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UnSEALeD is the eighteenth episode in NCIS Season 1 and the 18th episode of the entire NCIS series.


The NCIS team investigate when a former Navy SEAL who was jailed after being convicted of killing his wife and an unnamed cable repairman escapes from Leavenworth with the team soon discovering that the SEAL is in fact after the true killer.


The scene opens with a noise awakening Vicki Spain.

She urges her husband to go investigate and he does, using a baseball for protection.

A series of thumps follow and a man who isn't her husband emerges, heading into the bedroom.

He tells her to turn around and she won't get hurt.

Vicki does so.

When she looks back again, she finds that the man's gone and has left behind a jacket behind.

It then cuts to the jacket which reads "Fort Leavenworth".

Act One

NCIS Special Agents Caitlin Todd and Anthony DiNozzo Junior emerge from the elevator, talking about what they would do if there was a stranger in the house.

Kate even reveals that she sleeps with a gun under her pillow and while heading into the bullpen, the two bump into their boss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Kate halfheartedly admits that she does sleep with a gun under her pillow.

After Gibbs praises her for that, he asks about the case.

Kate tells him that the man in question was a former Navy SEAL named Jack Curtin and that he escaped from Leavenworth but no-one knows how.

Tony then tells Gibbs that what they do know is that Curtin snuck into a house at 0340, scaring two civilians before stealing the guy's clothes and fleeing.

Gibbs wants everything on Curtin and Tony believes that Leavenworth is Army CID's area but Gibbs tells him that while Army CID are going to find where he's been, NCIS are going to search where he's going.

Gibbs then orders Kate to make sure that Curtin's cell is patched up and sent overnight to Abby while insisting that he wants everything but the paint on the walls.

Kate heads for the phone to get that done.

"Do we know what this guy was in for?", Tony asks.

"Same thing I'm gonna be if you don't get your ass moving", Gibbs replies.

"Murder?" Tony mouths.

"You didn't even use a lifeline", Kate smirks.

Gibbs and Kate arrive and begin interviewing Mr. Donaldson and Mrs. Donaldson who are the parents of Curtin's murdered wife, Margaret Curtin, and grandparents to his son, Kevin.

They answer that they haven't let Kevin read or listen to any phone calls or letters from him ever since they got custody and they reveal their annoyance that the only thing that Kevin does is skate or sit in his room and draw.

In her lab, Abigail Sciuto is going through Curtin's belongings when Gibbs comes in, asking her if she's found anything.

Abby grabs a Caf-Pow from him and tells she hasn't but hopefully, she'll be able to find when and where the chicken flew the coop. Gibbs tells her he's much more interested in how and with whose help.

"Got it", Abby replies.

"Good", Gibbs says.

At JAG, Tony's interviewing Commander Faith Coleman who isn't too thrilled with Tony's sense of humor. He sarcastically jabs at the neatly-cared-for pencils she keeps on her desk. She ignores his comment, and tells him all she knows about the case.

Tony then leaves but not before remarking that her now checking the pencils is funny.

Back at NCIS HQ, Tony tells Gibbs everything he's found on Jack Curtin and even characterizes him as "hardcore". Gibbs isn't impressed by that, though. Tony explains that Curtin's entire SEAL team showed up at his trial as character witnesses.

Tony even anticipated Gibbs' interest in both Curtin's present and past Commanders, however since the present one is out of reach, they'll want to meet with William Foley at Little Creek.

A while later, Gibbs is at Little Creek, interviewing Foley who tells him that he's here because of the hazards of promotion.

Foley acts all normal, telling Gibbs everything he knows and when Gibbs concludes the interview, Foley states that he's "very Jack Webb", which Gibbs thanks him for.

Back in the lab, Abby's finally found how Curtin got out. She's determined that Curtin hacked the system involving the SmartCard which every cellmate is required to use.

When Gibbs inquiries further, Abby tells him that Curtin had a copy of a prison guard's finger made which he then used to escape.

Once he had it, Curtin fled to the laundry room and from there, was able to escape.

