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Witness is the fourteenth episode in NCIS Season 2 as well as the 37th episode of the entire NCIS series.


While adjusting to her new apartment, a young MIT graduate films the death of a sailor being strangled. The local authorities and even NCIS have doubts concerning the supposed death but McGee insists that the case needs to be investigated further, prompting the team to search the apartment opposite the graduate's for evidence. However, during a stake-out, the graduate is murdered with McGee being left guilt-ridden. While searching for the killer, the team soon discover that the sailor was not who he appeared to be.


Erin Kendall is in her apartment and once she's put up a new painting on the wall, she finishes a glass of wine before glancing at the clock which shows that it's after 4am.

Looking out, she spots something that has her rushing to a box and grabbing a camera before running back where she films what seems to be a man being strangled to death by someone.

It then looks to Erin who looks shaken.

Act One

Anthony DiNozzo Junior enters the squad room while talking to a Man in the Elevator who then informs him about a groundhog's day of shadow before leaving in the elevator.

Meanwhile, at her desk, Caitlin Todd is busy arranging an appointment concerning the dentist before glumly hanging up.

She tells Timothy McGee that she hates going to the dentist given that she's had a phobia since she was a child and now she needs a root canal.

McGee sympathetically admits that it isn't fun while Kate admits that she's cancelled her appointment three times.

"What's not fun?", DiNozzo asks.

Kate tries to cover up her business but DiNozzo manages to reveal that the name of her doctor is "Doctor Jackson".

Kate's furious by that although DiNozzo insists that it's a talent that serves him well before asking Kate what's wrong with her.

McGee then tells Tony that Dr. Jackson's a dentist.

Tony figures out that Kate's afraid of dentists and when Kate demands to know who told him that, Tony tells her that ethically he can't reveal his sources but it's the same person who told him Probie (McGee) wasn't potty-trained until he was six years old before heading to his desk which leaves McGee stunned.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs comes in, ordering McGee to get the car.

McGee wants to know where they're going but Gibbs tells that it's just McGee who's going, not the rest of the team and that McGee's heading to an apartment in Georgetown where a woman reported a sailor being strangled.

Gibbs then gives McGee the details before leaving while stating that Metro Police doesn't believe it's anything but the woman's insisting. McGee then follows Gibbs, asking what to do.

While heading up the stairs, Gibbs tells him to investigate, it's what they do, after all and if there's anything, he should call right in.

McGee heads back to go get ready with DiNozzo stating that the little boy of the team is growing up. Kate believes it's a vote of confidence.

Tony, on the other hand knows that it's a test.

McGee just grabs his things and flees, heading straight for the lift.

As he does, Tony and Kate grin to themselves.

McGee arrives at the area where he meets Curtis Floyd.

After introducing himself, Floyd tells his men to leave the apartment and informs McGee that the call was nothing because when he and his men searched the apartment, they didn't find anything.

Floyd also believes that the witness had too much to drink and after stating that he had some real cases to investigate, gives McGee the witness's name and the apartment where she lives.

McGee gets to Apartment 2-B and meets Erin Kendall who tells him that maybe she can get somewhere with him.

McGee examines the footage as Erin admits that she did have a few glasses of wine but she did see a sailor being strangled and she insists that it was a sailor, even when McGee asks her.

She tells him that he was wearing his service dress blues and reveals that she works for the DOD- (Department of Defense) and that she does know uniforms.

However, once McGee reveals that he went to MIT just like Erin, they hit it off.

Back at the bullpen, Kate's taking more pills for her tooth ache and when Gibbs asks her if she's planning on keeping her appointment this time, Kate gives Tony the evil eye.

He silently insists he's innocent before suggesting that he can help her as he knows the number of a hypnotist but Kate refuses.

Gibbs's phone rings. It's McGee who tells him that there might be something at the scene and then tells them that they should roll.

As Gibbs hangs up, he tells Tony to get the truck with Kate and Tony exchanging glances over what's happened.

They soon arrive at the scene although it's obvious they're expressing doubt over the claim but they decide to investigate the other apartment which belongs to a man named Robert J. Thorne.

McGee stands his ground and the team get to work with Kate announcing she'll dust for prints while Tony photographs the scene.

As he leaves, Gibbs tells McGee that they're not going to be spending a lot of time on this scene,

In the lab, Abigail Sciuto is telling McGee to get off her back. He apologizes and tells her that everything's riding on her finding something that places the sailor in that apartment.

Abby remarks that she wishes she were a magician. McGee then states that DiNozzo has said Gibbs is testing McGee.

