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Vanished is the third episode in NCIS Season 2 as well as the 26th episode of the entire NCIS series.


A farmer discovers a marine attack helicopter in the middle of his field with the helicopter itself resting inside a crop circle. As a result of both Marine pilots who have completely disappeared, NCIS is called in to investigate and in the process, come across a small town named Smokey Corners in West Virginia. They also discover that the town itself is being ripped apart by a long-running feud, one that has lasted for ten years and has also split the area right down the middle. When a body with connections to one of the missing pilots is found in a burned cabin, the team seek to uncover the truth and find the missing pilot but their investigation's hampered by some of the locals who are unwilling to trust outsiders, believing that the feud is their business although one young woman is willing to help the team at the risk of facing the wrath of her abusive father. The team soon realize that the missing pilot in question has been dragged back into the raging feud and is hellbent on exacting revenge by any means necessary, forcing them to personally step in and resolve things once and for all.


Logan Clay who's drinking from a mug while driving his tractor arrives at his field to begin work and gets a huge surprise when he sees a helicopter that has been abandoned sitting in his field.

The camera then pulls back to reveal that the helicopter and shows that there are a series of crop circles around the field.

Act One

As she arrives for work, NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd is disgusted to see her partner, Anthony DiNozzo Junior clipping his fingernails but when DiNozzo asks her if it bothers her, she tells him that what bothers her is that doesn't bother her anymore.

DiNozzo thinks he's an acquired taste but Timothy McGee believes it's the Stockholm Syndrome- the emotional attachment formed to a captor by a hostage as a result of continuous stress and the need to co-operation for survival.

DiNozzo glares at McGee and holds up a bin.

Seconds later, Leroy Jethro Gibbs arrives in, throwing his coffee cup into the bin, causing DiNozzo to remark, "Nice shot".

Gibbs then announces that they're going to Smoky Corners, West Virigina because a Marine helo was found abandoned and the crew's missing.

When Kate asks about any leads, Gibbs tells her it's sitting in the middle of a crop circle.

"Abby's gonna make us crazy", McGee mutters.

"Come on! Let's go!", Gibbs orders.

They soon make it to the scene with Gibbs and Kate in the Charger while McGee and DiNozzo are in the Major Case Response Team truck.

Upon arriving, they discover to their dismay that a group of Marines are already on sight.

Gibbs meets Lt. Colonel Curtis Teague who doesn't apologize for contaminating the scene as he wasn't going to sit on his ass and wait for NCIS to arrive down from Washington.

Gibbs tells him that elimination prints will be have to taken from all of Teague's people and with that, Teague orders his men to stand down so that NCIS can do their job.

The men stand down and Teague informs Gibbs that there's no damage of any kind to the helicopter and that everything's working with the fuel even being at 60%.

Teague then informs Gibbs that the helicopter left the base 2300 the night before for a proficiency flight and that when the flight controller lost the signal ten minutes out, Teague was informed half an hour later. He then tells that Gibbs that they were in the process of organizing a local search when the local sheriff, Miller Thompson rang just after sunrise and told him where the copter was along with the news that the local farmer found it after sunrise.

Gibbs then gives the team their assignments: DiNozzo is tasked with sketching and shooting, Kate will bag and tag evidence from the helicopter while McGee will lay out a search grid of the entire field.

As a helicopter flies overhead, Teague tells Gibbs that they've just started looking for the Marines and he's ignoring the whole helicopter lying in a crop circle situation yet he wants to know Gibbs's thoughts.

While Gibbs believes that the men weren't abducted by aliens, he tells Teague that they're not going to rule anything out before asking for an overhead view.

A Sergeant then steps forward, having been prompted by Teague and then gives Gibbs a small memory card containing photographs of the whole area.

Teague informs that the missing pilots are Captain Todd Newell and co-pilot, Captain Patrick Barnett.

They're good Marines but they're young hotshots.

Gibbs bypasses the farmer and sheriff while Teague tells him that the two Marines share an apartment off-base.

Gibbs requests their officer qualification records and NATOPS jackets as well before yelling for McGee who rushes over.