Abby then shows a video of Curtin challenging the guard some pull-ups and then getting the toothpaste containing the finger imprint from the overhead of a door.

She then shows Gibbs the sample of the guard's finger and happy with the information, Gibbs leaves.

At the Donaldson household, Kate's playing solitaire with a pack of playing cards to help pass the time. She then hears a clattering noise coming from the kitchen and seems unwilling to go investigate until more noises are heard.

She reaches for her cellphone and calls Special Agent Timothy McGee who's outside in a car, keeping a watch on the house. She tells him she's checking the noise in question.

McGee copies and tells her he's standing by.

With her gun ready, Kate goes to check out the noise. She goes out into the hall and checks the kitchen, only to find there's a knife missing.

Going into overdrive, Kate reacts by rushing into the kitchen gun-first, but she soon finds Kevin sitting in a chair, the missing knife in his hand. It then cuts to the floor where it shows that a glass of milk has been spilled.

Recovering, Kate asks Kevin what he's doing.

The youngster tells her that it's nothing.

Relieved, Kate puts away her weapon and tells McGee it was a false alarm.

McGee copies.

In the kitchen, Kate tells Kevin to go to bed and when he argues against that because he's hungry, she suggests he eats some fruit.

But Kevin tells her he hates fruit, so Kate just gives him a banana and tells him she'll clean up the spilled milk on the floor.

However, as she begins cleaning at the floor, Kevin remains silent.

In a blur, Kate's gun disappears.

She looks up to see Jack Curtin pointing the gun at her and telling her, "One word, and the milk won't be the only thing spilled on the floor".

It then cuts to Kate who simply stares back at Curtin in disbelief.

Act Two

In the sitting room, Curtin is busy tying Kate to her chair. She tells Curtin that the whole neighborhood's under surveillance and that Curtin will never get away with his son.

Curtin tells her that he didn't come to take Kevin away. He came to say goodbye because he never got a chance to do that.

Kate tells him he could have called or written a letter.

Curtin picks up on the fact that Kate doesn't have kids before telling her that his son needs to know that he loves him and that this is the best place for him now.

Kate then states is this so he can run away without feeling guilty.

Curtin tells her he shouldn't have to run at all and finishes a string. He then gags Kate and checks her stolen weapon before leaving while also taking her cell-phone too.

Bound and tied, Kate furiously struggles against her bonds to no success.

Outside, in the car, McGee, unaware of what's happening in the house takes a sip of coffee.

In the bedroom, both father and son are having a talk. Kevin asks his father if it's scary in jail. Jack tells him that it is sometimes. Kevin wonders if it's because there are guys bigger than his father.

Jack tells his son there's a lot of different reasons. He glances over at the photograph which shows his dead wife, Margaret and Kevin embracing while smiling before asking Kevin if he thinks about his mom.

Kevin assures him he does.

"So do I", Jack agrees.

Back downstairs, Kate's still struggling against her bonds and is trying to break free but to no avail.

Outside, McGee glances at his watch and asks Kate if she has a sitrep for him. However, he doesn't know that Curtin owns her cellphone now.

Curtin glances at the phone and prepares to leave despite Kevin begging him to stay.

Upon sensing that something's gone wrong, McGee leaves the car and goes inside to investigate.

In the living room, Kate's still trying to get free when McGee emerges, his gun drawn.

Once he's sure the place is check, McGee puts his weapon back into his holster and frees Kate by removing the gag and then using a knife to cut the ropes restraining her hands.

Having picked up on the fact that Curtin's here, McGee asks Kate who tells him he's upstairs with Kevin, his son. Once she's been freed, she requests McGee's cell-phone which McGee gives to her.

While McGee works on freeing her legs, Kate dials a number and requests back-up because they've got an armed federal escapee inside the house before hanging up.

Once she's finally freed, she and McGee head out off the living room but given that Curtin has her gun, Kate stays behind McGee as he clears the area.

They get into Kevin's bedroom, only to find that Curtin's gone, having escaped through a window which Kevin is staring out at.

McGee announces that the room's clear and Kate heads inside, grabbing Kevin from the window.

Kevin protests that they can't shoot him.

