibbs arrives in, telling them it is possible.

Abby gets to her feet and explains that it looks like everything has been sanitized given that there's no serial numbers or anything on it at all.

Gibbs then orders Tony to go with him because they've got problems and it looks like someone's trying to kill them.

"I don't think he meant that literally", Tony states, running after Gibbs but not before he tosses Burt over to Abby who catches the stuffed hippo in her arms.

She then squeezes it, causing the stuffed hippo to fart.

Up in the squad-room, while Kate studies the victim's records, McGee is busy talking to the Sergeant about the 911 phone call and as Gibbs and Tony arrive in from the lab, McGee then hangs up and tells Gibbs what he's found but Gibbs has already discovered that the call is anonymous and untraceable.

McGee then states that they're sending a tape of the call over.

Gibbs asks Kate what she knows about the victims.

Heading over to the plasma, Kate tells Gibbs that they're both pilots and that Lt. Jenssen was on leave, visiting his friend. Lt. Westfall who for the last months has been TAD at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.

McGee's puzzled and Tony states that a proving ground is where new military equipment or technology is tested before wondering if the killers used Westfall's prints to access the base.

Kate tells him that she already checked and that none of Aberdeen's security systems rely on fingerprint or palm scanners.

Gibbs wants to know what Westfall was working on there but Kate tells him it's classified.

Gibbs gives her another look and she changes her statement, telling him she'll find out.

Tony wonders what's going on.

Gibbs then remembers that the car didn't have military decals and that the Lts. were wearing civvies.

McGee then joins in with the 911 call stating it was two dead sailors.

Gibbs realizes that someone wanted NCIS investigating the scene and he tells Kate that it was for the reason they rigged the car to explode.

As Gibbs leaves the bullpen, Tony finally realizes the truth: they were set up all along and that someone really is trying to kill them.

"Yeah and they came pretty damn close", Gibbs states.

It then cuts to Kate and Tony who look stunned by the revelation.

Up in MTAC, NCIS Director Thomas Morrow is questioning Gibbs about what happened at the crime scene.

Gibbs tells Morrow that someone went to a lot of trouble to get them out there on that road today.

Gibbs doesn't know why but what concerns him is the explosive used before revealing that it was military, high-grade, extremely difficult to trace and that it's tough to get out of certain circles.

Gibbs isn't suggesting anything but the one thing he does know is that he's pissed off a lot of people over the years.

Morrow tells Gibbs to keep his suspicions to himself.

Gibbs wants to know why.

Morrow tells him that there might be other factors involved but when Gibbs presses further, Morrow tells him he's currently not at liberty to say.

Gibbs tries to get to the bottom but Morrow tells him it's not up for discussion and dismisses him.

Unsurprisingly, Gibbs tells Morrow to have a good evening before getting from his seat in a foul mood and as he leaves MTAC, he slams the door behind him, making his frustration and annoyance at being kept in the dark known.

Morrow then tells a tech to get him the Director of the FBI which the tech agrees to do.

In the bullpen, the team are busy pulling another all-nighter and are busy eating Chinese food.

McGee and Kate are eating food but Tony isn't eating anything given how his appetite has been off since he got infected with the plague.

Tony talks about escaping the clutches of the Black Death or pneumonic plague, regarding it as a life-changing experience.

McGee wonders how but Tony tells him to ask Kate because she was there.

Gibbs then comes down into the bullpen, asking Kate that he wants to know what Westfall was doing in Aberdeen by the time he gets back.

Kate wants to know where he's going.

Gibbs just tells her he's going out.

Grabbing his gun, Gibbs then orders McGee to find out why someone took Westfall's hands before grabbing McGee's box of Chinese food and slamming it onto Tony's desk where Gibbs orders Tony to eat something.

With that, Gibbs leaves the bullpen.

McGee is still busy finishing his food while Tony grabs the container.

Outside, in downtown D.C, Gibbs strolls through the streets just as someone on a motorbike pulls up opposite him.

Gibbs takes no notice and continues on walking with the image of Gibbs walking down the street being reflected in the person's helmet.

Back at the bullpen, while Kate's on the phone, McGee's wondering why someone took Westfall's hands and left Jenssen's behind.

Kate finishes her call and then tells McGee that they can't expect the killer to be rational. Looking up, McGee states that they've got trouble.

"What was your first hint?", Kate wonders.

"The two dead bodies downstairs or the explosion, McGee?", Tony asks.

