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Untouchable is the twentieth episode in NCIS Season 3 and also the sixty-sixth episode in the entire NCIS series.


The team investigate when a Navy Lieutenant who was working at the Pentagon's cryptography department is found dead in her home, having apparently committed suicide. It looks like a simple case until Abby discovers evidence strongly suggesting that there was someone else in the room with the Lieutenant when she died...


NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior and NCIS/Mossad Liaison Officer Ziva David arrive at Lieutenant Lara Hill's home.

DiNozzo, unsurprisingly, isn't too thrilled about interviewing the Lieutenant, remarking that it's Stop Number 46 on the Boredom Express and Ziva attempts to give some comfort by telling him to cheer up and remarks that it could be fun.

As they head up the path, DiNozzo remarks that if he'd wanted to knock on doors all day, he would have joined UPS- (the United Postal Service).

Ziva laughs and tells him that brown isn't Tony's most flattering color.

Still in a foul mood, Tony realizes that Ziva's actually enjoying this.

Ziva informs him that they're actually looking for a mole in the Pentagon and that espionage happens to be one of her specialties.

Once they've reached the front door of Hill's home, Tony knocks on it before informing Ziva that they're interviewing code geeks and even states that they're not sure if there is a mole.

"Don't you find it a bit coincidental that every time the Navy breaks a Venezuelan code, it changes almost instantly?", Ziva asks.

Tony does a sarcastic yawn to emphasize his boredom at her question.

Eventually, after getting no response from the front door, Ziva announces that she's going to try the back door and hops off the steps to go around the back with Tony joining her.

While they're in the back yard, Ziva peeks through a window cautiously. Tony tells her to relax and that they're dealing with a Naval officer, not Dr. Evil.

Her hand on her holster, Ziva then informs him that Lieutenant. Hill didn't show up for work nor did she arrive for her interview with NCIS and that no one could reach her by phone.

Tony believes that Hill probably overslept but Ziva states that she believes in being prepared.

"So did Boy Scouts", Tony replies before wondering why she didn't bring Timothy McGee who was a Webelos with her.

Turning away from the window, Ziva tells Tony that she tried but McGee was busy.

As the two reach the back door, Tony then tells Ziva that he has an idea and suggests shoving Ziva through the cat-flap.

As he reaches down, a cat suddenly emerges from the flap, causing Tony to draw his gun.

Ziva laughs and remarks slyly, "Don't tell me you're afraid of a little pussy... cat, Tony".

Tony is more focused on what's on the ground and it's shown that the cat's footprints are apparently covered in blood which means that something isn't right.

It then cuts to Ziva who is staring after the cat and its footprints, realizing that Tony's right.

Act One

Lieutenant Hill's house is now a crime scene and the NCIS team have arrived to process it.

As NCIS Medical Examiner Donald Mallard and Ducky's assistant, James Palmer examine Lt. Hill's body, DiNozzo smugly tells McGee that he knew something was wrong the minute DiNozzo got out of the car before telling McGee that it's instinct, pure and simple and that you've either got it or don't.

McGee then tells Tony that he heard that Tony squealed like a little squirrel when the cat jumped out at him.

Unsurprisingly, Tony pulls rank, handing McGee the cat's cage while telling McGee that he had originally planned on saving this for Ziva but since McGee volunteered.

As McGee looks on, Tony tells him to find the little beast (the cat) because the cat has blood on his paws and as such, it's evidence.

McGee removes the camera from his neck and as he accepts the cage, tells Tony that he's allergic to cats.

Tony sarcastically replies that he has no idea and suggests that McGee try holding his breath.

As McGee heads off to find the cat, Ducky is telling Leroy Jethro Gibbs that Lieutenant Hill suffered from a single gunshot wound to the right temple and Ducky uses the liver prode to determine the time of death.

Gibbs then realizes that the gunshot wound was a through and through with Ducky agreeing. Gibbs glances at the book shelf and spots a hole in the middle of a book titled, "The Naval Officer's Guide". He then realizes that the bullet impacted into the book and as he checks the book, Gibbs finds the round still inside, telling Ducky that the bullet's still in there.

"Sadly one less reader in the world", Ducky comments sadly with Palmer suggesting that the victim might have committed suicide and at Ducky's glance, Palmer then states that maybe the victim was cleaning her gun too close to her head.

As that happens, Gibbs calls on DiNozo who then tells Palmer that NCIS investigates all suicides as homicides until proven otherwise.

Palmer states that he's got it.

Ducky then removes the liver probe with Gibbs asking for the time of death.

Ducky states that it was nine, nine-thirty this morning before wondering what time the victim's interview was scheduled for?

Gibbs states that it was 1000 or 10am.

Ziva then comes in, asking for Gibbs and at her silent gesture, Gibbs leaves to join her.

In Hill's bedroom, six stacks of money sit on a table with Ziva stating that she found it underneath the bureau. As DiNozzo comes in, Gibbs examines them and discovers that they're 150 bills, non-sequential and that there might be 50 or 60 grand in the pile.

As DiNozzo studies the room, he remarks that they've found their mole, Lieutenant Hill and reveals his theory: Hill knew that she was cornered with no way out, NCIS closing in.

Ziva suggests that Hill could have run because suicide is only for when someone knows that they're going to be captured.

As Tony picks up a stuffed animal, he states that suicide might be an option for Ziva but the bedroom doesn't look like something a hard-core super-secret agent chick would have. Ziva then states that she has stuffed animal and as she heads over, grabbing the one from Tony's hand, she causes it to squeak before stating that she was twelve but still..

Gibbs then pipes up that Hill could have been coerced.

"To be a mole?", Ziva says, stunned.

"He means to kill herself", Tony replies.

Gibbs then tells Tony that he means both before asking them how many suicide victims made their beds before they offed themselves?

Tony then wonders if Gibbs wants Tony to inform Lieutenant Hill's command about her death but Gibbs refuses, causing Tony to tell Ziva that Gibbs wants to tell Hill's command himself and it's that way that Gibbs can gauge the response.

Gibbs then calls Tony's name, causing Tony to remark, "On your six, boss!".

And as they head into the living room, Gibbs orders Tony to have the couch, bookcase and carpets be sent back to Abigail Sciuto. Tony is slightly stunned but recovers quickly, telling Gibbs that he's on it.

Gibbs then yells for McGee with McGee shouting, "Yeah, Boss?".

As Tony holds the phone to his ear, smiling, Lieutenant Hill's pet cat emerges and heads into the living room, causing McGee to grunt with frustration.

Still holding the cage, McGee exits the bathroom and heads for the living room as well.

As the cat heads for a corner, Tony smiles again while McGee sneezes.

McGee soon rushes into the living room and is met by Gibbs who silently demands an explanation.

McGee then tells Gibbs that the cat's really quick.

Tony then tells someone at the other end of the line that he'll hold before telling McGee to go one way while Tony will go the other way and that they'll corner the guy and that they've got to be careful with animals.

As Tony says this, Gibbs grabs the cage from McGee and heads over to the area with Tony finishing by stating that cats are tricky. Gibbs then places the open cage down on the floor and says "Hey" before silently gesturing to the cage.