Kate looks out to just see Curtin fleeing into the bushes.

Awoken by the noise, Kevin's grandparents enter the room and Kate tells them that Curtin was here but he's gone now.

Kate then orders McGee to go look after him while she goes out front to see if he parked his car. She then asks McGee to state that they found his car and that they've got it covered.

Kate then tries to talk to Kevin to get any clue as to where his father's going but he's not saying anything.

McGee then goes along with the plan and outside, Curtin curses, realizing he'll have to change his plan.

Once he's finished, McGee asks Kate if it'll work. Kate tells him they'll find out and they then split up, Kate heading back the way she came while McGee heads out the window as Kevin and his grandparents look on.

Kate gets to the entrance of the house while Curtin carjacks another car, forcing the original driver to get out at gunpoint.

McGee, having followed Curtin from the window, tries to shoot at Curtin but his shots only destroy the back window of the car and he runs after the car.

Kate's back at her car and upon hearing Curtin approach, grabs a Remington 870 Police shotgun from the boot of the car.

As Curtin edges closer, Kate gets the shotgun ready, takes aim at the approaching car and fires. Her first shot damages the driver's window, causing glass to fall into the driver's seat, possibly injuring Curtin while her second shot only weakens the back window.

Kate then clicks the shotgun, ejecting the two shells onto the ground and she can only watch as Curtin flees into the night before taking a deep breath, furious that Curtin's escaped.

The next morning, the area surrounding the house where Kevin Curtin lives has become a crime scene. Gibbs and Tony arrive on the scene.

Tony tells Gibbs that all the checkpoints are up and that an APB is also out about the car that Curtin got away in at 0400.

Once they cross the crime scene tape, they meet McGee who informs them that one of the deputies found an old pick-up with Missouri plates and that it was reported stolen yesterday morning.

When McGee asks about impounding it and bringing to the garage, Gibbs tells him there's no time and that everything is bagged and sent to Abby including the windshield fragments as well.

Gibbs then orders that photos be taken of both scenes be taken as well before leaving to walk up to the house.

Tony asks McGee what he's doing down here from his usual position of being assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base.

As they head to the van to get the equipment, McGee tells him that the main office needed a temporary refill and that he was low on the pole.

Tony agrees, remarking that they've got a lot of people out sick and that it must be to do with the gastrointestinal bug going around.

"You didn't use our toilet, did you?", Tony asks.

McGee just stares at him.

At the entrance to the house, Gibbs meets Kate. She tells him that Curtin snuck in last night to say goodbye to his son and that she didn't hear him.

When Gibbs asks her what she was doing while Curtin was saying goodbye to his son, Kate, ashamed tells him that she was tied up in the living room and then informs Gibbs that Curtin has her service weapon. She also mentions that she got him with the shotgun. Gibbs wants to know how bad but Kate doesn't know.

Gibbs tells her to contact the ERs in the area and tells them to be on the lookout for a GSV (Gun-Shot Victim) and he wants Curtin's photo shown too.

Kate agrees.

Gibbs asks her about Kevin, Curtin's son and Kate tells him that the youngster's in his room.

As he leaves, Kate nervously taps her PDA, sighing heavily before getting to work.

McGee and Tony are busy processing the scene where the old pick-up Curtin stole was found. While Tony takes photographs of the pick-up, McGee scribbles notes.

To pass the time, Tony takes a surprise photo of McGee, causing the younger man to close his eyes in surprise.

"You enjoy this, don't you?", McGee asks, annoyed.

"Having fun at your expense?", Tony replies to which McGee adds, "Yeah".

After he's taken more photos, Tony states, "Really a lot".

McGee simply nods and turns away, only for Tony to give McGee his first-ever headslap.

While Tony heads off to take more photographs, McGee adjusts his cap for a single second and then gets back to work.

At the house, Gibbs has gotten access to Kevin's bedroom with the boy in question sitting at his desk, drawing.

When Kevin asks if he's going to be arrested for helping his father, Gibbs tells he won't be. He then puts down a sandwich and some juice on the desk too, remarking that he thought Kevin might be hungry.