But McGee actually means trouble in the form of FBI agent Tobias Fornell which has Kate and Tony stunned.

Kate wants to know what Fornell's doing here.

Fornell wants to know where Gibbs is.

Kate tells him that Gibbs is out and to call him on his cell.

Fornell said that he did but Gibbs isn't answering.

Fornell then breaks some news that the three NCIS agents weren't expecting: their old enemy, Ari Haswari is back in the country.

This gets everyone's attention and Kate rounds on Fornell, stunned that they let the psycho (Ari) back in the States without informing NCIS or Gibbs and the team.

Fornell states that Ari's here because he's supposed to be helping them uncover a cell in the D.C.

"What do you mean, supposed to, Fornell?", Tony asks.

Fornell then tells them that they believe Ari is here for more personal reasons and the main one is that he's planning on killing Gibbs.

Back in downtown D.C, Gibbs exits a shop, holding a cup of coffee but stops upon sensing that there's someone looking at him.

The person sitting at the table with the motorcycle helmet then puts their newspaper, revealing that it's none other than Ari Haswari himself.

Gibbs upon seeing Ari Haswari once again.

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks grim-faced.

Act Three

In the local coffee shop, with Gibbs sitting opposite him, looking grim-faced, Ari comments on how Washington is such a lovely city this time of the year before asking Gibbs if he agrees.

Gibbs doesn't say anything, causing Ari to state that Gibbs isn't much of a conversationalist.

Gibbs simply tells Ari he's waiting.

When Ari asks what Gibbs is waiting for, Gibbs tells Ari that he's waiting for a reason to shoot him again and then states that someone tried to kill his team today and Gibbs believes Ari was responsible.

Ari tells Gibbs that he's wounded and that if it were up to him, they would be dead already.

Gibbs tells Ari that he's still coming in with him for questioning but Ari tells Gibbs that he's made other arrangements for the evening.

Gibbs states that it wasn't a request.

Ari tells him that he knows and that he's planted an explosive device under one of these tables before waving at a mother and a daughter who are sitting at the table opposite himself and Gibbs.

He then tells Gibbs that if he's a good NCIS agent, then he might tell Gibbs where the bomb is.

Gibbs, however wants to know what Ari is doing back in D.C. with Ari informing Gibbs that an Al-Qaeda cell is planning an attack right here in Washington and that he's here to stop it.

Gibbs wants to know what the target is or where the cell's located but Ari tells him he doesn't know those things.

"You're doing a hell of a job for a Mossad double agent", Gibbs states.

Ari admits that he can gain access to the information but it comes at a price, one that Gibbs might not be willing to pay.

Gibbs urges Ari to try him.

Ari states that Al-Qaeda sent him here to conduct a test and that if he passes, he gains access to the cell before revealing that the test is that the cell want him to kill Gibbs.

Gibbs isn't surprised, stating it means he's doing his job.

Ari agrees, telling Gibbs that in order for him to do his, then Gibbs has to die before asking Gibbs what he would do if the roles were reversed.

Gibbs tells Ari that he would kill himself.

Ari tells Gibbs that it isn't an option and that it's the one part of his religion he subscribes to.

Gibbs tells Ari that he can help him out with that.

Ari remarks that it's a kind offer and then tells Gibbs that he has one of his own. He tells Gibbs that he has 24 hours to find and eliminate the cell and if he fails, then it's most likely that Gibbs and his team will be killed.

Gibbs nods, telling Ari he appreciates the heads-up.

Ari admits that it's the least he could do and while getting up from his chair, wonders how Kate is doing before stating that he's thought about her a lot since his last visit.

Gibbs then coldly tells Ari that if he goes anyway near her, then it won't matter what government agency is watching his back because there's no doubt that Gibbs will kill Ari.

Ari tells Gibbs that he wouldn't have it any other way and as he turns to leave, Gibbs asks him about the bomb but Ari tells Gibbs that he lied and that there isn't any.

Gibbs gets up from the table just as Ari puts on his helmet and drives off into the night.

Gibbs eventually finds a device underneath the table that he and Ari were sitting at and it's beeping rather rapidly with the timer showing that there's less than thirty seconds to go before it goes off.

In an alleyway, Gibbs with the device in his hand is searching for something to drop in before it explodes. He eventually settles on throwing it into a dumpster with the force of the explosion sending Gibbs flying to the ground.