Abby admits that DiNozzo says a lot of things but he might actually be right this time. She then tells McGee that Gibbs tested her and that she passed before telling McGee that the crime scene's a problem, if it can considered a crime scene.

It's too clean and it didn't produce any quality prints.

McGee tells her that it is a crime scene.

"Then it is", Abby replies. "Now get out of here and let me finish my work".

McGee thanks her and leaves.

Up in the bullpen, DiNozzo gives McGee a memory card from the camera while trying to intimidate the younger Agent. McGee just gives DiNozzo the evil eye and as DiNozzo sits back down, Kate comes in, announcing that two sailors have been reported missing with one being female and she's getting the details on the second.

McGee's phone rings.

It's Abby and Gibbs tells McGee to put her on speaker.

As he does, Abby announces that she ran the only clean prints and that they belong to Petty Officer Keith Dillon, United States Navy.

McGee's overjoyed at the discovery but Gibbs bursts his bubble by saying that a sailor might be dead.

It then cuts to McGee who looks ashamed.

Act Two

In the bullpen, Kate announces what she knows about Petty Officer Keith Dillon who's thirty-two, single, has never married and lives in Anacostia but he's assigned to Pax River where he's a driver for the motor pool.

DiNozzo hangs up, telling them he spoke to Dillon's C.O who told him that Dillon is a no-show.

Gibbs then announces that they're going back to Thorne's apartment which has McGee stumped for a few seconds before he recovers, realizing Gibbs does want him to get the truck.

Gibbs just smiles, amused.

A while later, McGee, Gibbs and Erin are in her apartment, Tony and Kate are in Thorne's house, recreating what Erin saw that night.

For the next minutes, Tony pretends to mock-strangle Kate but it gets a little bit out of hand.

Thankfully, once they hit the ground, Kate recovers quickly and gives Tony an elbow in the chest for his troubles. She states that there are so many things she could say right now.

Tony on the other hand is smelling something on the floor and grabs the walkie-talkie where he orders McGee to get the ALS up to the room. A few minutes later and Tony confirms that the stuff on the ground is urine.

Gibbs then orders that Abby do a DNA analysis while they go over this apartment top to bottom.

As McGee and Kate leave to get the gear from the truck, the apartment manager, Jeremy Pryor waltzes in but Gibbs drags him out of the room by demanding to get all the information he has on Thorne.

Pryor insists that he can't do that because the building's in Boston but Gibbs tells him to do it anyway.

While McGee and Kate are removing the equipment, Erin arrives and McGee tells her what they've found much to Kate's annoyance.

Despite this, McGee promises to tell Erin what they find.

Inside the apartment, the team is busy searching for anything that might give them an insight into who Thorne really is.

All seems hopeless, that is until Gibbs finds two cases embedded in the convertible sofa.

After they've been marked and photographed, McGee opens the first one to reveal that it has a gun and a few silencers in it.

Kate remarks that the missing Mr. Thorne is even more mysterious.

"And dangerous", Gibbs adds.

Kate opens the second case but it's completely empty yet everyone can't help but wonder what was there.

Gibbs leaves the apartment just as Pryor returns, telling Gibbs that the company that owns the building he, Thorne and Erin live in have faxed over a copy of Thorne's lease agreement and rental application while Tony and McGee remove the sofa from the apartment with Kate staying behind to check things.

Pryor tells them that they need Thorne's permission if they want to remove anything.

"When he shows up, tell him to call me", Gibbs suggests.

Gibbs and DiNozzo then head to Pax River where DiNozzo interviews Meg Walker while Gibbs talks to Don Wade who is surprised that NCIS is investigating given that Dillon's only been UA for a few hours although he tells Gibbs that Dillon washed out of SEAL training with Wade remarking that Dillon "rang the bell".

When Wade presses for more info, Gibbs tells them that they have reports of a sailor being strangled but they only found Dillon's prints at the scene but no body of any kind which is pretty much what Gibbs can say at the moment.

Once Wade has left, Gibbs calls DiNozzo who bids farewell to Meg and rejoins Gibbs who asks DiNozzo what he found. DiNozzo tells him that it looks like Dillon had a girlfriend but he doesn't know the girl's name.

DiNozzo then acts the fool for a few seconds, forcing Gibbs to head-slap DiNozzo before Gibbs orders the other man to go check out Dillon's place in Anacostia.

Back at NCIS, Abby is sitting in Kate's area and telling her friend how much she enjoys going to the dentist.