Kevin isn't interested in the food and just keeps on drawing.

Gibbs tells him that when he was a kid, they took roller skates apart and nailed them onto boards.

Kevin doesn't say anything.

Gibbs abandons the skateboard and tells Kevin that he'd be speechless too before glancing over Kevin's shoulder to see that Kevin's drawing his father. When Gibbs asks if his father's going to shoot anyone, Kevin tells him he doesn't want to talk about it.

Gibbs nods, telling Kevin he understands before he sits down on the bed. He states that the hardest thing for guys like them is talking.

Kevin wants to know what he means by that.

Gibbs tells him that Kevin just seems bottled-up like Gibbs himself.

It then cuts to Kevin who's putting a cap on his marker and tells Gibbs that everyone believes he should just spew.

Gibbs agrees.

Kevin wants to know why he's so bottled-up. Gibbs tells him it's because he let a guy get away from him and that the guy was bad because he shot one of Gibbs's people. He then tells Kevin that the bad guy in question shot him too.

"Where?", Kevin asks.

Gibbs silently points to his left shoulder and tells Kevin that it bothers him that he can't find the guy but he's going to find him.

Kevin abandons his drawing and joins Gibbs on the bed, telling him that he's not going to help them catch his father.

Gibbs assures him that it's okay and pats Kevin on the head.

Kevin begins sniffing and Gibbs gives him a hug, telling him that it's okay just as Kevin starts sobbing.

Back at the crime scene, Tony does his Tommy Lee Jones impression and he's obviously impressed.

McGee isn't, telling him that the accent isn't right.

Tony curses and slams his cap down onto the pick-up. McGee tells him that the accent's too Arkansas, that Tommy Lee is more Texas and that Tony has got to be more untamed, in-your-face.

With those words, Tony tries again.

Gibbs has arrived back at NCIS and heads to Abby's lab where she's performing a test on the windshield fragments. She's determined that Kate unsealed Curtin with her first shot.

When Gibbs ponders further, Abby tells him that Kate's first shot hit and caused blood to splatter while the second blasted the glass out onto the street.

Abby also guesses that from the amount of blood loss Curtin sustained and judging by the fact that he isn't dead yet, she believes he either got grazed or he's down to one arm.

Gibbs digs through a box of the car and finds a map of Washington D.C which Abby highlights. Gibbs tells her he reckons that when Curtin got the car, he didn't realize there was already a D.C map in the car so he got a new one instead.

It then cuts to the drawing that Kevin was working which the team are looking at.

As they head through the squad-room, Gibbs tells Kate and Tony that Kevin believes that his father's going to shoot someone. He also mentions that Kevin said that his father has to find someone and then he's going to give himself up but while he doesn't know, Gibbs thinks Kevin knows something about the plan after Curtin's found his target.

"If Curtin's like most inmates, he blames everyone but himself for his conviction", Kate states.

As they head into the bullpen, Gibbs tells them about the new D.C road map Curtin bought. Tony notes that the JAG lawyers involved in Curtin's trial had D.C addresses and that the judge is retired, living in El Paso.

Gibbs mentions that Curtin did right all three and that Coleman didn't even protest about the PTSD diagnosis.

"So who's he after?", Tony asks.

"Cutin told me he shouldn't have to run at all", Kate replies.

Gibbs then states that Curtin has always insisted that he was innocent.

When Tony guesses that they should be looking for a one-armed man, Kate sarcastically calls his joke very funny.

Gibbs remarks that maybe they should.

Tony's in disbelief at the fact that Gibbs agrees with him before stating that the Unnamed Cable Repairman really was fixing the cable, the lawyers were professional and that the judge was fair before telling them that maybe the one person Curtin still has a beef with is the one who killed his wife.

Gibbs after informing Tony and Kate that Navy Petty Officer Jack Curtin isn't running: he's chasing.

It then cuts to Gibbs who turns back to his computer while remarking that Curtin isn't running: he's chasing.

Act Three

The team are now working again and with McGee in the corner, temporarily using a computer, Gibbs asks for updates.