Back at the bullpen, Tony hangs up, tells McGee that he's left twenty messages and also states that they should look for him.

Gibbs then comes in, startling both Agents and as it turns out, Gibbs already knows that Ari Haswari is back in the town, out to kill Gibbs himself.

Gibbs tells them that Ari already tried to do that and then demands to know about Westfall.

McGee tells him that he was attached to Aberdeen and that the dead Lt. was actually working with an aerospace contractor in Maryland with the company being Danborn Avionics.

Gibbs wants to know what they're doing. Tony tells him that it's something like testing field-service modules but he has no idea what.

He then informs Gibbs that the FBI sent a team to investigate the company's security.

DiNozzo then tells Gibbs that a lot has happened in the past hour.

Gibbs wants to know where Fornell is with Tony stating that Fornell's in MTAC.

As Gibbs leaves for MTAC, he orders McGee to make the ringer thing work. McGee wonders if Gibbs took the Ari situation really well.

Tony tells McGee that it's because Gibbs is looking forward to finally getting the opportunity to kill Ari.

As they head back to their desks, Gibbs finally reaches the upper area and gets to the entrance of MTAC just as Fornell comes out.

Gibbs demands how long the FBI knew Ari was even in the country.

Fornell tells Gibbs that they had their reasons before admitting that it was about a week.

Fornell admits that they didn't know Ari's cover mission with Al-Qaeda until today.

Gibbs tells Fornell that he's going to be taking Ari down but Fornell states that it won't happen this time and assures Gibbs that the FBI can handle this.

"The civilians in the coffee shop he tried to blow up today would probably disagree with you, Tobias", Gibbs states.

Fornell then states that if it was up to him, he'd gladly put a round through Ari's forehead but it isn't and he then tells Gibbs that he's sitting this one out.

Gibbs wonders if Fornell's going to stop him but Fornell tells him that he isn't.

Gibbs then realizes that Director Morrow has a part in this and storms off into MTAC, leaving Fornell behind.

In MTAC, Morrow is staring at a map when Gibbs comes down the stairway.

A simple glance from Gibbs has Morrow stating that Ari has been declared off-limits and that NCIS will have no further involvement of any kind in the case.

Gibbs is in disbelief, wondering if Morrow's kidding.

Morrow then states that he's been ordered to place Gibbs under protective custody for his own safety.

"Meaning for Ari's?", Gibbs asks.

Morrow tells Gibbs to take what it is which means that it's a direct order and also tells Gibbs that he'd better damn well follow it to the letter.

Gibbs then states that he will before announcing that he intends to give Morrow his resignation.

Morrow then states that he'll accept it after Gibbs has completed his current case.

Gibbs is stunned.

Morrow then asks Gibbs if they've found any evidence linking Ari to the murder of the two Naval officers.

Gibbs admits that they haven't.

Morrow then announces that he'll hand Gibbs over to their federally-certified protective custody expert who happens to be none other than Kate.

As Kate approaches, Morrow tells Gibbs that he should be flattered because Kate once protected the President and once Kate arrives, Morrow tells her that Gibbs is all hers before telling Gibbs one final time that he expects Gibbs to follow Kate's orders to the letter as if they were Morrow's.

"That last part he meant", Kate replies.

Gibbs just looks at her.

Back in the bullpen, Tony and McGee have been roped in to help and listen as Kate outlines her strategy which includes having two teams in his home during six-hour shifts with alternating radio checks every ten minutes while outside, there is to be a mobile foot patrol and two permanent observation posts.

Tony tells Kate that Gibbs isn't gonna like that but Kate states that she doesn't care and she also doesn't intend for that psycho (Ari) within five miles of Gibbs.

She then orders McGee to have full audio and video surveillance inside and out and she wants everything tied back into MTAC.

"You got it, Kate", McGee replies.

Gibbs comes in, announcing that they should go home for the night but Kate tells him they're not going home.

Gibbs tells them he's staying at NCIS and that he does not need an army of agents staying up all night, watching him build a boat.

As he sits back down, the others gather at his desk.

Kate wants to know that Gibbs won't leave the building with Gibbs assuring that he will, then he'll call her.

Gibbs then orders the others to go home, get some sleep and that first thing tomorrow morning, they're going to go check out Danborn Avionics and find out what the FBI missed before urging them to go.

A few hours later, the squad-room is completely empty and everyone's gone home except for Gibbs who is still at his desk. He examines the photos of the dead Lts until someone's snoring alerts him.