Sure enough, the cat stops glancing at something in the corner and heads for the cage where it happily goes in. Once it's in, Gibbs closes the cage door while McGee and Tony look at each other, stunned.

"Or you could just do that", Tony states.

Gibbs then gives McGee the cage before telling McGee that he's with him and that they're going to the Pentagon. McGee wonders if it's the Cryptology Unit with Gibbs stating that he needs McGee to translate.

As Gibbs heads for the front door, Ziva comes in while Tony tells McGee that Gibbs needs McGee to "speak the geek" for Gibbs himself.

As Gibbs leaves, he orders Tony to find a new home for the cat.

McGee then smugly hands the cage containing the cat before leaving to join Gibbs. The cat then growls, obviously not too thrilled with being Tony's care while Ziva joins in.

It then cuts to Tony who's still on the phone trying to keep the cage away from him.

A while later, Gibbs and McGee arrive at the Pentagon's Cryptology Unit where various men and women are busy working on new codes. Captain Kevin Dorn emerges from the office, telling Gibbs that while he understands that NCIS has an investigation, Dorn would appreciate a courtesy call before they show up to interview more of Dorn's people.

Gibbs then grimly tells Dorn that they're not here to interview any of Dorn's staff today. Dorn wants to know what happened with Gibbs mentioning Lieutenant Hill. Dorn's still puzzled, wondering if Hill didn't show up for her NCIS interview today before insisting that if Hill's running late, then Dorn can assure them that there's a good reason.

McGee states that they know the reason with Gibbs then telling Dorn that Lieutenant Hill's dead. Dorn is stunned, wondering how. McGee then tells Dorn that it appears to be suicide.

Not wanting to startle his people, Dorn then insists that they continue the conversation in his office and as he heads off with Gibbs following him, McGee then adds a plus, causing the young African-American man who was working at the board to glance at it, curious.

In the office, with McGee silently giving Gibbs a look, Dorn tells the two NCIS agents that the cryptographers aren't like normal people because their lives are about patterns and numbers and if he's honest, Dorn doesn't even understand half of it but they're all tightly wound and Lieutenant Hill was no different.

"You're saying she was suicidal?", Gibbs wonders.

Dorn then states that Hill was drawn, socially awkward and that Hill had obsessive-compulsive traits. McGee then states that none of that was in Hill's medical record. Dorn states that it wouldn't be because these people are recruited based on their abilities and sometimes it's a thin line between genius and...

"Insanity", Gibbs finishes.

Dorn then goes on to say that a lot of these people tend to be naturally paranoid and that this mole hunt NCIS is conducting hasn't helped because Dorn's entire section is on edge with Gibbs remarking that they should be.

Dorn states that if there's a leak, then Dorn himself is telling them right now, that it isn't coming from his people.

As Gibbs looks on, McGee tells Dorn that NCIS found $60,000 hidden in Hill's home with Gibbs picking up the story and telling Dorn that Hill ended up dead instead of attending the interview that she had today with NCIS before asking Dorn what does that tell him?

As it sinks in, Dorn approaches his desk and contacts Lieutenant Hall, an African-American man who's just outside the office.

Dorn then announces that they're in lockdown and that he wants all the work secured and the section requested to their quarters until further notice.

Hall then agrees to do and seconds later, his voice is heard on the PA, telling the people in the room that emergency plan Alpha is now in action and that they should down their systems and secure any and all classified material and when they're done, they should head to their quarters until further notice.

As this happens, the people in the room begin shutting down their systems before they gather up their belongings and leave the room. While in Dorn's office, McGee shuts down Dorn's computer as well.

With the room empty, Dorn then asks, "Okay. What now?".

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks at Dorn before looking out the window.

Back at Lieutenant Hill's house, Tony's trying to entertain the cat with little or no success whatsoever but the cat reacts by growling, causing Tony to jump back in shock which in turn has the NCIS Probies laughing.

Tony then gathers himself before asking the Probies if that's funny. He then wonders if there's a chuckle in the peanut gallery before heading over to one NCIS Probie Agent. As Ziva comes back in, Tony points to the blood on the couch and tells the Probies that they found Garfield- (the cat in the cage) feasting Lt. Hill's face and that apparently, Dr. Mallard thinks that the cat is rabid but Tony himself is of the opinion that the cat is a man-eater.

As Ziva reacts with dismay, Tony explains that the cat likes the taste of human flesh and that it starts with the cheeks before moving to the lips, the soft bits before it works on the tongue until it's just a little nub, a lot of blood in the tongue, a geyser of blood spewing from this poor woman's maw.

Tony then wonders if the chuckleheads think it's funny now but it's obvious that the poor Probies are feeling really queasy. Tony then explains that the body was what the cat was feasting on when they found it and that it took four tranquilizers...

But Ziva interrupts proceedings by claiming the story is very dramatic before wondering if they can get back to work now.

As work resumes, Tony tells the Probies that they heard Ziva and states that they should be careful with the couch because it is evidence.

As the couch removes, Tony laughs, remarking that he never gets tired of it before asking Ziva what she found. Ziva reports that the neighbors were at work and there was an old woman next door but she didn't hear anything whatsoever.

Tony remarks that he wishes he had a neighbor like that because apparently, the old bat who lives next door to him complains to him every time Tony brings a date before asking Ziva if she wants to know why.

"Shouting of "no means no"?", Ziva replies.

Tony sarcastically remarks that's a good one but it's not even close. Ziva remarks that she was actually kidding and that she has the same problem with Tony wondering if she has a surround-system too.

"No", Ziva disagrees. "I'm what you Americans like to call a screamer, yes?".

The Probie Agent standing next to Ziva, a man wearing glasses says "Oh" while Tony stares, amused. They're interrupted by the phone ringing and unsurprisingly, Tony wants Ziva to answer it with Ziva wondering what Tony wants her to say.

"I don't know", Tony states. "Scream something".

They're saved by Hill's answering machine which has Lieutenant Hill saying, "This is Lara. Leave a message" and a man named Bob is heard telling Lt. Hill that he's calling with a special offer and Tony responds by answering the phone and informing Bob that he's called a crime scene and that they're wiretapping the phone and that Bob should be advised that NCIS will be calling him at his home.

"My home?", Bob says, stunned.

"Any time, day or night. Probably the weekend, early in the morning", Tony says and hangs up before Bob can say anything else. Once the call's ended, Tony remarks that it was fun before commenting that even when someone's dead, they can't escape telemarketers.

"Speaking about escape", Ziva states.

At her nod, Tony looks over at the cage and realizes that it's open and that the cat has escaped. With that, the two begin searching for the crime scene for any sign of the cat while work continues.

In the NCIS morgue, Ducky is busy removing DNA from Hill's body while Palmer is bagging her clothing. Ducky tells Palmer that to assume is to make an enemy of exactitude with Palmer stating, "Because it make an ass out of you and me".

This has Ducky wondering if this is the best time for an attempt at honor with Palmer stating, "No".

As Palmer begins taking photographs, Ducky tells Palmer that they must strive for excellence and go the extra mile with Palmer assuring Ducky that he understands.

"Do you, now?", Ducky wonders. "Well, that's good".

As Palmer continues taking photographs, Ducky examines Lieutenant Hill's hair before wondering what Palmer's assumption is.