Kate's in disbelief at that, asking her what could she possibly enjoy?

Abby tells her that a little pain is a good thing and it's why people put hot sauce on tacos.

Gibbs comes in and demands to know what Abby's found. She tells him that she's analysed the urine with McGee helpfully telling Gibbs that it's human urine.

Abby then tells Gibbs that she's working on finding DNA as well as the ballistics from Thorne's gun but besides that, she found something interesting in the mattress cut-out.

Gibbs tells her he'll be down in a minute and as Abby leaves, she tells Kate she needs an assistant but Gibbs reminds Abby that it's not in the budget.

As soon as Abby's gone, Kate gets up from her desk and heads over to Gibbs's where she tells him what she's found including the news that the name Robert J. Thorne has to be an alias given that nothing on his apartment application checks out. Thorne's driver's licence and social references are all phony.

Kate then states that Thorne's occupation is a sales representative but the company doesn't exist which leaves Gibbs annoyed.

"The owners of the building didn't verify anything?", he asks.

"He paid the first month, last month and every payment since in cash", Kate replies. "Apparently, dead presidents are the only reference they needed".

Gibbs then calls on McGee who tells him that he ran the serial number on the SIG by the manufacturer and it was sold fifteen months ago to a Virginia dealer who works gun shows and McGee's trying to track him down.

DiNozzo arrives back in from searching from Dillon's apartment and reports that the bed in the apartment was never but given how the place looked, it never is.

Gibbs wants to know about the girlfriend. DiNozzo announces that indications are they're in the not-to-ready commit stage.

When Kate asks further, DiNozzo tells her that the girlfriend keeps cosmetics and toothbrush there but no clothes and that they're intimate but not at the moment.

Tony then produces something from his backpack, revealing that it's Gyne-Lotrimin and the girlfriend, Jill Meyers has a yeast infection before announcing that he's going to call the pharmacy and get her address.

Kate is disgusted by that but Gibbs tells her, "You may not admire his methods but you gotta love the results" before announcing that he's going to see with Abby.

McGee wants to tag along and Gibbs lets him.

The two soon arrive down in the Evidence Garage where for some reason, Abby's giving McGee the cold shoulder before she tells the two that there were traces of cocaine inside the empty box.

Gibbs then tells McGee that the US money supply has been tainted with traces of cocaine but McGee states that he'd always assumed that it was an urban myth.

Abby then demands that McGee give her a bill which he does.

Gibbs realizes that it's a hundred dollar bill but McGee defends himself, stating that he likes to be prepared for any emergency.

Abby rubs the bill against the paper and shows McGee traces, stating that one bill being used to snort cocaine and then going through to an ATM leaves minute traces of the drugs on thousands of others. She also states that four out of five bills in circulation are tainted to a level that they can be detected by drug dogs.

Gibbs then heads for the lift and activates it via the iris scanner. McGee asks Abby if she's forgetting something. She tells him she isn't.

Gibbs then calls for McGee and as McGee heads for the lift, Abby gives him back his bill. McGee's phone starts ringing and he answers it.

It's Detective Floyd who tells him that they've found something before hanging up.

At the scene, Floyd orders a cop to step out and as the cop does, it then shows that the body of Petty Officer Keith Dillon is inside the Porta-Loo.

Act Three

The building area has been taped off and is now a crime scene.

As they unload stuff from the truck, McGee's thrilled, stating that he knew Erin saw what she saw and that his feeling in his gut was right.

Tony tells him that the feeling he experienced was lower than his gut but McGee leaves anyway.

At the loo, Kate finishes taking some photographs and tell Donald Mallard that the scene's his. He thanks her and moves in while Kate's horrified by the makeshift loo, stating she'd have to be really desperate to use one of those things.

Ducky agrees before beginning to examine the body.

Detective Floyd is giving Gibbs the lowdown including the fact that Dillon was dumped there over the weekend and that his watch and wallet are missing.

Gibbs realizes that the killer didn't realize someone else had seen him strangle Petty Officer Dillon and that they disguised the death as a mugging.

Floyd wants to know about Thorne but Gibbs tells him that the name's an alias.

Floyd believes that McGee's got good instincts.

Gibbs disagrees before asking McGee who's approaching the scene if he left Gibbs's coffee in the truck.

McGee does a double-take and goes back to get the coffee.

Floyd leaves but not before telling Gibbs to keep him posted.

Gibbs then calls on Ducky who tells him that the body was moved with the marks suggesting that strangulation was the cause of death and given the parallel lines, Ducky believes an electrical cord was used.