Gibbs gives him the small card and orders that the shots be emailed to Abby despite McGee stating that she's obsessed with the paranormal.

A single glare from Gibbs has McGee running off again.

Gibbs and Teague vow to keep it from the media for fear of UFO freaks crawling around the place.

DiNozzo and Kate are still at the helicopter, taking photographs and processing it respectively with Tony remarking that he should have an aviator because helicopters are chick magnets.

Kate, on the other hand doesn't share his love, stating that she hates them and that they're loud, uncomfortable and dangerous. She even mentions that she even dreaded getting on Marine One with the President but stops when she sees Tony snatching or rather adjusting his trousers.

She tells DiNozzo that she's had enough of his locker room mentality and that if someone she was dating did that, she would be very upset.

"Well, we work together. So feel free to scratch or adjust anything you like in front of me", Tony suggests.

Kate laughs sarcastically.

Gibbs is interviewing Logan, the farmer and Miller, the sheriff. Logan tells him that he's always up before the sun and despite the field being 30 acres, it's a lot of work.

When Gibbs states that they didn't hear anything, Logan tells him he didn't but he's more interested in the helicopter being removed because he's got work to do.

Gibbs then asks Logan what he thinks happened to his field. Logan tells him to ask the circle because apparently, this isn't the first time a crop circle has appeared.

Miller interjects with the news that there was something similar in 1994 but they didn't get any answers from the Air Force who investigated and Miller remembers that there were lights at the time.

Logan agrees, stating that the lights were so bright that they lit up the sky and even woke him up but it wasn't lightning because there was no thunder at all.

Logan then insists that he didn't hear anything and that he tried to put it all out of his mind until he discovered the helicopter.

When Gibbs tells Logan they might have more questions for him, Logan tells him he ain't going anywhere and leaves.

Miller then vows to ask around and see if anyone saw anything but Gibbs stops him by asking how long he's been sheriff.

Miller tells it's been a couple of years and he even admits to Gibbs that he runs the grain and feed store.

In her lab, Abigail Sciuto is amazed at the photos, remarking that they're similar to Glastonbury in the 1980s.

McGee tries to get Abby to believe that the crop circles are a hoax just like tarot cards and telephone psychics.

However, Abby is too wrapped up in the crop circles theory and begins asking McGee for pictures, specimens of the stalks right down to the roots and soil samples, all from the field.

When McGee refuses, she begs him to do it for her and promises to show him her new tattoo which has McGee easily convinced.

The replacement crew are preparing to fly the Cobra helicopter back and once League has given them the all-clear, they get ready to take off.

Back at the trunk, DiNozzo's amazed at the samples and McGee tells him he's only following instructions.

Gibbs then tells them that he and McGee are going to take the truck back to HQ while Kate and Tony are to go check the pilots's apartment.

Gibbs stops and McGee asks him what's wrong. Gibbs, on the other hand is wondering about the lack of gawkers to examine the crop circle but the only people there are the local sheriff and the farmer who owns the field.

Teague then arrives, informing Gibbs that they've found a burnt-out area north of the crop circle.

Suddenly, the Cobra takes off and flies back to the Base.

Gibbs, McGee and Teague have arrived at the scene of a small cabin that appears to have been burned to the ground and there's still traces of fire.

When Teague asks Gibbs if it's connected to the missing pilots, Gibbs tells he doesn't know it yet but the only thing he does know is that they've got another scene to process.

Tony and Kate arrive at the pilots's apartment and DiNozzo tells Kate that they're looking for anything to suggest that the two men didn't just leave on a routine flight.

Kate sarcastically thanks him and they then get to work.

During their search, DiNozzo finds a famous men's magazine which is the December 1992 issue that was also Pamela Anderson's debut.

While DiNozzo glances at the magazine, Kate tells him they need scent articles for the dogs and then steps into the hallway where she sees a bathroom door ajar with steam coming from it.

As she edges closer to the door, Kate draws her gun while walking down the hallway.

She then opens the door and begins checking the bathroom, only for Captain Barnett to emerge and place her in a lock hold while he demands to know what the Hell she's doing in his apartment.