Palmer then states that the instant gunshot residue test or GSR test came back positive, that Hill had a pistol in her hand and that Lieutenant Hill has a hole in her head and as such, it would seem reasonable to conclude suicide.

Ducky disagrees, stating that there's nothing reasonable about a lovely young girl like Lieutenant Hill taking her life in such a grotesque fashion and as he examines the wound, Ducky remarks that it's true that firearms are the most common instrument of suicide but women tend to avoid the face when pulling the trigger due to vanity, simple vanity.

With that, Ducky then removes his gloves and heads over to his desk with Palmer wondering if they're done with the external exam.

As he removes his lab coat, Ducky tells Palmer that he isn't and states that since Palmer is so sure that the cause of death was suicide, then why doesn't Palmer work on proving it?

Ducky wants Palmer to finish the external and do the usual things before wondering if Palmer can do it.

"Absolutely, doctor", Palmer replies.

Ducky then gives Palmer a clipboard, telling him to work through the procedure, item by item and to make whatever notes he can. Palmer accepts the clipboard and thanks Ducky.

As he leaves the morgue, Ducky tells Palmer to have Lieutenant Hill ready for autopsy which will be two o'clock tomorrow before leaving the morgue.

Palmer then takes a deep breath before getting back to work.

Up in the bullpen, Tony is busy using a brush to remove something from his jacket before telling Ziva that he's never had any pets.

Ziva's puzzled although Tony tells her that he had some Sea Monkeys which in his opinion are brine shrimp swimming around in green water.

At Ziva's face, Tony remarks that he knows and that he thought the same thing.

Ziva wants to know what happened to them.

Tony tells her that his mother got their sea castles confused with her mint julep.

"Your mother drank your monkeys?", Ziva says, laughing.

"It was the 70s", Tony explains.

"Explains a lot, DiNozzo", Gibbs states, arriving in and carrying his usual cup of coffee. Tony tells Gibbs that they went through Lieutenant Hill's background with Ziva adding that it includes her phone records, credit card bills and personal habits and that there's no discernible patterns.

"Yet", Tony interjects before telling Ziva that Lieutenant Hill was a cryptographer and he then tells Gibbs that they could be dealing with a real pro.

Gibbs doesn't buy the theory, stating that if Lieutenant Hill had been a pro, then Lieutenant Hill wouldn't have killed herself.

Back at his desk, Tony looks stunned while Ziva gives him a knowing smile.

Seconds later, Tony resumes cleaning his jacket.

In the Evidence Garage, with parts of Lieutenant Hill's house now there, McGee tells Abby about Captain Dorn and states that just because someone has an aptitude for math and science, it doesn't make them some kind of suicidal freak.

At Abby's signal, McGee then raises a toy gun to his head although Abby tells him to raise it a little higher. As he does that, McGee wonders if that's what people think about them just as Gibbs is heard saying, "Ask me later, McGee".

Upon seeing Lieutenant Hill's living room, Gibbs remarks that this better be work-related. Abby assures him that it is and that Gibbs is just in time for the show and tell.

Placing a photograph down, Abby states, "McGee, if you will".

McGee gets up, only for Abby to force him back again as she tells the story of how Lieutenant Hill sat down, put the gun to her head and then bang! But McGee doesn't do anything whatsoever, causing Abby to state that she said bang.

At that, McGee falls onto the couch, dropping the fake gun while playing dead. Abby then tells Gibbs that she matched the bullet found in the book to the Kahr 9 mm that they found in Hill's hand and that it looks like a suicide, right?

"Except?", Gibbs wonders.

Abby then tells him that when a weapon is used at this range, there's extensive blood splatter from the wound but there's also blow-back that creates a fine mist of blood that lands here on the opposite end of the couch, most notably in the corner of the couch.

"Imperceptible to the human eye", Abby explains, grabbing some goggles. "But not to the magic of modern day science".

As she switches on the light, McGee tries to get up, only for Abby to tell him that he's still dead.

McGee then falls down back down again while Gibbs wonders.

Abby then tells Gibbs to look two steps away before producing her finding.

In the center are two footsteps.

"Footprints", Gibbs replies.

"Exactly", Abby agrees. "Which means?".

"Someone else was in the room", Gibbs states.

It then cuts to Gibbs and Abby who are staring at the new-found discovery.

Act Two

In the bull-pen, as Ziva looks on, Tony while looking through some crime-scene photos states that there's no evidence of forced entry, no bruises or marks to show that Lieutenant Hill was forced to pull the trigger or unconscious when she died before stating that all they've got is this: the footprints in the blood spatter which Tony regards as the Rorschach test from Hell.

As she approaches the desk, Ziva wants to know if Tony believes that Abby might be mistaken but Tony tells her that it's going to be tough to prove that the suicide was faked when all they've got are two partial footprints.

Ziva remarks that Lieutenant Hill could have been drugged and that the killer could have placed the pistol in her hand and pulled the trigger but Tony states that all the initial tox screens were negative.

Ziva looks at him and states that some narcotics are hard to trace and as for no evidence of forced entry, they could be dealing with a trained assassin.

Tony, on the other hand believes that Lieutenant Hill knew her killer before telling McGee that it's about time and Tony is starving like Lee Marvin.

As McGee approaches, Ziva grabs one of the bags and heads back to her desk while McGee tells Tony that he shouldn't have sent him for the world's greatest barbecue because McGee had to wait in line for an hour.

Tony then grabs the bag and smells it, smiling before stating that it will be worth it. McGee remarks that Tony's welcome before heading back to his desk, only to see Gibbs who approaches him.

As Gibbs looks inside the bag, McGee then begins stammering that he could go back and get Gibbs something but Gibbs tells McGee to sit down.

As McGee does that, Gibbs announces that no-one's earned dinner yet, causing Tony who's just about to take a bite out of his burger to stop.

Ziva agrees with Gibbs's statement although she doubts that this qualifies as dinner before wondering what it is. She sarcastically believes it's a sea-monkey but Tony tells her that it's goat and that it's kosher.

"Maybe", Ziva replies before placing the burger back into the bag. "But still disgusting".

Using the remote, Gibbs then brings up a photo of Lieutenant Hill and announces that there's a mole in the Pentagon and that their only lead lies dead in a slab in Autopsy before Gibbs yells that he wants answers.

Thankfully, McGee has some and announces that he ran the serial number of the murder weapon found in Lt. Hill's home and that he's just gotten a match.

As he heads over to the plasma and hits a button on the remote, a photo of Keira Napleton pops up, leaving Tony and Ziva because they interviewed Lieutenant Napleton who happens to be in the same unit as Hill last week.

"Looks like we didn't do such a good job", Ziva remarks.

As they get ready to go, McGee glances over at Ziva while Gibbs glares at Tony.

As he gets ready, Tony tells Gibbs that they'll bring Napleton before grabbing his burger to which Gibbs barks, "DiNozzo!".

Tony then changes his tune, remarking that they'll bring Napleton in now and that they'll eat dinner later. He and Ziva then leave the bullpen, still trying to get to grips with what they missed.

And as they head for the lift, Gibbs grabs the abandoned burger and takes a bite out of it before remarking, "Good goat" to McGee who nods.