Ducky then announces that the time of death was twelve to fourteen hours ago. Gibbs then realizes that this confirms the witnesses's story after all.

As Ducky leaves, he tells his assistant, James Palmer to bag the Petty Officer's head and hands.

As Gibbs leaves the scene, Tony arrives in, asking Kate if she's going to help him with the grid but it's obviously that the toothache is getting on Kate's nerves and she relents, asking Tony for the hypnotist's number.

At the van, McGee wants to know what's next but Gibbs asks him how they should proceed given that his story is true after all.

As McGee states that they should find out who Thorne really is, Palmer is in the loo, bagging Dillon's head and hand while also tapping them for good measure.

McGee also states that they need to find out how he's connected to Dillon and that the money's a good lead before recommending that they stake-out Thorne's apartment just in case he comes back. Gibbs wants to know what else.

McGee then suggests that Erin and Pryor, the building manager should work on a composite sketch before he asks Gibbs if he's forgetting anything else.

"Just to keep my coffee hot, McGee", Gibbs replies before leaving the scene.

McGee smiles before getting to work.

Back at NCIS, in the morgue, Ducky's busy examining Dillon's hair for something. He then asks Palmer bring him an evidence vial and then states that the fiber appears to be synthetic which means that Dillon didn't pick it up from the portable loo before going into a long ramble concerning the term, "red herring".

Up in the lab, Abby's busy test-firing Thorne's SIG in the ballistics lab and once she's finished, she watches as Erin composes a sketch with McGee sitting beside her, praising her.

Abby leaves the lab for a close examination of the face, only to discover that the face is completely blank.

Erin apologizes, telling them she can't remember what he looks like.

But as it turns out, they're more devoted on working on something computer-related, having considered the sketch a lost cause. Abby's getting very jealous and when Palmer arrives with the sample, she signs the Evidence Chart and leaves to go to work with Palmer leaving seconds later while McGee and Erin begin working again.

Tony and Kate arrive at a bowling alley to talk to Dillon's girlfriend, Jill Myers.

When Jill demands to know how they found her, Kate tells that Dillon's been murdered, leaving Jill shocked.

She wants to know what happened but Kate tells her that's what they're trying to find out.

Jill then tells them that she and Dillon began seeing each other a couple of months ago.

Kate then realizes that Jill's actually married but Jill soon tells them that her husband's been in Iraq for eight months.

She even states that she was going to break up with her husband and be with Dillon but she's glad she didn't as Dillon wanted her to quit her job and move in with him. Tony figures out that Dillon was coming into a lot of money. Jill agrees but now she's stuck here.

Tony asks about Thorne but Jill tells him that her relationship with Dillon was physical although she does know that Dillon was pissed that he didn't make it as a Navy SEAL. When they ask her if there's anything else, Jill tells them that her husband doesn't need to know about this.

As they leave the alley, Kate calls Jill a calculating witch and believes that she gives women everywhere a bad name.

Tony tells her he's never getting married because there's no upside.

Kate tells him that it's not true because married men live longer and she soon realizes that Tony thinks like a Neanderthal which leaves him amused.

In Abby's lab, she's busy examining the fibers while some music consisting of screeching blares from her stereo.

Gibbs comes in, carrying a cup of coffee and a file but instead opts to switch off the stereo, drawing Abby's wrath.

Gibbs wants to know how she works with that.

Abby tells him that it helps her to concentrate and she shows Gibbs fibers that Ducky found on Dillon's body which she's determined are from the trunk lining of a car.

She starts to say she plans on running it through an FBI Database in hopes of narrowing down the make, year and model before Gibbs gives her something which he tells her is Thorne's original Virginia gun purchase application for his SIG which he wants her to get a print of.

Abby states she'll do it as soon as she's finished with the fibers but Gibbs who's switched her music back on orders her to do it now.

Up in the bullpen, McGee's getting ready to go out just as Kate comes in, telling Tony that she's got a dentist's appointment tomorrow morning but Tony figures out that she wasn't going to tell him and hopes that Kate never breaks a leg.

Gibbs then comes in, asking who's sitting Thorne's apartment.

As he leaves, McGee tells Gibbs it's Balboa and he's on his way to relive him.

Gibbs wants to know about Dillon's girlfriend. Kate tells him that Jill Myers is a piece of work but Tony interrupts by stating that Dillon told Myers he was going to be rich and a career E-6 which wasn't coming from the Navy and they believe Thorne killed Dillon for the money.