Getting up, he goes over to check on McGee who is asleep sitting in his chair with his jacket serving as a quilt of some sort.

Gibbs then heads over to Tony who has fallen asleep with a magazine in his lap and some half-eaten pizza at the table. Finally, Gibbs checks on Kate who isn't sleeping at her desk but is actually sleeping behind it: on the floor.

Gibbs then drags the blanket up to Kate's ears.

Once he's left the bullpen, he then heads for the window opposite the bullpen's entrance where he drinks his coffee and stands there for a minutes where it's clear that he's anticipating that something's going to happen.

The next morning, Kate awakens with a bed-head and finds that Tony and McGee are still asleep at their desks. She then looks around and finds Gibbs sitting at his desk, dead, his eyes staring at nothingness and judging by the big pool of blood on his shirt, Gibbs is dead, his throat having been slit.

Someone touches her and she spins around to see Ari who asks Kate if she missed him.

However, it's nothing more a dream as in the real world, Kate awakens, calling Gibbs's name much to Tony's surprise. She gets up and begins searching for Gibbs just as McGee comes in, armed with breakfast.

As the talk continues, Gibbs, still alive and well comes into the bullpen.

McGee then hands Tony a coffee as Kate tells Gibbs that if he's going with them to check out the defense contract company, then he's going to be wearing a bullet-proof vest. She then holds up said item to prove and for once, Gibbs agrees to wear it, stating that he can live with that.

"That's kind of the point, Gibbs", Kate states.

A while later, the team arrive at Danborne Avionics and meet Rex Eberlee, the head of the company who tells them that Lt. Westfall was the head of the company's Modular UAV project. He also mentions that like he told the FBI, he doubts Westfall's murder had anything to do with it.

Tony's confused by the Modular UAV with Eberlee explaining that it's an unnamed aerial vehicle they're developing with the Navy and it can be reconfigured for different missions in the field.

Gibbs wants to know what kind of missions.

Eberlee states that it's reconnaissance, nuclear and biological agent testing, ground.

Kate believes that it can be used as a weapon but Eberlee assures her that it will happen someday and that it's only a prototype before stating that before they ask, they changed all their security codes and had Westfall's removed from the last system last night.

With that, Eberlee swipes a card and leads the team into the main room.

As they head in, Tony wonders if any of their Modular UAV is missing. Eberlee assures them that there isn't and that the only they have is the one over there in the hangar. Gibbs wants to use the small planes.

Eberlee explains that they are scale models they use in wind-tunnel tests.

Tony has gotten distracted by the camera and is busy glancing back and forth between it and the big screen.

Kate then asks Eberlee if any of the security systems they use rely on fingerprint or scanning technology.

Eberlee wants to know why. McGee states that Westfall was missing his hands with Tony helpfully stating that someone hacked the hands off.

Eberlee states that the FBI didn't mention that and Tony states that since NCIS just did, what's the answer?

As this goes on, Gibbs is busy searching the extra drones for something while Eberlee explains that their radio-control flight systems use biometrics and that only pilots entered into the system are capable of flying them.

Kate realizes that it's Westfall and Eberlee agrees, revealing that they've only got one flyable UAV and that's the one he showed them already.

Gibbs wants to know what the things he's looking are at and Eberlee reveals that they are target drones before revealing that Danborne got its start making them in the 1970s before revealing that they're relics and that they're not operational.

Gibbs realizes that there's only four which means that one's missing.

Eberlee begins panicking, stating that it's not possible as if someone wanted to steal them, they'd need a team of engineers to get one of the drones working and in flying shape. Plus they would also need a radio flight control.

Gibbs then realizes that Westfall's is missing which means that the drone's been stolen.

In an warehouse, the terrorist cell mentioned earlier in the episode are working on bringing the drone online.

They're also loading the inside of the drone with C4 just as Ari comes in.

While sipping from a can of coke, Ari heads over to where one of the guys is currently working on the drone.

The other guy stops to let Ari take one look inside.

It then cuts to Ari who does just that and then smiles, revealing that he's in league with the terrorist group.

Act Four

In the lab, Abby tells Gibbs and Kate that it looks the drone's pretty outdated from a tech's perspective.

Gibbs then states that so is a hand grenade with Abby agreeing, saying that it's an excellent point. She then reveals that the Danborn TX-Bravo is basically a jet-propelled RC plane which means that it's manually controlled by a radio transmitter.