A while later, Lieutenant Napleton is in Intrrogation when Gibbs comes in.

Napleton is confused, confessing that her middle name is IngBell but Gibbs tells her that she isn't here because of a middle name.

In Observation, as she and Tony eat pizza, Ziva remarks that Napleton is a turd or rather a geek with Tony stating that the correct term is "nerd".

Ziva states that it's just hard to picture Napleton as a killer.

Tony then brings up the time that he and Ziva superglued McGee's face to his desk with Ziva admitting that that's a good point.

Back in Interrogation, as Gibbs gets ready, Napleton wonders if she's in some form of legal trouble and she's only asking because no-one's informed her of her Article 31 rights yet.

"Want me to read them to you?", Gibbs wonders.

Napleton tells him that she has them memorized with Gibbs remarking that it's good because it'll save time. Napleton states that NCIS (Tony and Ziva) already interviewed her and that she is not a traitor to her country.

"Hm", Gibbs says before producing a photograph of Lieutenant Hill which he shows to Napleton, causing her to wonder if NCIS believe that Lara was the mole.

Gibbs wants to know about Lieutenant Hill with Napleton stating that Hill was Catholic, liked playing softball, that her left long was longer than her right but Gibbs gets straight to the point by stating that he's more interested in Lieutenant Hill being dead.

Napleton's stunned and admits that she doesn't know before suggesting that Lieutenant Hill might have been depressed.

"Enough to blow her head off?", Gibbs wonders.

Napleton is stunned that Lieutenant Hill shot herself.

Gibbs then produces another photograph, this time of a Kahr 9 mm which he informs Napleton is hers.

Back in Observation, Tony has his eyes glued to the TV while Ziva is looking at the window.

Napleton begins talking about another subject before Gibbs gets her back on track.

Napleton then reveals that she has orders for Norfolk so she told her townhouse and that Lieutenant Hill let Napleton stay with her until Napleton shipped out.

"Convenient", Gibbs grumbles.

Napleton remarks that most people would think so but the commuter wasn't better. Gibbs again interrupts by telling Napleton that Lieutenant Hill wasn't alone when she supposedly committed suicide.

"You think I was there with her?", Napleton asks as the situation sinks in. At Gibbs's silent look, Napleton insists that if she'd been there, she would have stopped Lieutenant Hill.

Gibbs then asks where Napleton was and after a moment, Napleton states that she was at Alphonese's the night before and that Alphonese is her boyfriend before revealing that she went straight to work from his house.

In Observation, Tony remarks that he doesn't believe it with Ziva stating that it appears that Napleton is telling the truth. Tony, on the other hand tells Ziva that he's talking about Napleton having a boyfriend.

"Oh", Ziva says.

"Come on", Tony replies.

Back in Interrogation, Gibbs slaps a writing pad and a pen in front of Napleton, stating that he needs her boyfriend's number and address.

As Napleton writes it down, she tells Gibbs that she'd appreciate it if Gibbs kept it quiet because apparently Napleton's parents are still under the impression that their daughter's a virgin.

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks deeply annoyed.

In the bullpen, Dorn has arrived and is busy grilling McGee.

At his desk, McGee who's playing with a pen tells Dorn that it's hard to say and that Gibbs doesn't like to being interrupted during interrogation.

Dorn's stunned, stating that it's almost 0200 in the morning. Gibbs arrives in, telling Dorn that they're just getting started but Dorn unsurprisingly wants to know if NCIS believe that Napleton is the mole.

As Gibbs sits down, he tells Dorn that Napleton's staying put until they check her alibi. Dorn wants to know about the alibi but Gibbs tells him that it's too soon to say. Dorn then tells Gibbs that they have another problem now and it's the relevation that security may have been compromised.

"May have?", Gibbs wonders.

Dorn then reveals that after Gibbs and McGee left today, Dorn conducted a thorough inventory of the section and that every piece of technology was examined before showing Gibbs a small item and asking Gibbs what it is.

McGee starts to say something but Gibbs states that it's one of those memory doodah things for a computer. At his desk, McGee just pauses, obviously disappointed that he didn't get to say what it was.

Dorn agrees, stating that they basically use it to transfer data between terminals and that at night they're checked in, kept in a vault and that they never leave this section and that Dorn found it today in its proper place but the only problem is that someone took the memory cartridge out.

Gibbs wants to know who has access to the vault with Dorn stating that it's two people: both Lieutenant Hill and Lieutenant Napleton.

Gibbs wonders what was on it with Dorn stating that it could be anything and that it holds over two gigs of information.

At once, Gibbs tells McGee to bag the evidence and that McGee should get a hold of Ziva and Tony and tell them that they're heading out.

As McGee gets up from his desk and approaches Gibbs's desk to take the evidence, he asks Gibbs where they're going.

"To look for the other doodah that goes inside that one", Gibbs replies.

"On it", McGee replies and heads off.

Dorn then tells Gibbs that this is his fault and that he's already offered his resignation to the admiral but as Gibbs grabs his coat and leaves, he tells Dorn not to fall on his sword yet because like Gibbs said, they're just getting started.

A while later, the team are at Lieutenant Napleton's home and as McGee searches the air ducts, he tells the others that the flash card could be anywhere and that if they find it not to touch the contacts.

Ziva who's busy going through some Chinese food remarks that Mossad training does not include food service but unsurprisingly, Gibbs ignores her. McGee stops examining the air ducts and remarks that it hasn't been cleaned in years.

Tony then remarks that it's a heating duct and that no-one cleans heating ducts, well except for McGee.

At the counter, Ziva is overwhelmed by the smell, remarking that it smells like it's been here for a month with McGee telling Ziva that's exactly why he doesn't have a roommate.

Gibbs agrees, stating that roommates are never a good idea.

McGee wonders if Gibbs ever had any roommates.

"Three, McGee", Gibbs replies. "They're called wives".

It then cuts to McGee who makes a face, obviously aware that he's hit a sore spot. The search then escalates as the team search Napleton's house for any sign of the missing flash card but so far, no luck.

A few hours later, with the sitting room a mess, McGee sits on the couch, grabbing some rest while Tony and Ziva lean against a counter, sleeping, Ziva's head perched on Tony's left shoulder.

As the team sleep, Gibbs is still searching through the items and while digging through some cereal, finds the flash card. He tells the team to pack up and that he found it.

At that news, McGee, Tony and Ziva wake up with Gibbs remarking that it looks they're putting decoder rings in cereal boxes again.

At his team's confused expressions, Gibbs says, "What?" with Tony telling Gibbs that it was a little before their time. Gibbs just smiles before grabbing his cap with the others following while Tony yawns.

In the lab, as Abby examines the flash-card, McGee is lying on her desk, sleeping. Tony and Ziva arrive in with Ziva asking Abby if she found anything.

Abby tells Ziva that she got a partial print off the flash card and that she's running it right now.

Tony, on the other hand is much more interested in McGee and Abby asks Ziva if the team had a rough night. Ziva tells Abby if there's any other kind with Gibbs but Abby remains positive, stating that it could be worse and that it could be Saturday.

"It is Saturday", Ziva announces.

"See? It just got worse. Thanks", Abby replies while Ziva just smiles.