Kate and Tony however tell them that there's no news of Curtin's whereabouts nor is any information on the APB on the car.

When Gibbs remarks that he's tired of hearing the word, "nothing", Kate talks to them and tells them to assume the fact that Curtin's innocent despite Tony strongly disagreeing.

She tells them that if Curtin really is going after the guy who killed his wife and the cable repairman, then why did he say so when he was arrested?

Tony remarks that Curtin did and that he thought drug dealers were responsible.

Kate then picks up on that and tells them that Curtin's going after someone specific now.

Gibbs remarks that Curtin didn't know who killed his wife and that he found out while he was still in prison.

Kate tells him that the stuff from Curtin's cell is due at NCIS in 20 minutes but she tells him that there are seven large file boxes that contain appeals, police reports, detective notes, crime scene photos, phone records and even an official trial record.

Tony, however still believes that Curtin's guilty.

Gibbs then remarks that Curtin found something in one of those boxes that told him who killed his wife.

"If he's innocent", Tony pipes up.

Gibbs then announces that they're going to re-investigate the case from top to bottom and orders that both JAG lawyers originally associated with the trial be brought in.

He orders Kate to take prosecution and Tony will handle defense despite Tony being in disbelief at the news.

They then get onto their phones with Gibbs calling Central Files and requesting all the NCIS records from a murder case three years ago while wanting to know who investigated the case.

As this goes on, McGee silently peeks out from his area and watches as they work.

When the person at the other end of the line suggests if they'll call back, Gibbs refuses, stating that he'll hold before noticing McGee. Gibbs responds by asking him, "What the Hell are you doing?".

Having been caught, McGee struggles, essentially stammering while Gibbs asks him if he can form a sentence.

McGee gets his courage and tells Gibbs that the person investigating the case was a man named Clay Williamson.

Gibbs remarks that it's a good sentence for McGee.

Continuing on, McGee tells him that Williamson is retired and lives on a boat, getting his mail every three months in Tahiti.

Gibbs asks what kind of boat.

However, McGee doesn't know but he was able to download his investigate from Central Files. Gibbs is now truly impressed and hangs up before heading over to McGee.

He then tells the young Agent that he wants the evidence custody documented but McGee tells he already did and that he can call Norfolk to make arrangements for the evidence to be brought to D.C.

When Gibbs asks how fast, McGee tells him that Joint Forces Command has a helo shuttle to the Pentagon.

Gibbs then orders him to do it while insisting McGee stop calling him "sir" although McGee still continues on with it.

Gibbs heads back into the main area, demanding an update.

Kate tells him that Commander Coleman is unhappily on her way while Tony tells Gibbs that the second JAG lawyer is no longer a JAG but a lawyer who charges 400 dollars an hour and who has really nice shoes.

Gibbs snaps that he doesn't care and that Tony is to get the lawyer's ass in here right now.

Tony leaves to do just that.

McGee then tells Gibbs that the evidence is on his way and calls Gibbs "Boss" while Gibbs makes another phone call.

A while or so later, DiNozzo has brought Diego Clare into NCIS but albeit in cuffs.

Clare is throwing a hissy fit over being arrested but as they get into the bullpen, DiNozzo introduces Diego to Gibbs who comments on DiNozzo choosing to arrest Diego instead.

"Shooting him just seemed so ham-fisted", DiNozzo remarks.

Gibbs orders that the cuffs be removed so that Diego can say hello to an old friend and as DiNozzo does that, Diego meets Commander Coleman who tells him that she prefers Diego in cuffs.

Diego states that he wished he'd known that when he was at JAG much to Kate's disgust while McGee just looks puzzled.

Down in the Evidence Garage, the team with Diego and Coleman along with Abby and Donald Mallard are listening to Gibbs who tells them that all the evidence needs to be re-examined because Petty Officer Curtin may be innocent, if they don't find out who he's after, then he won't be for much longer.

Coleman expresses disbelief at the thought of Curtin being innocent and Gibbs tells them that he believes that Curtin told his son that he escaped from jail to get the person who killed his mother.

