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Velvet Road is a woman who is a motorcyclist and drug dealer.



Velvet Road is a bar owner, drug dealer, and snake enthusiast.

She owns two Pythons and a Cobra, she has been bit more times than she can count, and as a result she has become immune to snake poison. In addition, she has many snake tattoos all over her body.

NCIS Season 7[]

Ray Collins, a killer for hire working for the Reynosa Drug Cartel, attempted to kill her with a snake poison. However, as she was immune she woke up before he had the chance to cut her feet off. She hit him with a pipe, accidentally killing him. As he had been killing off her dealers and she therefore had reason to want him dead, she didn't believe anyone would take her word for it being in self-defense. So in an attempt to cover it up, she cut his feet off and placed the body in the trunk of a car at a junk yard hoping it would attributed to the serial killer.


Physical Appearance[]