Thankfully, DiNozzo who has noticed something's wrong emerges into the hallway seconds later, his gun drawn. He identifies himself and Kate as NCIS Special Agents before demanding Barnett let Kate go.

It then cuts to DiNozzo who has a determined look on his face.

Act Two

While Kate and Tony look on from Observation, Gibbs storms into Interrogation, informing Captain Barnett that he understands that the Captain isn't co-operating with them.

Barnett tells Gibbs he doesn't know anything and that it was Saturday night. He was at his girlfriend's and he was just getting out of the shower when he heard someone in his apartment.

When Gibbs asks where Captain Newell is, Barnett tells him he doesn't. Gibbs then reads out that Barnett and Newell were scheduled for a flight the previous night at 2300 hours and asks Barnett if they took it.

Barnett asks what the file says. Gibbs tells him that it says that he and Newell took from New River.

"Then we did", Barnett says.

Gibbs isn't impressed with Barnett's arrogance and tells him how it works.

Gibbs asks the questions while Barnett will give the direct answers.

Gibbs even slams his hand down on the table to prove a point which causes Barnett to flinch.

In Observation, Tony remarks that he thinks that Gibbs enjoys this more than sex.

"That would explain the three wives", Kate states.

Gibbs gets in Barnett's face, informing him that the Cobra was found abandoned 150 miles from the Base from where it was supposed to be and then tells him that Newell's missing.

Barnett still remains silent, forcing Gibbs to lean in as he whispers into the young Marine's ear.

In Observation, Kate wants to know what Gibbs is doing.

DiNozzo tells her that it's TBI or truth by intimidation and as he begins counting down from five, Kate's unimpressed.

Once Tony's reached one, Barnett begins singing like a bird which has Kate shaking her head in disbelief.

In Interrogation, Barnett tells the story of how they were leaving for the base when Newell got a call on his cell. He took it into the bathroom and when he emerged, he told Barnett that he wasn't feeling well and that he wanted to cancel the hop.

Barnett insists that he rode Newell's ass to find out who called him but instead, Newell got pissed and told Barnett to lay low for the rest of the night because he didn't want Barnett getting in trouble and that he'd explain when he got back.

In Observation, Kate states that she believes Barnett.

It then cuts to a feed from Interrogation where Gibbs has Newell signing something.

In Observation, Kate wants to know what Gibbs whispered in Barnett's ear. Tony told her that if he knew, he'd be Gibbs before announcing he's going to go pull Newell's phone records which leaves Kate puzzled.

Down in the lab, Abby wanders back into the main area, carrying a stalk of corn.

While McGee tries to get her to work while warning her that Gibbs made it clear that the priority was the cabin fire, it's clear that Abby's still focused on the crop circle and McGee tells her that he warned her before leaving in frustration while Abby continues to work.

Up in the bullpen, Kate tells Gibbs that the records state that Captain Newell signed the log for the helicopter but no-one saw Barnett. She then informs him that Newell is an only child who grew up outside Orlando, Florida with his parents dying in an auto accident two years ago. His father sold insurance while Newell's mother was an accountant at Disney World.

As she says that, Gibbs's phone rings and he informs Teague that he can see Barrett any time he'd like.

After he hangs up, Kate continues on and reveals that Newell went through NROTC at the University of Florida before flight school but his impulsiveness got him into a trouble as a fight cost him a non-punitive letter of caution.

Tony then hangs up and informs Gibbs that the last call Newell got on his phone was at 2130 the previous night and that he didn't make or receive any calls afterwards and that his phone's currently off.

When Gibbs asks where the call came from, DiNozzo tells him that it came from a pay phone in Smokey Corners, West Virigina.

Gibbs and Kate arrive at Smokey Corners and check out the phone booth.

While they do that, they realize that they're being watched by a young woman, Daphne Everett whose father, Ritt makes a call where he advises someone to get over there as soon as possible.

Kate dusts the phone but finds that it has been cleaned. Gibbs remarks that this phone is the only thing that has been cleaned and produces his pocket knife to open the coin container. As this goes on, Daphne wants to know what's going on but Ritt smacks her on the head, urging her to stay quiet.