Almost immediately, Coleman and Diego begin clashing in regards to the case so much so that Abby remarks if it reminds them of anyone (ie, Kate and Tony arguing).

Unsurprisingly, the reference goes straight over Tony and Kate's heads although Ducky smirks at the comment.

McGee arrives down with the evidence from Norfolk, stating the top box is autopsy-related while the rest is all evidence collected at the scene.

Gibbs states that the top box is for Ducky and that everything else goes to the lab before assigning McGee to work with Abby.

A few hours later, they're still going through the evidence but nothing has been found yet.

When the drug dealer theory fails, Coleman states that Curtin believes that his wife had a lover despite Diego insisting otherwise.

A search of the phone records reveals a series of prepaid phone calls from Margaret Curtin and Kate notes that the subpoena's date is four weeks ago.

Gibbs then states that court's adjourned and while heading for the lift, thanks both lawyers for helping while stating that Kate's going to escort them out and that Tony is to get onto the numbers straightaway. Tony then follows after Gibbs.

While the lawyers are getting ready to go, Kate promises to tell Coleman how it went.

Diego asks Coleman if she's worried that she put an innocent man in Leavenworth.

Coleman admits that she is but she still kicked Diego's ass.

As Coleman goes, Kate looks at Diego and shakes her head in disbelief.

Gibbs and Tony arrive up at the squad-room and meet Agent Christopher Pacci who requests their help on a case.

Unfortunately, Gibbs can't help and Pacci retreats, stating what's one more day given that they're working a smoking hot case right now and the case that Pacci is a cold-one.

Gibbs arrives down in the morgue and Ducky talks about the unidentified terrorist, remarking that the man in question had a Euro accent and as such, Ducky believes that the man's education was in the British Isles.

Ducky then gets back to the case and tells Gibbs that the original M.E misread the cause of death. He also notes that the victims were attacked so viciously that they were nearly decapitated.

When Ducky shows the X-rays, Gibbs realizes that both victims had their necks broken with a violent and fatal twist to the head.

Ducky tells Gibbs that their necks were sliced to disguise the fact that their killer knew how to kill with his bare hands.

Up in the bullpen, Tony insists that Curtin is guilty.

Kate tells Gibbs that Margaret Curtin only got the phone when her husband shipped out and that the most frequently dialed number is that of Curtin's C.O, Commander Foley. Gibbs remarks that the C.O's wife is the den mother when the unit's deployed.

Tony states that it's a dead end.

Gibbs disagrees, stating that the call phone log is the one thing Curtin had that no-one else did and that he got that before he escaped.

He then tells Kate and Tony whoever Curtin's after is one of those numbers and they just have to find which one before heading to his desk.

Kate looks dismayed.

It then cuts to Tony who simply rolls his eyes and throws his head backwards in dismay.

Act Four

Kate and Tony arrive at a tennis court to interview Marie Foley and they're left stunned when after giving them information about her husband's unit, she tells them that her husband, Commander Foley got back a month before Petty Officer Curtin did.

Back at NCIS, Gibbs calls Abby for information.

While McGee's working in the background, Abby tells him that she doesn't have anything yet but she promises to call him when she's got something while stating to be careful what he wishes for.

Gibbs just hangs up, amused.

Kate and Tony arrive at the Foley household just as Commander Foley's leaving for work. Tony holds up his badge and tells Foley that they'll drive.

In the lab, Abby has run a test that has determined that Curtin's wife had herpes, a fact that leaves McGee stunned.

Abby then states that Petty Officer Curtin had an extensive medical trial before he went overseas and that the tests have found that he didn't have any herpes.

McGee's still stunned.

Abby then tells him that Margaret Curtin had an extensive medical six months before her death and that there was no sign of herpes either. McGee then realizes that the only thing they've got to is go through Commander Foley's records and see if he was Mrs Curtin's lover.

"Is there anything you can't find?", Abby asks.

"A way to shut up DiNozzo", McGee replies while Abby smirks.

In Interrogation, Commander Foley has finished signing something and hands the paper and pen back to Gibbs as Tony and Kate look on in Observation. Gibbs then realizes that Foley's waiving his Article 31 rights with Foley insisting he's got nothing to hide and tells Gibbs he hasn't heard from Curtin and he doesn't expect to.