"You think?", Gibbs asks but he wants to know about the money.

Kate suggests that Thorne took it but Gibbs wants to know why he left his weapon behind. She believes he's coming back but Gibbs isn't convinced.

A few hours later, it's night-time and McGee and Erin are talking to one another on their phones while McGee stakes out Thorne's apartment with Erin in her own bedroom.

Erin tells McGee she's amazed that he has multiple degrees including Computer Science from MIT.

She wants to know how he became a Federal Agent.

McGee tells her it was by design and that he always wanted to be in law enforcement. Erin remarks that she never thought she'd be talking like this to someone who carries a gun but it's interrupted by some thudding coming from Erin's apartment.

She tells McGee she'll be right back and goes to check on it. Outside, she realizes the door-knob's turning and heading back, she grabs the phone, telling McGee that someone's trying to break into her apartment.

McGee tells her that he'll be right there but the individual, wearing a hood breaks in.

McGee can only watch in horror as the hooded figure begins strangling and yells at Erin not to hang up because he's coming. He leaves the apartment just as Erin keeps on struggling.

Outside, McGee still on the phone races to Erin's apartment and upon realizing the door's open, draws his gun before heading into the apartment.

Inside, Erin's apartment is completely shrouded in darkness and McGee spots her lying on the body. He tries to check on her, only for the attacker to hit him with a lamp which causes McGee to cry out. However, McGee recovers quickly, drawing his gun and attempts to shoot the attacker who's fleeing, only for his shots to destroy a lamp.

Once the threat's gone, McGee feels for a pulse and tries to perform CPR but it's too late.

Erin's dead.

McGee performing CPR on Erin Kendall.

It then cuts to McGee who's still busy performing CPR on Erin, a look of dismay on his face.

Act Four

The area surrounding Erin's apartment has become a crime scene and outside, a lone medic is treating McGee who has an ice pack to his head while inside, as Metro process the scene, Gibbs and Detective Floyd discuss the crime although Gibbs tells Floyd to call McGee an NCIS Special Agent, not a boy.

As they leave, Floyd orders another detective not to let any but Metro's own forensic team into the apartment.

Outside, Kate arrives, gives McGee a cup of coffee before sitting down beside him. Given what's just happened, McGee is beating himself up over the whole thing, stating that he should have been in Erin's apartment.

Kate tries to reassure him but McGee tells her that he rushed in be at Erin's side without even clearing the room first. He recalls that Erin's killer hit him with something which Kate realizes is a lamp and McGee states that he should have gotten the guy.

Kate tells him that he tried but McGee bitterly states that he tried to save Erin's life and stop her killer but he failed both times.

Kate tries to get McGee to stop beating himself up, stating that Erin's death isn't his fault.

McGee simply tells her that the only thing he can see is Erin lying there.

Meanwhile, Tony's interviewing Pryor, the building manger who tells him what he can remember.

Floyd then emerges, telling Tony he can take over from here. Tony then grudgingly stands aside as Floyd begins his own line of questioning.

Gibbs's cell-phone rings.

It's Abby who tells him she's gotten a match from the slug she fired from Thorne's SIG and that she ran it through AFIS. She informs Gibbs that it was used in two unsolved murders.

Gibbs then smiles and hangs up before asking Tony to cancel Ducky.

As they leave, Floyd glances after them before turning back to resume the interview.

In the bullpen, Tony's busy getting some new information concerning the case while McGee sits at his desk, still struggling to cope with what happened.

Tony then hangs up and heads over to McGee's desk where he tells the younger Agent that he can sit there and second-guess himself what he should or shouldn't have done and never get the answer or he can get back on the job and catch the bastard.

Gibbs comes in and Tony tells him what he's found.

The SIG they found in Thorne's apartment was used to kill a woman named Carole Anne VanBuren who at the time of her death was going through a messy divorce and apparently her husband's a lot richer with her dead and a man named Thomas Roy Bowers was a tough union steward leading a long strike.

Gibbs then realizes that the killings might actually be hits and then orders DiNozzo to have the local LEOs in Raleigh and Baltimore fax over the information which DiNozzo tells him is on the way.

Kate then returns from her dental appointment and states that there was nothing to it before suggesting that McGee could get hypnotized.

Gibbs rejects the idea before going ahead with it.

A while later, the team and McGee are back at Erin's apartment with Pamela Fox helping McGee by placing him into a sleeping state.

Once they're ready, Fox tells McGee that as soon as she touches his forehead, he's going to remember everything as if it were the previous night.