While studying McGee, Tony wonders if Abby has any Super Glue. Gibbs ends that by arriving in and giving DiNozzo a Headslap before wondering what did he tell Tony?

Gibbs then gives Abby a Caf-Pow as Tony remarks, "The skin might not grow back".

This stirs McGee from his nap and as he awakens, Gibbs wonders what they've got. Abby tells Gibbs that the partial print didn't match anyone at the crypto unit so Abby's busy running it through AFIS and other databases.

Gibbs then calls on McGee who tells him that they've dumped the contents of the flash card but the information is encrypted so they're going to need someone from the crypto section to have access to their codes.

Gibbs announces that Dorn will be coming later and turns to go but Abby stops him by announcing that she's gotten a hit and that it's from the Office of Foreign Missions.

Up in the bullpen, the team tell Gibbs that the print belongs to Simon Roca, the protocol officer at the embassy of Venezuela and that he has an apartment in the Watergate and that he has been on station since last June.

McGee then realizes that if Hill was selling code, then Roca could be the source of the money they found in Lieutenant Hill's home. Tony then remarks that Roca killed Hill because he knew that she wouldn't hold under questioning.

McGee wonders if they're bringing Roca in.

As Gibbs leaves, he tells McGee that they can't with McGee being stunned because Roca murdered a United States Naval Officer.

In a Scottish accent, Tony tells McGee that Roca has a licence to kill.

"He's got full diplomatic immunity", Ziva states.

McGee after learning from Gibbs, Tony and Ziva that their suspect, Simon Roca can't be arrested due to Roca having full diplomatic immunity.

It then cuts to McGee who looks at the screen, completely stunned.

Act Three

In MTAC, Gibbs is having a conference call with Ron Levinson who wonders what the State Department can do for NCIS at 7:30 on a Saturday?

Gibbs then tells Levinson that he's got a dead Naval officer who might be a mole and that evidence connects her to a foreign diplomat.

When Levinson asks what country, Gibbs tells him it's Venezuela and that the man's name is Simon Roca.

In dismay, Levinson states that it's a bad choice before urging Gibbs to pick another.

Gibbs just smiles and tells Levinson that he wants to question Roca. As Levinson scribbles something, he asks Gibbs if he's aware of the US's relations with Venezuela. "They're about to get worse", Gibbs remarks.

Levinson tells Gibbs that Venezuela has already accused the U.S of meddling in their internal affairs and that the Venezuelan petroleum minister has threatened to cut off future oil shipments and close the Venezuelan refineries in the U.S.

Gibbs isn't concerned, instead choosing to wonder what time he can question Roca. Levinson states that Roca has diplomatic immunity. Gibbs argues that Roca is a foreign intelligence officer who murdered a Navy Lieutenant

Levinson wants to know if Gibbs has proof.

Gibbs states that Lieutenant Hill's death was made to look like a suicide but Levinson states that it means that Gibbs can't prove it.

Gibbs then reveals that Roca's prints were found on classified Pentagon hardware recovered from Lieutenant Hill's home.

Levinson states that the Vienna Convention exists for a reason and that if Gibbs can prove Roca committed murder, Levinson means prove... Gibbs impatiently snaps that by the time he proves it, then Roca will have left the country.

Levinson then says that if they take their proof to the Secretary and if she signs off on it, they then ask the Venezuelan Foreign Mission to waive Roca's immunity but that's not going to be likely.

"And he walks for murder?", Gibbs states, annoyed.

Levinson states that he doesn't make the rules but that he does expect Gibbs to follow them. As Gibbs dumps his headset on the table and leaves MTAC, Levinson states that unless they give him permission, Gibbs can't question Roca.

Upon realizing that Gibbs is gone, Levinson calls for Gibbs but gets no response.

In the squad-room as Joe the Janitor passes by, Ziva and McGee are at their desks, working when Abby walks in.

As Ziva and McGee work, Tony lies on his desk, fast asleep, snoring loudly.

Abby then heads for Gibbs's desk and sits down on the chair as Ziva and McGee exchange looks.

"Hey, boss", McGee says.

"Nice try, Probie", Tony mutters.

Almost instantly, an annoyed Gibbs having arrived into the bullpen kicks Tony's desk, causing Tony to wake up albeit abruptly from his nap.

Tony assures Gibbs that his sleep was a power nap. Tony then informs Gibbs that the doorman at the Watergate hasn't seen Roca in two days which means that Roca's probably holed up in the embassy.

Gibbs nods and tells Tony to go take Ziva and find out before stating that they can't question him.

"Gonna be awful hard to ask answers if I can't ask questions", Tony states.

"DiNozzo", Gibbs snaps. "If it was easy, I would send Joe the Janitor".

Ziva reports that Customs hasn't checked Roca's passport in the last 24 hours and that Roca is most likely still in the country but McGee states, "Not for long" before telling them that the Venezuela Embassy booked a private jet this morning out of Loudoun County Airport.

Gibbs then gets in McGee's face and wonders when the flight's leaving with McGee apologizing and stating that the flight leaves today and that Simon Roca's name is listed as a passenger.

As he examines the screen, Gibbs states that they need to tie Roca to Lieutenant Hill's murder before Roca boards the plane. Gibbs then tells the team to go and as Tony and Ziva leave, Gibbs rounds on Abby who stops what she's doing and glances at him.

Gibbs wants to know how they can prove that the Lieutenant's death wasn't a suicide.

"In a day?", Abby wonders.

Gibbs then tells Abby that he believes that Lieutenant Hill was unconscious when it happened. Abby then states that if Ducky can examine the brain tissue and send her a sample, then she might be able to prove it.

Gibbs tells her to do that.

As Abby leaves, Gibbs heads for his desk, grabbing his phone. Abby then tells Gibbs that Ducky doesn't get in until noon before wondering if she wants Gibbs to call him or if Gibbs himself wants the pleasure...

Upon realizing that Gibbs is already calling Ducky, Abby smiles and leaves.

It then cuts to Gibbs who still has the phone to his ear and who sits down at his desk.

Meanwhile, Tony and Ziva are staking out the Venezuelan Embassy. As Ziva examines the building, she tells Tony she's been thinking and she wonders if he remembers the time they were locked in that container?

She also states that Tony told her that he once took piano lessons and she tells Tony that he should start again, this time with Ziva as his teacher and that it might be fun. Ziva then stops upon realizing that Tony isn't reacting and she waves her hand in front of his face but doesn't get a response.

As she sips some water, Ziva remarks that she's sure Tony would make a lousy student anyway. She then gets the idea to pour water onto Tony's lap but Tony tells her to do it and die, Amadeus.

Ziva casually remarks that she thought Tony was asleep. Tony tells her that she thought wrong and that he was meditating. Ziva wants to know what about. Tony then remarks that when Ziva said she was a screamer, she meant..

Ziva replies that she did before stating that they've got company.

Jack Lyon arrives and tells them that it's a restricted zone and that they can't park here. Tony states that they're NCIS and that they're looking for Venezuelan Protocol Officer Simon Roca.

Lyons remarks that Roca is Don Juan before remarking that they give them nicknames to help relieve the boredom. Lyons then remarks that people seem to think that the Secret Service is like Clint Eastwood protecting the President.