Outside, Gibbs then dumps the coins into an evidence bag which Kate is holding and tells her to get them to Abby for prints.

Ritt finally emerges, demanding to know what they're doing.

Gibbs identifies himself and Kate as NCIS before asking Everett if he saw anyone using the phone Tuesday night. Everett tells him he didn't.

Seconds later, Sheriff Thompson arrives on the scene, asking Gibbs about the case. He then informs Gibbs that a lot of farmers he spoke to in the area have complained that their animals are acting up.

Gibbs shows both men Newell's picture but they don't recognize him.

Gibbs is interrupted by his cell-phone ringing.

It's Abby who tells him that she's getting stonewalled. She asked the Air Force for their files on the 1994 crop circles in Smokey Corners and they freaked.

When Gibbs tells her he'll make a call, Abby continues on, stating that they're not going to tell him anything either because it's a conspiracy at the highest level.

Gibbs, thankfully finally gets Abby back on track. She tells him that the fire was arson and that plain old gasoline was used as an accelerant. She also tells him that she's working on the debris and that science can't be rushed before hanging up.

As Gibbs hangs up too, Kate meets Daphne who emerges from the store and shows her the picture of Capt Newell.

Inside the store, Sheriff Thompson's concerned about Daphne but Ritt tells him not to worry, stating that as long as both sides stick to the story, then they're going to get through this.

Outside it's obvious that Daphne knows something. However given that her father's looking, she refuses to tell Kate but instead insists that she'll be alone around noon.

Kate then informs Gibbs of this and slams the boot shut before returning to the passenger seat. Gibbs casts a glance at Sheriff Thompson and Ritt who are standing outside the store, drinking beer.

Back at the field, Logan Cole from a distance glances at the make-shift Marine field office near his field.

It then cuts to the search dogs who are being loaded into a truck.

Teague tells McGee and DiNozzo that the search dogs are being called off as something's screwed them up as the second they entered the woods, they started acting up.

Once Teague has gone, McGee tells DiNozzo that they don't tell Abby about it and DiNozzo then begins referencing "Invaders from Mars," a sci-fi movie from 1950s sci-fi movie where aliens who landed in a field who then took over the minds of the locals there.

When Gibbs and Kate arrive back from Smokey Corners, DiNozzo tells him that they've interviewed a half-dozen locals and no-one saw or heard a helicopter.

He then tells them that everyone has the same story while McGee goes rambling about BOL or Balls of Light which Abby claims are created by manipulating the atomic particles in the atmosphere.

When Gibbs asks McGee who does the manipulating, McGee tells him he doesn't know and that he's simply relating what Abby told him.

In the lab, Abby is still running tests when Ducky comes in, asking her to run a tox screen on a tissue sample from a body that was exhumed from Arlington.

Looking down at the table which contains evidence, Ducky realizes that Abby's overwhelmed. She tells him she is and then shows him some coins that came in from the field while stating that Gibbs wants her to run it for prints as soon as possible.

Ducky puts his sample aside, stating that his body has been dead for 36 years and a few more days won't matter.

Abby thanks him.

Ducky then looks at the scene and discovers that the evidence on the table is a door handle.

Abby agrees, stating that it came from a cabin fire and then asks him for a second opinion about something she found on the inside door handle from the burned cabin.

Ducky then examines the samples and realizes that they're cells from human flesh.

Abby believes that someone was trapped in that fire.

Ducky wonders if it was the missing Marine aviator they're looking for.

Abby tells him she has to call with the grim news that the missing man might be dead.

Ducky wondering where the remains of missing Marine Captain Todd Newell are if he's dead.

It then cuts to Ducky who wonders that if the aviator died, then where are his remains?

Act Three

DiNozzo and Gibbs are back at the cabin fire and they're both wondering if the person inside the cabin got out or if the body was moved.

McGee arrives at the scene with Logan Clay in tow with Clay telling them that the cabin wasn't on his land because it ends a few meters back.

Clay informs them that the land has belonged to the county ever since Monroe died.

When McGee asks about Monroe, Clay informs that it was a hunting accident and as a result, the cabin has been abandoned ever since although kids used the cabin to mess around. But it's clear that Gibbs isn't convinced one bit by the story.