Kate then states that if the transmitter that the group came from a modern UAV, then they might not be able to fly it.

Abby agrees before saying that Danborn's flight codes are based on the original software so a few tweaks would get it working.

Gibbs wants to know what the range is.

Abby tells him it's forty miles, unless they load it down with explosives.

Gibbs tells her that they will.

Abby tells them that the payload would have to be pretty small and that it'd have to be twenty-five pounds or less unless they want to get it off the ground and that it's not a lot of bang for your buck.

"It is if you're going after a soft target, Abs", Gibbs grimly states.

"Soft target?", Abby asks, confused.

"People", Kate replies.

Gibbs wants to know if there's any way to stop the drone if it's launched.

Abby tells them that it wouldn't be hard to destabilized the system, that she has the operational frequencies and another controller is capable of jamming it.

Gibbs wants another controller but Abby tells him that there's a catch and that they would have to be within a 40-mile radius to jam it.

Gibbs then leaves the lab.

Kate makes to go but Abby stops her by telling her friend that she had a dream about Tony last night.

Kate wonders if it's the one where they were in the zoo but Abby tells her that Tony was fully clothed in this one but he had blood all over his face so much so that Abby woke up, crying and she tells Kate that she's never, ever, ever cried.

Kate assures Abby that it was probably a Bête Noire and that she's gotta go before leaving the lab.

In the squadroom, Tony and McGee have gotten the footage of the drone being stolen from Danborn's security cameras.

When Gibbs comes in, they tell him that it was two nights ago on the same day that the Lts. were both murdered. Gibbs wonders if the group can be ID'd but unfortunately, they're wearing ski-masks.

Tony then presses a button and shows a photo of a masked man holding his left shoulder.

It then cuts to a flashback of the Season 1 finale episode, Reveille (episode) where Gibbs shot Ari in the left shoulder during their meeting in the morgue.

Back in the present, Gibbs realizes that it's Ari and concludes that Ari isn't looking for the Al-Qaeda cell.

He's running it himself.

Gibbs then orders Fornell be brought back into the building and when Tony asks, Gibbs tells him to tell Fornell that he's about to make the second biggest mistake of his life before leaving the bullpen.

As this goes on, Kate arrives up from the lab and as McGee and Tony head away, she's left stunned and still puzzled at what's going on.

A while later, Tony and Kate arrive in MTAC with Fornell who has no idea why they brought him in.

Fornell remarks that Gibbs's comment about this being Fornell's second biggest mistake was very dramatic and he wonders what the first is.

Gibbs tells Fornell that the first mistake was marrying Gibbs's second wife.

"You could have warned me about her", Fornell states.

"I did!", Gibbs insists.

Fornell then tells Tony and Kate that he thought Gibbs was exaggerating but he wasn't.

Gibbs gets down to business and demands to know Ari's location. Fornell can't believe that Gibbs still hasn't gotten the idea that he and NCIS are supposed to sit this one out.

Gibbs then states the part he doesn't get is where Ari steals a Navy UAV and kills a bunch of people with it.

Fornell refuses to believe that, stating his people checked Danborne Avionics and that their only UAF is accounted for.

Gibbs tells Fornell that Ari stole a target drone and orders a tech to pull it up.

The big screen then shows a plan of the drone with Gibbs explaining that if Ari packs the drone with Semtex, then he's got a poor man's cruise missile. Tony remarks that Fornell's FBI guys missed it.

Gibbs tells Fornell that Ari's been playing them, that he's no double agent and that he never has been before demanding to know where Ari is.

Fornell shakes his head before admitting that the only thing they've got is an encrypted spook cell-phone number.

Gibbs wants Fornell to call Ari from here but Fornell tells him that he can't trace it because they need a high-level NSA intercept.

As this goes on, Gibbs tells a tech to patch them through.

A second later, an NSA Tech appears on-screen, telling Gibbs that he's got two NSA satellites in range for the next five minute before asking for the number.

Fornell smiles, amused but Gibbs isn't too thrilled given that there's a terrorist attack about to happen.

"Are you sure about this?", Fornell asks.

"As sure when I told you, she would clean out your bank account when she left", Gibbs replies.

Fornell relents and gives Gibbs the card with the number on it. Gibbs then gives to a tech at the console who places it into the system and the NSA Tech wonders if Ari's going to answer it. Gibbs then tells the tech to put his own name on Ari's caller ID and that Ari will answer.