Tony realizes that it's In the Line of Fire that Lyons is talking about and that it's a good movie. Lyons remarks that he wishes it were that exciting before asking Tony how he likes NCIS with Tony admitting that it has its moments.

Lyons starts to ask about the good hours but Ziva cuts to the chase by asking if Roca is in or not? Lyons remarks that Roca which is unusual. Tony wonders why that is with Lyons stating that he's been here for over a year and that Don Juan's never spent the night before and that the day guy logged him in at 11:16am the previous day.

As they look over, Tony remarks that Roca looks pretty refreshed. Ziva wants to know who the African-American man is. Lyons tells her that it's Roca's driver and that it looks like they're getting ready to go for a ride.

Tony then thanks Lyons who leaves as Ziva looks back.

Back in NCIS, Gibbs arrives into the bullpen just as his phone is ringing. He answers it and it's shown that the caller is Tony who tells Gibbs that Roca is in the embassy and that it looks like Roca's taking sanctuary until the flight.

Gibbs tells Tony to stay on station and set up a video link to MTAC before stating that he wants to know when Roca moves.

"On it", Tony replies.

And as he hangs up, Tony places a small video camera onto the dashboard before asking Ziva if she wasn't planning on sleeping. Ziva then tells him that it's not unless Tony is planning on taking a shower anytime soon.

"What's that supposed to mean?", Tony wonders.

Ziva just sniffs at Tony before looking out the window again.

In the morgue, Palmer's telling Abby that he doesn't know about this and that Dr. Mallard won't even let Jimmy sit in his chair without supervision.

Abby tells him that's because Jimmy keeps on messing with the height adjustments and she also tells him that he can do this.

Jimmy disagrees, stating that it isn't a good idea.

As Abby puts on her own cover after putting Jimmy's on, she tells Jimmy that they don't have time to wait for Ducky on this. She then heads over to the table and picks up the saw while wondering what comes first.

Jimmy tells her to be careful and that they're all in a very specific order of some sort. He then grabs the saw from Abby and places it back down on the table. Abby tells Jimmy to stop being so "Palmer".

Jimmy then gets his thoughts together and tells Abby that he'll need a scalpel. Abby then produces one, leaving Jimmy stunned. She then tells Jimmy is he really going to do this or will Abby have to?

Taking the scalpel, Jimmy states, "I'll do it" and as he prepares to work, Ducky enters the morgue, wondering what the other two are doing. Jimmy stammers before telling Ducky that Abby made her do it with Abby responding by hitting Jimmy.

Ducky tells Jimmy that everything seems to be in order and why doesn't Jimmy begin while Ducky gets changed? Jimmy's stunned at the thought that Ducky's not mad. Ducky then tells Jimmy that work cannot stop just because his mother's nurse elected to abandon them on a Saturday morning and as he turns away, Ducky tells Jimmy that he applauds his initiative.

Abby wants to know what Ducky did with his mother.

And right on cue, Victoria Mallard enters the morgue, calling for Ducky as Abby and Jimmy look on. Victoria protests that Ducky promised her that they were going for a ride. Ducky tells his mother that they did go for a ride.

Victoria agrees before complaining that Ducky drives too fast much to Abby and Jimmy's amusement. Victoria then spots Lieutenant Hill's body on the table and wonders if that's their housekeeper.

As Jimmy stands in front of the body, Ducky tells his mother that Mrs. Leary, their housekeeper left for Ireland ten years ago. Jimmy then introduces himself to Victoria who says hello before telling Ducky to ask the boy (Jimmy) to pour him a drink.

"We are not at home, Mother", Ducky replies firmly. "And Jimmy is not a servant".

"Very well", Victoria grumbles. "I shall do it myself".

With that, Victoria then heads over to the glass cabinet in the corner and begins examining the drinks while Ducky then approaches Abby, asking her for a favor and that it's just until he and Jimmy are finished.

While this goes on, Victoria mutters, "Oh, lovely single malt".

Abby then smiles and states, "Of course".

She then approaches Victoria and calls the other woman's name. When Victoria looks at her, Abby wonders if Mrs. Mallard would like to see her mass spectrometer. Victoria then remarks that Abby is a charming young lady and that of course she would.

As they leave, Abby gives her protective shield over to Jimmy while Victoria wonders what a mass spec is and does it move very fast? Abby pauses for a second and as the morgue doors close, Ducky heads off to get ready.

Back at the Embassy, with the main camera on the dashboard, the entrance is being monitored via a laptop. As Tony looks through some specs, he wonders if he can ask Ziva a question.

She tells him he can.

Lowering the specs, Tony wonders if Ziva really thinks that he smells. Ziva assures Tony that she was just kidding and resumes looking out the window but seconds later, turns back after realizing that Tony has farted.

"What about now?", Tony wonders.

"You are disgusting", Ziva snaps, hitting Tony. "You do that again and I'll shoot you" before telling Tony if he's gotten before saying, "Oh!". Tony then tells her to start the car. Ziva then grumbles about what good it will do if Tony's still in it.

Tony then looks through the specs while gesturing with his thumb.

Ziva then takes the hint and glances back at the Embassy where she sees Lyons nodding. Tony brings the camera around to the entrance where it then cuts to MTAC and it's shown that Gibbs is there, watching the live-feed.

Suddenly, a car emerges and Tony glances through the specs, confirming that it's Roca's car. Ziva tells Gibbs that Roca's leaving while in MTAC, McGee tells Gibbs that the private jet Roca booked is refuelled and standing by.

McGee then tells Gibbs that a diplomat's car is considered foreign soil and that it's as sovereign as the embassy while back in the car, Tony asks Gibbs what he and Ziva do. Gibbs then replies, "Delay him".

"Okay, here we go", Ziva replies, putting the car into gear as they head off after Roca's car.

In the lab, Victoria picks up Bert from the shelf, remarking that it's hippopotamus amphibious- the river horse. Victoria then remarks that she once swam with them while she was on safari in Kenya and she hugs Bert, causing to fart which has Victoria apologizing.

As Abby removes her morgue clothing, she tells Victoria that it's Bert, the hippo and that he's supposed to do that. Victoria's stunned before remarking, "How delightful" and as she hugs Bert, causing it to fart, she remarks that it reminds her of her bagpipe-playing days.

At the table, Victoria then tells Abby that without those longshoremen tattoos and the dog collar, she'd be the exact spitting image of Victoria's sister, Gloria. Abby thanks Victoria but Victoria states that she hated Gloria because apparently, Gloria tried to sleep with Victoria's late husband and possibly Ducky's father while he was still alive. Thankfully, Ducky puts an end to the gossip by snapping, "Mother!" before telling Victoria that he's sure Abigail doesn't want to hear any more of their family troubles.

Abby then tells Ducky that they're fine and that they're having a good time. Ducky then tells Abby that he has some brain tissue for her and that he needs a full run-down but Victoria interrupts by wondering if Ducky slept with Abby.

"Mother, please", Ducky states.

Victoria then states that it's about time she had some grandchildren and she then tells Abby that Ducky isn't getting any younger and Abby needs to move fast. It then cuts to Abby and Ducky who look at each other, uncomfortable.

