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Victoria Mallard (or Mrs. Mallard) was a woman who was the mother of NCIS Historian, Donald Mallard.

She was also the ex-fiancee of Balthazar Kilmeany, ex-wife of Joseph Mallard and former girlfriend of Takumi Rin.



Born in the United Kingdom in 1912, not much is known about Victoria's early life.

She presumably married Joseph Mallard in the 1930s, taking on his surname and becoming "Victoria Mallard". She soon became pregnant and gave birth to her son, Donald Horatio "Ducky" Mallard during September 1933.

Some time later, Joseph left Victoria for a woman named Lorraine, forcing Victoria to raise Donald by herself.

Joseph later had a son, Nicholas with Lorraine.

Following that, Joseph and Lorraine left the Mallards and the UK, eventually emigrating to America with Ducky being unaware for many years his half-brother was alive.

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Victoria Mallard's headstone as seen in Double Identity.

At the end of Double Identity, Abigail Sciuto follows Mrs. Mallard's son, Donald Mallard, to a graveyard where she sees Victoria's headstone. Abby then gives Ducky a hug and her condolences. At the very end of the episode Ducky tells Gibbs that his mother lived an active, full life, but in the last year she had not been herself. It was her time. The natural progression of age.

Ducky goes on to tell Gibbs' that the sale of his mother's house in pending and that he's put in an offer to buy a brownstone in Georgetown. In addition, he appears to have a romanic interest in his real estate broker, a much younger woman named Sophie.

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