Gibbs wants to know why, stating that Curtin came home and found his wife in bed with another guy.

"Wouldn't that bother you?", Commander Foley asks.

Gibbs remarks that it does bother him but at least, he chose divorce over murder.

In Observation, Kate remarks that she didn't know that. Tony tells her that Gibbs is lying and he's trying to build rapport through communication.

When Kate asks him if he's sure Gibbs is lying, Tony isn't so sure.

Back in Interrogation, Gibbs tells Foley that he was coming from three weeks in the Med, not six months in a war zone. Foley tells him that it wouldn't make a difference but Gibbs tells him it was actually four and a half months for Foley while recalling that an RPG broke Foley's leg.

Foley tells Gibbs that he was lucky while it killed Petty Officer Gomez.

Gibbs then remarks that Foley came home and wonders if it was on crutches or a walking cast. Foley's stunned, asking what the question has to do with Curtin. Gibbs tells him it doesn't and that it has everything to do with his wife, Margaret, and who really murdered her and the cable repairman.

Foley is stunned when he realizes that Gibbs thinks he killed her.

"Did you?", Gibbs asks.

Back in the lab, Abby wants to know what's taking so long.

McGee states that it's not like he can Google a Navy SEAL Commander and access his medical records which hints that he might be hacking into Foley's records.

In Interrogation, Foley is still stunned about the theory. Gibbs tells him maybe he didn't and that if he'd come home at a different time, then who knows that what direction the case would have gone in. Foley tells him that Jack Curtin was one of the most insanely jealous men he'd ever met.

Gibbs counters by stating that's not Foley said at Curtin's trial but Foley states he didn't want to see Curtin get executed. Suddenly, they're interrupted by a knocking on the door and McGee pops his head in, asking Gibbs if he could see him for a second.

Gibbs grudgingly does so.

"Oh, I can't believe what I'm seeing", Tony remarks while Kate just stays, mouth open in amazement.

Outside, Gibbs tells McGee that he should never interrupt an interrogation. McGee apologizes and begins stammering. Gibbs stops him by telling him that in order to think, you have to have a thought and that while he's out here. Gibbs wonders if McGee was thinking when he went into the Interrogation Room.

"Yes, sir, I think so", McGee replies.

"Well, okay", Gibbs asks. "What is so damn important?".

It then cuts to the Observation Room where Kate and Tony watch as Gibbs arrives back from outside.

Putting his seat to one side, he tells Foley that Margaret Foley wasn't murdered by her jealous husband and that she died at the hands of her jealous lover who's the same one that gave her herpes.

Foley then clams up, stating that he's not answering another question until he talks to a lawyer and that he demands one now.

Kate, McGee and Tony are walking through the squad-room with Tony stating that they don't have Curtin.

Kate states that at least, Curtin won't be able to kill Commander Foley.

McGee then realizes that if they go public with the news they've gotten his wife's killer, Curtin might turn himself in if he's still alive.

Outside a house, Curtin sits in a car, his left arm wrapped in a bandage. He then injects himself with something and then applies some lotion to the wound, groaning.

Back in the bullpen, Tony's going over the case again and the team eventually realize that Commander Foley wasn't Margaret Curtin's lover: Marie Foley herself was.

Curtin sits outside the Foley household and once he spots Marie inside, he grabs Kate's stolen gun, clicks the safety off and gets out, closing the door before hiding the gun in his pocket as he heads into the house.

Inside, Marie Foley's getting ready to go to bed and after grabbing a nightie from the drawer, heads into the bathroom.

Curtin gets in by going around the back and breaking the door which gains him access to the house.

Mrs Foley emerges from the bathroom, wearing her nightie but the camera doesn't show her face.

Instead, it focuses on just her lower body and she switches on a bedside lamp before applying lotion to her arms and hands.

However, Curtin has gotten into the room and edges closer to his intended target, intending to kill her.