In the car, Tony's wondering how Gibbs expects them to delay Roca with Ziva announcing that she has a plan and she tells Tony to buckle his seatbelt. She then puts her foot down on the pedal and the car sweeps forward, eventually crashing into the back of Roca's car.

As they get out of the car, Ziva tells the driver in Hebrew she's really sorry and that it's all her fault. She then knocks on the window and begins speaking in Yiddish while the woman who was driving the car talks in Spanish.

Tony then glances down at the car and it's shown that the back seat is completely empty.

Ziva looks at Tony.

It then cuts to Tony who looks stunned.

Act Four

In MTAC, McGee tells Gibbs that this was recorded five minutes ago and on the big screen, it has footage of Roca getting out of an SUV with McGee telling Gibbs that it looks like Roca managed to avoid both Tony and Ziva.

"You think, McGee?", Gibbs snaps.

McGee then tells Gibbs that Roca's plane is scheduled to depart within an hour and that they can't win them all but Gibbs isn't deterred, stating the plane hasn't left yet before ordering McGee to delay it.

McGee wants to know how exactly.

Gibbs tells McGee to call the control tower and tell them that there's a possible security risk before suggesting that McGee make something up.

When McGee hesitates about making something up while wondering if they (NCIS) can do, Gibbs rounds on McGee, stating, "I don't know, McGee. Can you?".

As it cuts to Roca waving goodbye as he boards the plane and while McGee's busy, Gibbs is told that a feed from the State Department is coming in and sure enough, footage of Roca is replaced with a live feed of an extremely pissed off Levinson who wants to know what the Hell Gibbs's people were thinking before stating that it was a diplomatic vehicle that they rammed.

Gibbs tells Levinson that they were told that they couldn't question Roca and that he wasn't in the vehicle so what is Levinson's problem?

Levinson starts to say something but Gibbs wonders if Levinson's worried about insurance because NCIS has excellent coverage.

Levinson then tells Gibbs that he's straining an already tenuous situation.

Gibbs then tells Levinson that they both know that Roca is no diplomat whatsoever and that Roca is a foreign spy operating on American soil.

"Then prove it", Levinson snaps.

Gibbs then asks for permission so that NCIS can take Roca into custody and that if it helps, Levinson should tell his people that Roca might have documents vital to national security and eventually, after a moment of doubt, Levinson agrees, stating that he'll get started on the paperwork.

Gibbs wants to know before gesturing to McGee who nods while Levinson tells Gibbs that if he fast-tracks the request, then maybe a week.

While this happens, McGee hangs up and tells Gibbs that he spoke to the control tower and that he convinced them to re-screen all the passengers at a small airport which delay them for an hour or two at the most. Gibbs then states Roca's on a private jet right now and that he's leaving the country.

Levinson then tells them that the best he can do is lodge a formal complaint with the embassy and bar him from returning. Gibbs angrily snaps that Roca isn't coming back and that Roca is getting away with murder.

However, the talk is interrupted when the NCIS Tech tells Gibbs that someone's trying to gain access to MTAC with an unauthorized code. Gibbs then gives McGee his headset and clipboard before heading back out into the stairway to find out what's going on.

Gibbs flings open the door to MTAC to see what the threat is and realizes that it's Ducky's mother, Victoria who's causing the security breach by banging her stick against the iris scanner.

When Gibbs says hello, Victoria tells him that this thing must be broken and as Gibbs and the unnamed Tech heads over to her, Victoria complains that she can't see anyone dancing in there.

Two security guards attempt to see what's going on but Gibbs assures them that everything's fine. The tech wonders if she should get back but Gibbs tells her, "For what?" before turning to Victoria who's still banging her stick against the wall.

As the tech returns to MTAC, Gibbs then asks Victoria if she's looking for her son and as they walk away, Victoria wonders if they've met before. Gibbs introduces himself as Leroy Jethro Gibbs which has Victoria remarking, "Of the Southampton Gibbs?".

As they reach the lift, Gibbs remarks, "Why don't we see if you can't find Dr. Mallard, all right?" but Victoria tells Gibbs or rather Matthew that he's very handsome before asking Gibbs if he's married.

As the lift doors close, it cuts to Gibbs who's smiling.

In the morgue, Jimmy's apologizing to Ducky, stating that he just turned his back for a second but Ducky assures Jimmy that he shouldn't worry because apparently, Ducky loses his mother all the time.

Jimmy comments that Victoria is really fast for her age and as Ducky heads over to the desk, he tells Jimmy that he'll call security but as he reaches the desk, the doors to the morgue open and Victoria is heard telling Gibbs that he might find it hard to believe but Donald was the cutest child, that Ducky had long, curly blond hair and that everyone thought he was a girl until he was twelve and his voice changed.

Ducky then tells Jimmy to chain Victoria to the chair while Ducky tells Gibbs what he's found.

As Jimmy helps Victoria, she calls him "Leonard" and that she's still waiting for that drink. Ducky tells Gibbs that he's certain that the shot to Lieutenant Hill's head was perimorterm based on the lack of tissue reaction in her brain and when Lieutenant Hill was shot, she was unconscious.

Gibbs wants to know how Hill got that way and Ducky brings him over to show him an X-ray of Lieutenant Hill's head and neck before revealing that the left superior cartoid artery is narrowed and that it's a restricted blood flow, causing Gibbs to realize that it's actually a choke-hold.

Ducky states that slight pressure for ten seconds will render a victim unconscious and leaves no external bruising whatsoever. He then tells Gibbs that he gave Abby some brain tissue samples so that she could check for C02 levels.

Gibbs wonders if there's any way to tie Roca to it with Ducky stating that Roca didn't leave any prints on her skin and that there's a chance that some of the samples they took from Lieutenant Hill's body could have some of Roca's DNA but they don't have any of Roca's DNA for comparison and with diplomatic immunity?

Gibbs states that Roca's leaving in two hours and he tells Ducky to find him something before leaving. As he goes, Victoria tells Gibbs or rather Matthew that she's expecting his call but even though she can't remember her number, Gibbs can get it from Ducky.

Gibbs then looks at Ducky who puts a hand to his forehead, obviously frustrated.

In the lab, and while Abby looks through a microscope in the second room, in the main area, McGee and Dorn are examining the flash card's contents with McGee telling Dorn that he's tried everything.

Dorn states that it's encrypted and that the codes are changed every day while wondering if McGee could get a date.

McGee states that he could try.

As McGee works on it, Dorn states that Lieutenant Hill could barely drive her own car and that he can't believe that she could be the mole.

McGee then tells Dorn that's probably why Lieutenant Hill was so successful.

Dorn agrees before stating that this isn't exactly the way he wanted to end his Naval career, asleep at the damn switch. Gibbs then comes in, wondering what was on the flash card or the doodad thing.

McGee tells Gibbs that he can't tell yet with Dorn stating that he needs one of his people down here to decode it before asking Gibbs if they're still holding Lieutenant Napleton. Gibbs admits that they are.

Dorn then states that if they've cleared Lieutenant Napleton, then Dorn could sure use Napleton's help. Gibbs just looks at Dorn who wonders if they believe that Napleton is involved. Gibbs then tells Dorn that they're investigating treason and that right now, Gibbs is suspecting everyone.