Once she touches McGee's forehead, he awakens and produces his cell-phone, essentially repeating what happened the night before as Gibbs, Tony and Kate silently look on.

McGee then gets up and heads for the window where he remembers seeing Erin being strangled.

They're interrupted by Gibbs's cell-phone ringing but he tells Abby to hold on, having obviously developed an interest in what's going on despite his earlier criticism. McGee then remembers that Erin's attacker was wearing a watch on his right wrist and when it becomes clear things are getting too much, Fox orders him to return to the seat before sending him back to his wakeful state.

Gibbs then finally accepts the call from Abby who tells him what she's found before hanging up. He then orders Fox to give them a minute and once she's gone, tells the team that Dillon and the missing Thorne are the same person, causing Tony to realize that Dillon was the hit-man.

Kate then realizes that it makes sense given that Dillon was a macho, washed-out SEAL trying to prove his worth.

Gibbs then picks up, stating that Dillon probably created the Thorne persona so that he could freelance as a killer.

McGee wants to know who murdered Erin and Dillon if Thorne doesn't even exist?

Gibbs tells him that it's probably whoever stole the money from the sofa.

Suddenly, McGee gets a flashback, remembering the killer wore their watch on their right wrist and jumps up, startled.

He then heads out of the room with Tony, Kate and Gibbs looking on after him, puzzled.

Outside, in the hall, McGee heads for a room with the others following him and realizes that Jeremy Pryor, the building manager's the killer given that he wears his watch on his right hand.

Pryor comes back from grocery shopping and the team confront him.

When Gibbs tells him that they're going to match the fibers on Dillon's body to Pryor's car, Pryor freaks, abandoning his grocery shopping which he throws at Tony before fleeing.

McGee follows him in hot pursuit.

After dodging traffic, Pryor's struck by a car and hits the pavement. McGee catches up to him, his gun drawn and it's obvious that he's struggling with his feelings over Erin's death as well as the revelation that Pryor's her killer.

Gibbs then appears, telling McGee if he was going to shoot Pryor, he should have done it while Pryor was running.

McGee soon relents but he and Kate keeps their guns trained on Pryor as Gibbs arrests him.

Back at the bullpen, Tony and Kate engage in a food fight which annoys McGee so much that he tells them to stop.

They soon relent before discussing how many times they wrote their first respective reports for Gibbs.

Kate reveals that she did twice given that she forgot to spell-check while Tony is rather reluctant to say although Gibbs tells them that Tony had to do his five times and it would have been more except for the fact that Gibbs took pity on him.

Gibbs drops by McGee's desk, congratulating him on his report before telling him to send it up to the Director. Gibbs then tells Kate and Tony if there's any more food fights, he's joining in.

"Frozen peas?", Kate asks.

"Nope. In the can", Gibbs replies before heading upstairs.

Upon realizing that McGee's not working on his report, Tony and Kate head over to the young Agent's desk where they discover he's writing a sympathy note to Erin Kendall's parents with Kate remarking that it's nice that McGee's doing something like that.

It then cuts to a view outside the NCIS building which shows McGee still sitting at his desk, writing as both Tony and Kate look on.


  • When Abby calls the team to tell them she's found a DNA match on a missing Petty Officer, she says everything correctly but when she says "Petty Officer Keith Dillon", if you look quick enough, you realize that she isn't saying anything.
  • As Tony says goodbye to Meg Walker, she says, "You know where to find me" but if you look closely, you'll notice that as she walks after saying the sentence, her lips aren't even moving.


Series Regulars

Season Two Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Caitlin Todd Sasha Alexander A Secret Service Agent previously assigned to the Presidential Protection Detail on Air Force One and who is now an NCIS Special Agent as well as Tony DiNozzo's partner.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Gerald Jackson's temporary replacement as the Assistant Medical Examiner.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Curtis Floyd Jack McGee (actor) A local police detective.
Erin Kendall Danica McKellar A woman who is also a graduate of MIT.
Pamela Fox Tina Lifford A hypnotist.
Jeremy Pryor Conor Dubin The manager of an apartment building in downtown Washington D.C and also the killer of Petty Officer Keith Dillon and Erin Kendall.
Jill Meyers Colleen Porch Keith Dillon's girlfriend.
Don Wade Christopher Stapleton Lieutenant in the United States Navy and also Keith Dillon's C.O.
Meg Walker Alana Stelling Petty Officer in the United States Navy.
Man in Elevator (Witness) Dave Price A man seen talking to Tony. Uncredited role.
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