A while later, Kate arrives at the station in hopes of speaking with Daphne. Unfortunately, the young girl isn't there and Kate gets a shock when she sees Ritt waiting for her in the barn.

Kate changes her tune by telling him that she came in for gas but it becomes clear that Everett's trying into intimidate her.

Kate abruptly drives off.

Gibbs arrives at the West Virigina Police Department and then speaks to Grant (Vanished) who informs him that Smokey Cornes never call in the police.

Apparently, there's a feud raging there, one that goes back decades so much so that the east and west were split right down the middle. Grant's predecessor told him to stay clear and they take care of their problems.

But when Grant tells Gibbs that he doesn't know of any murders that occurred there, Gibbs tells him that things may have changed which gets Grant's attention.

McGee's scanning the field for something but it's soon revealed that DiNozzo has actually been playing a prank involving an alien mask on him which leaves McGee annoyed. Gibbs soon arrives and they have a conference with Abby.

She tells them she's found prints that belong to the trucker that delivered gas to the station and one that belongs a local named Greg Sikes.

DiNozzo brings running a background check on Sikes.

Teague arrives with the news that the dogs have found something.

It then cuts to a shallow grave containing a body that has been burnt beyond recognition

Greg Sikes and DiNozzo immediately begins a background check on him.

Teague arrives with the news that the cadaver dogs have found something. The dogs have led the Marines to a shallow grave containing a burned body.

Teague removes his helmet, obviously taken back by the sight while Gibbs orders for Ducky.

Kate's already on her cell-phone, doing just that.

McGee and DiNozzo get to Greg Sikes's trailer home where it's obvious McGee is still pissed at DiNozzo for the prank DiNozzo pulled on him earlier.

They begin searching the trailer and discover a half-eaten sandwich as well as photos of the victim with Daphne Everett which shows both of them hugging each other and smiling.

Gibbs arrives in the morgue and Ducky informs him that the body is that of a man who is roughly six feet with the age range being mid-twenties to thirties.

Ducky's also found a bullet-wound that could have killed the victim but given that there's not much to work with, he doesn't know if he'll ever be certain because there's not much to work with.

Abby then triggers a conference-call to the morgue from her lab where she informs Gibbs and Ducky that she ran the DNA on the door knob they found at the cabin and has determined that the victim is in fact Captain Newell's brother despite Gibbs insisting that can't be.

"DNA doesn't lie, Jethro", Ducky replies. "People do".

"The crispy critter was Captain Newell's brother", Abby states.

Back in the bullpen, Kate and Tony are stunned by the development with DiNozzo telling Kate about how recruits lie about all sort of things including their ages and wondering if Abby's sure about the brother.

Gibbs enters the bullpen and tells them that Abby is because she double-checked the whole thing.

Kate defends herself by stating that they assumed that Newell's family history was right. Gibbs tells her that NCIS Agents don't assume and that they should check and recheck while verifying everything independently.

When Tony assures Gibbs that they're on it, Kate simply closes the file and heads back to her desk.

In the lab, Abby's obsession with the crop circles is still strong but McGee finally gets through to her by showing that the crop circles are a hoax.

As Gibbs, Kate and Tony leave MTAC and head downstairs, Kate tells them that Todd Newell was nine years of age when his mother remarried and that he was legally adopted hence the Newell surname. She also reveals that Newell's mother's maiden name was Stelling which is common in Smokey Corners.

Tony then reveals that Mrs Newell's first husband was a guy named Sikes and that the couple had two boys named Greg and Todd.

Gibbs realizes that Captain Newell was born in Smokey Corners and as they approach the bullpen, Kate informs that Barnett couldn't remember Newell ever mentioning anything regarding his childhood: Smokey Corners or the fact that he had a brother.

When Gibbs asks about Newell's biological father, DiNozzo tells him that the man died several years ago in a hunting accident.

Gibbs is not impressed at hearing the term, "hunting accident" again, remarking, "Oh, gee. Where have I heard that one before?".

Since they've got a dead civilian, DiNozzo wonders if they're going to turn over the case to the local authorities.