In the warehouse, as the final preparations are being made, Ari answers his cell-phone, wondering how Gibbs got the number.

In MTAC, Gibbs tells Ari he pulled some strings.

Ari remarks that he imagines that Gibbs's friend, Fornell is there with him but Gibbs lies by stating that he's been thrown off the case.

While the two talk, the MTAC techs and the NSA tech work on finding the location.

Ari states that it's for the best and that he wasn't looking forward to killing Gibbs who tells Ari that he wishes he could say the same.

Gibbs then tells Ari that he's resigned from NCIS with Ari hoping it wasn't something he said.

Gibbs then states that the next they meet, it will be the last time and there won't be anyone to stop him.

The NSA tech silently gives Gibbs the thumbs-up, confirming they've gotten Ari's location.

Ari continues talking, stating that he's honored and Gibbs ends the call rather abruptly much to Ari's confusion.

The NSA tech states that Ari's on a cell phone grid just thirty miles out of Norfolk, in the Newport News area.

Gibbs then leaves with Tony and Kate hurrying after him while the tech announces that it's been narrowed to a two-block radius.

Fornell just stares at the screen, wondering what Ari's doing in Norfolk.

A while or so later, the team are heading for Norfolk, armed with everything they need to take down Ari and the terrorist cell once and for all.

While Gibbs drives, Tony is the passenger seat while McGee and Kate are both in the back seats.

Along the way, Gibbs wonders if McGee knows to work the thing needed for jamming the drone. McGee states that Abby explained it to him but if he's honest, then...

Sensing some nerves on McGee's part, Gibbs instantly turns around, forcing Tony to grab control of the steering wheel for the time being with McGee hurriedly stating he'll figure it out.

Once Gibbs is back driving again, Tony asks Kate what the date is.

Kate tells him it's May 25th.

Tony remarks that Paula Cassidy's ship is getting back from the Gulf and that they're hooking up together this weekend.

Kate wonders if Tony should focus on the terrorist attack first.

Tony states that the whole Marine amphibious strike group returns today and they're five ships, all of them heading to Norfolk Harbor or Port.

As McGee works on the system, he states that he doubts that a drone, one packed with explosives would be strong enough to damage a warship but as it turns out, the warship isn't the target.

It's the Navy families gathering at the pier to welcome their loved ones home that are the targets.

With that, Gibbs puts his foot down and they race to the warehouse.

On the pier, unaware of the impending danger that's about to happen, the Navy families are beginning to gather to welcome their respective spouses and loved ones home.

In the midst of the crowd, Ari, passing himself of as an everyday stranger gives a Young Girl (Twilight) a teddy bear which has been filled with a locator beacon.

As Ari walks off, he tells someone that the target's been set.

The team have finally arrived outside the warehouses and are busy making last-minute preparations for their attack.

McGee tells Gibbs that he's figured it out and states that the drone is one of three radio frequencies. He also tells Gibbs that it'll take a minute to jam each of them but once he's gotten the freq it's on, then the drone will go off-target.

Tony remarks that it's going to take them hours to search all the warehouses but Gibbs has a much better plan in mind. He asks Kate for the Remington 870 (Police) shotgun she's holding and she gives it to him or rather he takes it from her.

Cocking it, Gibbs fires a single round at a street-lamp, drawing attention from the terrorists on the roof.

When a man, Unnamed Terrorist 2 approaches to see what's going on, Gibbs shoots the man, sending the whole thing in overdrive.

Returning the shotgun to Kate, Gibbs tells Tony to take the fire-escape while Kate goes with Gibbs himself and as they rush off, he orders McGee to start jamming.

Meanwhile up on the rooftop, the terrorist who posed as the fake State Trooper earlier begins removing a cloth, revealing that the drone is ready.

As this happens, Tony, Kate and Gibbs descend on the warehouse but then split up with Tony using a ladder to get to the roof while Gibbs and Kate invade the warehouse entrance.

Back on the rooftop, the terrorist gets the necessary equipment working and begins typing into the laptop.

Tony reaches the ladder and begins climbing up.

Gibbs and Kate reach the entrance to the warehouse with Gibbs using his own gun and Kate having the shotgun to take down anyone in sight.

On the rooftop, the main terrorist, the one who posed as the Virginia State Police Officer makes his final preparations for getting the drone ready and launched into the sky.