However, the target grabs a gun and turns around, aiming her gun while revealing it's Kate, not Marie Foley. She aims her replacement gun at Curtin, telling him that she has something of hers.

DiNozzo then comes in, ordering Curtin to put his hands behind his head and interlock his fingers.

Curtin does so and DiNozzo grabs Kate's stolen gun from Curtin's pocket.

With Kate aiming her gun at Curtin, DiNozzo checks Curtin just as Gibbs comes in.

DiNozzo then cuffs Curtin while Gibbs wonders with faint disgust if killing Marie Foley in revenge for being his wife's lover was what the former Navy SEAL wanted his son to remember for.

Curtin doesn't respond although Gibbs keeps staring at him.

Back at the squad-room, Kate and Tony are discussing the outcome of the case.

When they reach the bullpen, they're still talking about lesbians while in the background, McGee is packing up, presumably preparing to return to Norfolk and he assures Kate that he's above such fantasies.

They then stop and watch as the Mysterious Red-Head emerges and gives Gibbs his glasses as well as a kiss before leaving.

When McGee wants to know who it is, Tony suggests that he ask Gibbs while he and Kate go to do some work.

Gibbs enters the bullpen, telling them he's dropping off his glasses.

McGee states that it was really nice to be able to work with Gibbs again.

"Same here", Gibbs agrees.

As McGee leaves, he gets his own back by telling Gibbs that there's something Tony and Kate have been meaning to ask him. Gibbs removes his glasses before getting to his feet and gazing at the two agents.

It then cuts to Kate and Tony who look stunned.

Major Events

  • McGee is heard calling Gibbs "Boss" for the first time.


  • Alicia Coppola (Lt. Cmdr. Faith Coleman) had a guest starring role on the "JAG" episode, Meltdown (episode) which was the episode where Gibbs, Abby, Tony, and Ducky were all introduced for the first time.
  • The Mysterious Redhead who brings Gibbs his glasses is played by Vivienne Bellisario who is Donald Bellisario's wife and also the real-life mother of Sean Murray (Timothy McGee).
  • This is the first episode where Sean Murray (Timothy McGee) makes a reappearance since guest-starring in the episode, Sub Rosa (episode) and Eye Spy (episode). Having been officially added to the opening credits in the first episode of Season 2, See No Evil (episode), Murray was promoted from being a guest star to a member of the main cast after his character McGee joined the NCIS Major Case Response Team on a permanent basis.
  • The Remington 870 (Police) shotgun Kate uses to injure Curtin would later reappear in the Season 2 finale episode, Twilight (episode).


Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Caitlin Todd Sasha Alexander A Secret Service Agent previously assigned to the Presidential Protection Detail on Air Force One and who is now an NCIS Special Agent as well as Tony DiNozzo's partner.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) NCIS Agent stationed at the Norfolk Naval Base.
Faith Coleman Alicia Coppola A JAG officer who prosecuted Curtin at his trial.
Christopher Pacci Tim Kelleher An NCIS Special Agent who asks Gibbs for help on a cold case but Gibbs is forced to turn him down.
Mysterious Red-Head Vivienne Bellisario Unidentified female companion of Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Jack Curtin Tim Abell A Navy SEAL/Petty Officer First Class in the United States Navy.
Diego Clare Randy J. Goodwin A former JAG lawyer who prosecuted Curtin at his trial.
Mr. Donaldson Leon Russom Jack Curtin's father-in-law and also the father of Curtin's murdered wife, Margaret.
Mrs. Donaldson Barbara Tarbuck Jack Curtin's mother-in-law and also the mother of Curtin's murdered wife, Margaret.
William Foley Al Sapienza Jack Curtin's former C.O and a Commander in the United States Navy.
Marie Foley Roxana Zal Commander Foley's wife and Mrs. Curtin's lover.
Kevin Curtin Cody Estes Jack and Margaret Curtin's young son who is in the care of his mother's parents/Kevin's grandparents.
Vicki Spain Cristi Harris A woman living in the house that Jack Curtin breaks into at the beginning of the episode.
Rod Spain Archie Drury Vicki's husband and whose clothes Jack Curtin steals before fleeing the scene.
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