Gibbs refuses, stating that they need to know more first. Kate tells him about Greg Sikes being involved with Daphne and she wants to go back to look for her.

Gibbs sends her on her way but this time, DiNozzo is to go with her.

McGee and Abby enter the bullpen where during the talk when Gibbs finally realizes why they haven't been able to find Captain Newell and thanks them before heading back up to MTAC again.

When Kate asks how he knows, Gibbs tells her it's because he's a Marine.

In MTAC, Gibbs talks to Teague and informs that Captain Newell is still alive before confirming that the body they found is his brother.

Gibbs then tells Teague that Newell knows a technique to evade enemy dogs using GS powder and that when he used it on the dogs, they were rendered useless for days. Gibbs also informs Teague that Newell has pilot night-vision goggles and a survival radio to keep tabs on the search.

"Colonel, he's using his Marine Corps training to evade us", Gibbs states.

Act Four

Kate and DiNozzo are heading to Sikes's trailer, having already checked the gas station for Daphne to no avail. As they edge to the trailer, they see Daphne trying to flee but they stop her from doing so.

Finally caught, Daphne faces them and it's shown that she has a bruise on her face. She admits to the Agents that she's five months pregnant with Greg's baby and finally realizes that Greg isn't hiding from her father: he's actually dead.

Later that night, Gibbs and McGee are heading to Smokey Corners with Gibbs using his crazy driving style to get there while McGee who's the passenger is obviously frightened out of his wits.

As usual, Gibbs's driving pisses off a few drivers and has a few horns blaring at him.

Along the way, they discuss the case. Gibbs states that whatever Greg Sikes told Captain Newell got him so upset that Newell risked his entire career to steal a Marine helicopter so that he could get to West Virigina.

Gibbs also believes that when Newell got there, he landed in the farmer's field due to the fact it was the closet ground to the cabin where his brother was but Newell was too late to save his brother.

McGee states that whoever's responsible for Sikes's death knew that they couldn't cover up with the Marine helicopter's appearance with the "hunting accident" so they created the crop circles while hoping that like what had happened in 1994, the Air Force would investigate and then back off.

A while later, Gibbs and McGee arrive at Sikes's trailer where it's obvious McGee's still shaken by Gibbs's driving. While McGee and DiNozzo are outside, Gibbs heads into the trailer where Daphne who Kate is watching over finally tells them the story.

DiNozzo asks if McGee's alright.

McGee just turns away.

Before Kate can say anything, Gibbs has already figured out that Daphne's pregnant with Greg's baby.

Daphne then tells them that she and Greg are or rather were from different corners of the valley. She even reveals that she hates Smokey Corners and the "stupid" feud consuming the area.

She tells them that the last time she saw Greg was at the gas station using the pay phone there to call his brother for help and even mentions that Greg and Newell hadn't seen each other since they were kids.

About a year ago, Newell got a phone call informing him that their mother had died and that it reunited them and that they were the only family either one of them had left.

Kate then tells Gibbs that Daphne's afraid that Captain Newell has been drawn back into the feud with Daphne believing that Captain Newell will kill her father to get revenge.

With that new information, Gibbs orders Kate and McGee to take Daphne out of the area before calling Teague and telling him to withdraw his men.

When Teague asks why, Gibbs tells him that Newell's looking for revenge and that he won't make his move until he thinks everyone has left the area.

The next morning, Sheriff Thompson and Ritt Everett watch as the Marine trucks leave the town for good.

Thompson's thrilled about them backing off and believes that they pulled it off with everyone sticking together and refusing to tell the outsiders anything as well as the hope that it's all going away.

As they head into the service station, Ritt isn't convinced and begins loading his rifle, stating that the one problem for him is Greg Sikes's brother and that he has to get him before Newell gets Ritt.

Outside, in the wood, as he listens to the Marines retreating, Captain Newell finally emerges from hiding albeit a bit injured.

Back at the station, Thompson urges Ritt to think twice just as they hear a car engine pulling up.

Thompson tells Ritt that they've got nothing and that they should stick to the story.

Gibbs enters the store as DiNozzo comes in from the rear, his gun trained on the two men.