In the warehouse, Kate and Gibbs hid behind a van and the fake Virginia State Police car for cover as terrorists begin firing at them.

Outside, McGee looks away from the laptop for a second after hearing the gunfire begin.

Back inside, Gibbs and Kate are still engaged in the gunfight with the terrorist who has an AK-47 and is firing rapid shots at them.

On the rooftop, the terrorist produces a severed finger originally that of Dean Westfall's and places it on a panel which scans it.

In the warehouse, Kate and Gibbs are still fighting the third terrorist or Unnamed Terrorist 3 and while they duck for cover as the terrorist begins firing at them, damaging the car and van, Gibbs reloads, having already wasted his first few rounds. He and Kate then fire back, forcing the terrorist to flee.

Outside, McGee's still working and gets a shock when he sees the drone taking off. He informs Gibbs of this.

Back inside, Gibbs and Kate are still battling the terrorists with Gibbs ordering McGee to jam it.

Outside, McGee gives himself a quick pep talk, assuring himself that he can do this.

The drone takes off through the sky, bypassing a single ship along the way.

Meanwhile, at the pier or harbor, all the ships have docked and numerous Navy or Marine personnel are greeting their loved ones and among them is the family of the little girl Ari gave the teddy bear to with the tracking device inside it and this is what the terrorist is using to ensure that the drone gets to its target.

Tony finally reaches the rooftop and reports that there's one terrorist down but there's no sign of anyone else.

"Let's do it", Gibbs announces.

As this happens, he and Kate emerge, having successfully gotten to the rooftop as well.

Tony leaps off the escape ladder and draws his gun just as the AK-47 wielding terrorist and the one who had been presumably lying on the ground, playing dead begins shooting at Gibbs who ducks into a small area for cover.

Kate then uses a round from the shotgun to distract the terrorist.

As Gibbs recovers, Tony sweeps over the rooftop, his gun drawn while the terrorist at the computer shouts something in his native language to the others.

Tag-teaming, Gibbs and Tony shoot the AK-47 wielding terrorist and through a combination of their own firepower, kill him with Kate adding one round in for good measure.

Tony then edges closer while Kate lowers the shotgun, relieved.

Meanwhile, the terrorist is still controlling the drone and upon sensing someone's behind him, tries to grab his gun but Gibbs and Tony tag-teaming yet again prove to be too quick for him with their rounds ending that terrorist's life as well.

As the terrorist hits the ground, dead, Gibbs and Tony approach the drone controller with Tony removing the terrorist's weapon and then reporting that they're clear.

Gibbs yells at McGee that the drone is still flying.

Down on the ground, McGee tells him that there's one freq down and two to go but he's forced to stop that when a terrorist begins shooting at him from an outside window with the rounds striking the NCIS car.

The sound of bullets flying draws Gibbs and Tony's attention.

McGee ducks behind the car for cover and then fires back at the terrorist while a round then rips through the Danborn Avionics, resulting in the transmitter being destroyed beyond repair.

While reloading, McGee, trapped behind the car remarks that one of the terrorist shot the transmitter which means that he can't do anything to stop the drone.

Back on the rooftop, Tony wonders if Gibbs knows how to fly the drone but Gibbs admits that he doesn't yet he knows how to crash it.

With that, Gibbs then raises his gun and fires a few rounds into the laptop, destroying it while sending the drone off-target and with no pre-programmed target for it to strike, the drone simply crashes into the sea which means that the possible devastating terrorist attack has been stopped.

But the action isn't over yet.

Leaning over the rooftop, Gibbs uses the earpiece to ask McGee if he's alright.

McGee states that he's got one terrorist inside and he doesn't know if he got him but the terrorist stopped shooting.

Gibbs tells McGee to hold his position and that they'll flush him out with McGee agreeing.

With a few minutes to spare, Gibbs, Tony and Kate do a quick examination of their weapons and as it turns out, both Gibbs and Kate have completely used up all their rounds for their respective weapons.

While Tony gives Gibbs a new round for his gun and with Gibbs working at putting it in, Kate instantly spots the same terrorist who attacked McGee aiming for Gibbs emerging from a side-door.

Almost instantly, and with the shotgun forgotten, Kate springs into action, yelling about the shooter and she also manages to put herself in the line of fire, taking the bullet before she hits the ground seconds later.

Spurred on by her actions, Gibbs and Tony aim their guns at the door, combining all their firepower into that one place and eventually the joint shooting from both Agents pays off when the terrorist stumbles out of the door and falls down the steps, dead.