Dorn then wonders if Hill wasn't the mole, then why did she blow her brains out or rather shoot herself in the head? Gibbs states that Hill didn't because she had help and that he found a fingerprint on that flash-chip thing and it probably belongs to the person who did it.

Dorn wants to know if it's Napleton but Gibbs states that it's actually the protocol officer from the Venezuelan Embassy before heading into the other room to see Abby.

It then cuts to Dorn who looks stunned.

As Gibbs heads into the room, Abby without looking up tells Gibbs that before he asks, he hasn't found any physical evidence linking Roca to Hill's murder yet.

Gibbs tells Abby that can wait because he needs her to do something else for him and that it will only take a few minutes.

"Might go faster if I have another one of these", Abby says, waving her empty Caf-Pow around but Gibbs simply puts the Caf-Pow on the table and then tells Abby too much caffeine isn't good for her.

Abby just looks at him.

Gibbs then gets back on topic by telling her that he needs her to check the cereal box for GSR.

Abby wants to know with Gibbs stating that he doesn't think that Lieutenant Hill put the chip in there.

Up in the bullpen, Ziva tells Tony that she's begging him. Tony then states, "No way" and tells Ziva that he doesn't care how nice she is, how much she brides me or how much she threatens him he's not filling out the paperwork.

As Tony grabs a new shirt, Ziva states that she's not objecting to the filing of the accident report but she would rather prefer if Tony said that he was the one driving the car. Tony tells her that's lying and lying is bad.

"Will you just listen to me?", Ziva snaps.

Tony then tells Ziva that he's listening and Ziva states that Tony's right before apologizing. As she sits on Tony's desk, Ziva states that she's only been at NCIS for a short while and that it would look very bad for her to have another accident in her dossier.

"Another accident?", Tony states.

Ziva then states that she's had some difficulties but Tony states that "some" suggests more than one before asking her how many. Ziva wonders if it's that really important and as she gets up from her desk, she grabs Tony, stating that she's had three accidents before insisting the second wasn't her fault.

As she lets go, Ziva then wonders if Tony is going to help her, yes or no. Tony then tells her that it depends before wondering what's in it for him. Ziva then heads over to Tony and tells him that it's anything.

But the moment is interrupted when Gibbs wanders, telling Tony to button his shirt and Tony states that Ziva came into his space but Gibbs tells Tony that he doesn't care because Roca's at the damn airport.

Tony then admits that it's his fault and that he takes full responsibility and at her desk, Ziva smiles. Tony then states that he shouldn't have let Ziva drive while at her desk, Ziva just looks stunned at Tony dropping her right in it.

Gibbs states that it doesn't fit with Tony believing that Gibbs is talking about his t-shirt but a single glare from Gibbs has Tony realizing that Gibbs is actually talking about Simon Roca and at that, Gibbs states that Roca has diplomatic immunity and that Roca knows that NCIS can't stop him from leaving the United States.

Ziva then wonders about the shell game with Roca's car before wondering how Roca even knew NCIS were on to him in the first place. Gibbs's phone ring and he tells the person at the end that he's on his way.

As he leaves, Gibbs gives Tony a Headslap with Tony asking what that was for. Gibbs states that it was because Tony was blackmailing Ziva.

As Gibbs leaves, McGee and Dorn arrive in with McGee catching up to Gibbs while telling Gibbs that the flash card data is too corrupted to read and Dorn starts to say that he can take a copy back and have his people look at it but Gibbs tells them that it's too late and that their person of interest just got clearance for take-off.

Gibbs then asks Dorn if he wants to see the person who killed Lieutenant Hill get away before urging him to hurry up. As he reaches the first half of the stairway, Abby arrives and tells Gibbs to come here.

She leans down and whispers, "You were right".

Once that's over, Gibbs then asks McGee, DiNozzo and Ziva if they're waiting for an invitation, causing the three to race up the steps while Abby looks on.

A while later, Gibbs, Dorn, McGee, Tony and Ziva arrive in with Dorn wondering if Roca gets a free pass.

As they take their positions, McGee explains that when a foreign diplomat is accused of espionage, all they can ask the diplomat to do is leave.

Gibbs states that Roca's doing it by himself with Dorn stating that if Roca could walk at any time, then why did Roca murder Lieutenant Hill?

Ziva then states that without Hill's testimony, it would be hard to prove a case against him.

Dorn then realizes that's it and that there's nothing they can do but Gibbs tells Dorn that he didn't say that because they can still arrest Lieutenant Hill's murderer.

As Ziva, Tony and McGee look on, Gibbs explains that outside of his team, only two people know how Lieutenant Hill died: Lieutenant Napleton and the person who killed Lieutenant Hill.

Still staring ahead, Gibbs wonders how Dorn could have known that Lieutenant Hill shot herself.

Dorn then stammers and states that Napleton told him but Gibbs blows that lie out of the water by stating that Napleton has been in isolation ever since she found out.

McGee states that Dorn was the one who told them about the missing flash card with Ziva stating that it was the only thing tying Roca to the case and that it was convenient.

Tony then states holing up inside the embassy, booking private planes and as he approaches Dorn, Tony tells Dorn that the Captain wanted NCIS to focus on Roca.

Dorn's still in denial, insisting that Hill stole the flash card.

Gibbs tells Dorn that there's gunshot reside on the outside of the cereal box that they found the flash card in before stating that the killer put the flash card there after he shot Lt. Hill.

As Gibbs says that, Tony steps behind Dorn just as Gibbs finishes stating that Hill was framed.

Dorn again tries to paint Napleton as the guilty party but Gibbs tells the Captain that Napleton's alibi checked out just as Tony cuffs Dorn.

Ziva then states that she's impressed because the diplomat takes the blame, NCIS get their mole and Dorn's cover remains intact before telling Dorn that she'll have to remember that one.

Tony then tells Ziva that she could just rent "No Way Out".

Gibbs then states that he'll take it from here and he tells Tony, Ziva and McGee to go home and get some rest before telling them good job.

As they all leave, Gibbs tightens the cuffs on Dorn, causing Dorn to grunt with pain while Gibbs tells Dorn that the resignation that Dorn offered the Admiral earlier?

Gibbs remarks that he's got a feeling that the Admiral will accept it.

It then cuts to Gibbs who's busy dragging the disgraced Captain Dorn out of MTAC.


Series Regulars

Season Three Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Jennifer Shepard Lauren Holly The Director of NCIS who was also Gibbs's former girlfriend and partner. Despite being credited, Holly does not appear in this episode.
Ziva David Cote de Pablo The Mossad Liaison Officer to NCIS.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Ducky's assistant.
Victoria Mallard Nina Foch Ducky's mother.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Kevin Dorn Scott Paulin Captain in the United States Navy.
Ron Levinson Mark Harelik An official with the State Department.
Keira Napleton Kimberlee Peterson Lieutenant in the United States Navy who worked in the Pentagon's cryptography department.
Jack Lyon Jonathan Fraser An agent with the Secret Service.
NCIS Tech Adria Dawn A tech in MTAC.
NCIS Probie Agent Sam Mathewes Uncredited role.
Simon Roca Steve Sparks A protocol officer for the Venezuelan embassy. Uncredited role.
Lara Hill Oriana Oppice Lieutenant in the United States Navy and the main murder victim. Uncredited role.
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