Gibbs tells them they're both being arrested for the murder of Greg Sikes.

Ritt acts all unknowing, believing that Sikes died in an hunting accident.

Both Gibbs and DiNozzo know better.

When Thompson tries to intervene, Gibbs tells them that the West Virginia State Police are already coming to get them but Gibbs himself has the power to detain both men until they arrive.

A few hours later, the garage is still open despite Ritt and Thompson having been arrested and in the distance, Captain Newell with his night vision-goggles approaches.

DiNozzo's up in the barn, watching Newell while Gibbs, McGee and Kate are spread around the area and communicate through headsets.

As Newell edges closer, DiNozzo tries to get a better angle but opens the barn door, accidentally exposing himself.

Upon hearing that DiNozzo has been made, Gibbs yells for the lights and switches one on.

More lights are then added, resulting in the effects of Newell's night-vision goggles being cancelled out.

Gibbs identifies himself as NCIS and orders Newell to drop his weapon just as Kate, McGee and Tony surround Newell, their own guns drawn.

Newell refuses to give in, stating the feud isn't going to end, not until Ritt Everett's dead.

Gibbs informs Newell that Everett's in the custody of the state police but Newell states that it's not to change anything because it's always been an eye-for-an-eye.

Gibbs tries to reason with Newell who knows full well that his career's over.

Gibbs then tells about Daphne carrying Greg's baby and with that, Newell surrenders.

In Interrogation, Newell who has been treated for his injuries and is wearing his uniform explains that when they moved away from Smokey Corners, his mother erased it from their lives.

He knew that she felt guilty about not being able to take Greg with her when they left the village for good but their father, her husband at the time refused to let her take both boys with her. Newell took the Cobra from the base because he thought it was fierce and that it would save Greg's life when the cabin he was in came under attack from Ritt Everett and some locals.

Unfortunately, Newell was too late as the cabin was already in flames.

Everett and the ones began shooting him, one of which hit him in the leg.

Newell was cut off from the base and thought that the only thing left for him was revenge.

In the bullpen, McGee's curious about the flowers on Kate's desk and she tells him that Tony sent them. Kate's taken away by the flowers and even realizes that they came from her favorite florist, Martha's Garden.

Unfortunately, Gibbs drops Tony in it by telling Kate that Tony went through her purse and got the number off her PDA.

With that, all the good will towards Tony leaves the room. Tony, on the other hand nervously laughs before then returns to work after Kate gives him the evil eye.

It then cuts to Gibbs who's at his desk laughing before he grabs his phone.


  • This is the last ever episode of the entire NCIS series to feature the normal endings of a scene. In the next episode, the Foof- a black and white preview that lasts for three seconds was introduced, giving the show something of a unique quality that separates it from other shows with the foof continuing to be used to this day.
  • When Abby holds a bag of change, Duck say it's $1.65, but it's actually $1.55.
  • The village where most of the events regarding the episode takes place is "Smokey Corners" but the subtitles on the Region 2 DVD give the name, "Smoky" instead.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Gibbs tells the team that a Navy helicopter was found in a cornfield. However when the team arrive on scene, it's clear that the helicopter is actually a Cobra belonging to the Marine Corps.


Series Regulars

Season Two Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Caitlin Todd Sasha Alexander A Secret Service Agent previously assigned to the Presidential Protection Detail on Air Force One and who is now an NCIS Special Agent as well as Tony DiNozzo's partner.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Ritt Everett Timothy Bottoms The owner of a store in Smokey Corners and also the one responsible for murdering Todd Newell's brother, Greg.
Daphne Everett Jennifer Hall Ritt's daughter and also Greg's girlfriend.
Miller Thompson Tom Bower (actor) Smokey Corner's local Sheriff.
Curtis Teague Robert Rusler A Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps and Patrick Barnett and Todd Newell's C.O.
Patrick Barnett Jeremy Garrett Captain in the United States Marine Corps.
Todd Newell Rob Boltin Captain in the United States Marine Corps.
Logan Clay Don Swayze A farmer who lives in Smokey Corners.
Grant (Vanished) Todd Kimsey A member of the West Virginia State Police.
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