After that's ended, Gibbs and Tony then head over to Kate and begin examining her.

They zip off her jacket and remove it to see that the bullet she took for Gibbs is still there but it hasn't gone any deeper into the body thanks to the bullet-proof vest she's wearing.

Gibbs and Tony breathe, relieved.

Tony then asks her if she's okay.

Kate winces in agony before sarcastically telling Tony that she just got shot at point-blank range and what does he think?

Tony then wonders if she's not going to be going to Pilates class tomorrow.

Still groaning, Kate gets to her feet with Gibbs and Tony helping her.

As they do that, Gibbs comments that the protection detail is over with DiNozzo remarking that she did good.

Gibbs agrees, stating that for once, DiNozzo's right.

Despite her pain, Kate just laughs, smiling and begins to say that she thought she'd die before she ever heard a compliment.. but just as she says those words, a single lone bullet comes out of nowhere, striking Kate in the center of her forehead and slices through her skull, killing her instantly.

This causes the blood from her fatal head wound to splash all over the area with some of it even getting onto Tony's face, causing him to wince at the impact so much so that he even rubs at one of his eyes before he and Gibbs look at the scene unfolding in front of them in horror.

Seconds later, and with the bullet long gone, Kate's legs then give out from under her and she falls to the ground, already dead from the impact.

From an opposite rooftop, Ari looks up behind a sniper rifle and in a tone laced with coldness tells Kate that he's sorry.

It then cuts to show Kate lying on the ground, dead, her eyes staring at nothingness and as she lies there, dead, blood from the wound on Kate's forehead is beginning to leak through with some of it even emerging and running down the hole.

The rest of the blood behind her head which was caused by her fatal wound is drenching the concrete pavement, turning some of the area red and tiny speckles of brain matter are seen mixed in with the blood, suggesting that the fatal gunshot not only killed her but also destroyed her brain on impact too.

After managing to look away from where Kate's body is lying, Tony glances at the opposite rooftop and it's shown that some of the blood from Kate's fatal wound is completely covering the right side of his face.

As he looks over, Gibbs who is now holding his own gun follows Tony's line of sight before uttering a single name: "Ari".

It then cuts to Gibbs who's still staring into the distance, his gun drawn as he tries to get a view of Ari, even squinting his eyes to do so.

Major Events

  • It's revealed that two weeks have passed since the events in SWAK (episode).
  • Abby's stuffed hippo, Bert is introduced for the first time and it's shown that Bert farts whenever it's squeezed tightly.
  • The team are successful in stopping Ari and his second terrorist cell but suffer a shocking loss when Kate dies after Ari shoots her in the head via a sniper rifle.


  • This is the final episode where Sasha Alexander (Kate Todd) is credited in the opening credits. In her final appearances on the show which occurred in the first two episodes of Season 3, she would be credited as a Special Guest Star. Also in the end credits of "Twilight", she was the last one shown, presumably to state the fact that Kate had been killed.
  • The sketch Kate is working on at the beginning of the episode is actually that of Tony lounging in his seat during "Bikini Wax" while he was organizing his vacation to Panama City.
  • In the lab, after Abby has hugged Tony and while she's leading him to her refrigerator where he can lie, if you look closely, you can see that there's the reflection of a man, possibly a crew member in the glass doors.


Series Regulars

Season Two Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Caitlin Todd Sasha Alexander A Secret Service Agent previously assigned to the Presidential Protection Detail on Air Force One and who is now an NCIS Special Agent as well as Tony DiNozzo's partner. Dies in the last few seconds of this episode when Ari Haswari shoots her in the head with a sniper rifle.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Ari Haswari Rudolf Martin A terrorist and double agent.
Tobias Fornell Joe Spano An agent with the FBI.
Thomas Morrow Alan Dale Director of NCIS.
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Gerald Jackson's temporary replacement as the Assistant Medical Examiner.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Rex Eberlee Benjamin John Parrillo The head of Danborne Avionics.
Dean Westfall Shane Conrad Murder victim.
NSA Tech Dennis Cockrum A tech at the National State Agency who helps pinpoint the exact location of Ari Haswari and his second terrorist cell.
Curtis Janssen Ryan Culver Murder victim.
Unnamed Terrorist 1 Sasha Maxime A terrorist and a member of Ari Haswari's second terrorist cell. Uncredited role.
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